Friday, April 22, 2016

Wynonna Earp: Yeti Wars by Beau Smith, Enrique Villagrán, Manual Vidal

The consortium has hired a scientist to do something genetic experimentation.  This is not good news for the humans because it involves creating creatures that are part human, part animal and yes, part supernatural.  If Doctor Robidoux is successful in his experimentation, it means that the already powerful supernaturals will be unstoppable. It's Wynonna and her team to the rescue.

I have to say that I found Yeti Wars far from compelling.  The Consortium is determined to unite all of the supernaturals on the globe but unfortunately they're nearly universally hated for their wealth and their power.  Thus far, the consortium has managed to bring everyone into the fold except for the vampires, who are determined to keep their independence.  The Consortium decides that the only way to bring the vampires into the fold, is to offer them something they don't have - immortality. HUH? A vampire that's not immortal? I know, what the hell is the point?  To that end, The Consortium hires Doctor Robdioux to conduct genetic experiments but what they don't realise is that Robidoux is a double agent and is also working for the vampires.

We are told that Robidoux is a psychopath and that this is why he does wild experiments. I found this to be ableist.  Why is it so hard to have someone who is not neuro typical just go about their lives or even be on the hero side?  Why must they constantly be framed as evil, or beings to be wary of? Robidoux really doesn't even get any development, he's just some horny, mentally ill guy, doing horrible experiments. He's described as a cross between Frankenstein, Doctor Moreau and Dr. Mengle. Here's the deal, it's fine to say that Robidoux is engaged in horrible experiments but it's not fine to decide to invoke Mengle and therefore the holocaust to make a point.

Robidoux is not the only character who is described as a psychopath.  Maxim, the leader of the consortium also considers Dr. Sasha Tarasov to be a psychopath, albeit less so than Robdioux.  Maxim charges Sasha with keeping an eye on Robidoux, getting inside of his head and sleeping with him to get as much information as she possibly can from him.  She is nothing but a tool and gets absolutely zero character development. Because Dr. Tarasov also falls on team bad guy, we have yet another example of a person with mental illness as evil.

Wynonna is clearly the leader of her group.  She gives orders and they are followed without exception, even when the order is not what a team member wants to hear. I like that she is so in control. Wynonna is also quick with the snark and refuses to be tamed by anyone.  She says what she wants and won't tolerate being told to watch her language.  In fact, Wynonna won't tolerate any policing of her person whatsoever.

Yeti Wars has vampires, yeti, and what appear to be werewolves, yet somehow, despite all of this supernatural diversity, there's a lack of diversity among the humans.  There are no noticeable people of colour and there are no LGBT characters.  There's no justifiable reason for this erasure.

There isn't much to say about Yeti Wars. It essentially moves from fight scene to fight scene with little character development and no discernible plot.  Wynonna does manage to shut down the Consortium and capture Robidoux but the vampires are still out there plotting, leaving room of course for more of these boring comics.  I highly suggest trying to borrow this graphic novel from the library rather than spending any money to purchase it.  There's nothing exciting about the artwork or the characters.  In short, Yeti Wars is easily forgettable.