Friday, June 16, 2017

12 Monkeys, Season Three, Episode Five: Causality

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Alone, Cole and Cassie talk about their son.  Cassie explains that the Monkeys knew that they would go to Titan and were waiting for her. Cassie and Cole briefly discuss the people guarding her son.  Cole advises that when Cassie goes into the meeting with the others, not to tell the assembled group everything. Cole explains that Jones tried to pull him off the mission for being emotionally compromised. Clearly, the Witness being Cole and Cassies's child would result in a major conflict of interest and the fact that it has already lead to Ramse's death proves that Cole cannot handle this well.  Cole is convinced that this is their problem to figure out that no one can know. 

When we see Cassie and Cole again, they are at a meeting with everyone discussing the fact that some time in the next year that the facility will be destroyed. Cassie explains that she was kept in Titan with a man who let her escape. Cassie only says that the Monkeys were waiting for the Witness to return to Titan and denies seeing him. Cassie then denies knowing the origin of the Witness to a frustrated Jones. This is so going to come back to bite both Cole and Cassie in the ass. I'm ready for Olivia to snitch on them now. 

Speaking of Olivia, she is in her cell when she gets a visit from Cole and Cassie. The first thing Cole does is to send Olivia's guards away.  Olivia has the smile plastered to her face again, as she talks about sending Ramse to kill the Witness. Olivia also surmises that Cassie and Cole haven't told Jones.  Olivia rants about being lied to by the Witness and explains that she wants to know why. Olivia says that the three of them are unified in finding the witness. 

Jennifer is working on Olivia's map and calls it their next mission.  Jennifer talks about keeping a diary filled with her secrets which her mother read. It seems she was writing about the future in the past tense thank to being a Primary and messing up time.  The map is actually the Witnesses diary.  It seems that the map was smuggled out of the Germany in a painting and then resurfaced in an auction house in the eighties. All that remains is for Jennifer to teach them how to pass for rich in the eighties.  Jennifer's big plan is to pose as her mother and then insist on seeing the security protocols. Jennifer suggests that they bring the painting back, copy it and then return the painting for it to be purchased by Olivia.  Jones is forced to grudgingly agree that Jennifer has come up with a great plan. Jones assigns Cassie, Olivia, Deacon and Cassandra to this task. 

Cole however is worried about the fact that them being in the cedar house will be on the document because it will reveal their relationship to the Witness. Deacon looks at Cassie and Cole talking and mentions to Jennifer that he's getting a weird vibe from it. Jennifer blows it off as Cassie and Cole needing some private time after being seperated for so long. 

Now, it's off to the splinnter machine.  Jones tells Jennifer that this plan is her responsibility and if it goes wrong, Jennifer needs to pull back. Jennifer's leap is made to Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time." It's almost a bit too on the nose for this scene. 


The crew arrives in the 80's and I'm reminded of what an ugly decade it was. I really could have done without seeing Deacon in the Don Johnson circa Miama Vice look. Jennifer and Cassie are given a tour of a vault and its security features. Cassie slips up by asking about the painting which is a problem because the auction house hasn't made it public that the painting is being sold.  The painting wasn't going to auction because the auction house already has a buyer but now that Jennifer and Cassie expressed interest, an auction will occur. Jennifer starts smacking Cassie and suggesting they abort because there wasn't supposed to be an auction. They've been in the past five minutes and have already changed history. In the past, Olivia gets word about an auction. In the present, Olivia's nose starts to bleed. 

Cole and Deacon are at the bar drinking and Deacon is enjoying the pleasures of the past. Deacon brings up Cole not using the machine to save Ramse. Cole explains that he did what he thought was right and Deacon calls Ramse a selfish prick who was willing to burn the world in order to save his son. Cole of course now understands Ramse's position because his son is the Witness. Deaon asks if Cole is mad that the Monkeys killed Ramse, or if Cole is angry that didn't have the courage to do it himself. Cole responds by slamming Deacon's head on the bar. Cassie shows up before things can get more serious. 

The crew gathers to discuss the little problem of the painting not being there for them to steal.  It is further compounded by the fact that Olivia needs to buy the painting and never suspect that they were there.  Jennifer suggests they start thinking Ocean's Eleven or the Thomas Crown affair.  I love that Jennifer keeps making all of these awesome references that fly over everyone's head because they are from the future. Jennifer suggests that they hide inside the museum in a trojan horse tonight and Deacon is already out, having spent so much time in a small space already. The task falls to Cassie and Cole. 

Jennifer and Cassie sit outside her father's warehouse and Cassie asks if it was weird pretending to be her mother. Cassie says that they can change Jennifer's past and warn someone to get little Jennifer some help. Jennifer responds that she doesn't know who she'd be, if she wasn't the kid whose mother tried to kill her. Jennifer asks if Cassie has thought about going back to see her mother and Cassie answers that she misses the talks they never got to have. The warehouse door opens and Jennifer gets a smile of glee when the guys roll out a classic car. Jennifer is certain that Leland is going to be pissed that they've stolen it.  

At the auction house the guards are skeptical when Jennifer and Deacon try to deliver the car. Jennifer says that she cannot take the car back because she cannot drive stick and Deacon claims that he cannot drive because he has night blindness.  Jennifer claims that the car belonged to Bugsy Seagull. The guards debate calling someone to verify Jennifer's story.  An argument breaks out and finally in frustration, the guards decide that the car will stay and that they will deal with it in the morning. 

Cassie and Cole are hiding in the trunk of the car together.  They remember the bed they shared together in the past. Cassie asks why Cole didn't tell her that their life together had to be erased and Cole explains that he didn't want to put her through that. Cassie questions if she would have been informed if she hadn't remembered on their own. When the guards finally leave, Cassie and Cole climb out of the trunk. Cassie tells Cole that none of this is his fault but Cole says that before they met he killed people for nothing. Cassie argues that he did it to survive but Cole counters that he killed the only conscience he ever had and so it's ironic that the man behind the apocalypse is his son. Cole is certain that whatever went wrong with the Witness, he inherited it from him. 


Whitley, Jones and Hannah argue about whether they should evacuate and at least give people the heads up about the facilities destruction. Jones is adamant that she will not surrender her home, even as Hannah screams that they should move on. Jones yells that the machine cannot be moved.  When Jones leaves, Hannah says that Jones is so worried about the past that Jones never thinks about the future.  Whiteley points out that when Hannah went to 2163, she said the world was dead anyway, so they might as well go down fighting. 

Jones is alone when Whitley approaches and says as a child he wanted to be an architect to design his mother a dream house. Of course that didn't happen because the plague hit. Jones says knowing what is going to happen and choosing to stay is insane. Whitley however says that time travel sounded crazy at first too. Jones admits that she's already looking for a way out.


Cole dreams about his last moments with Ramse and is awoken by Cassie. When Cassie tries to check the time she discovers her watch is gone. They go back to the car where Cassie finds her watch. Cassie snarks about her watch not being there when Cole finds her corpse. Cassie tells Cole that he's a good man and she wouldn't have fallen in love with him if he wasn't. Cole wonders if they are stuck in a loop, creating the problems they are trying to solve. Cassie however is certain that they can change things. Cole realises that Cassie believes that she can save her son and this is why she is so desperate to find the map.

It's auction time and Jennifer is approached about the vehicle that she dropped off the night before.  It turns out that Jennifer now has paper work to fill out for the car in question. Deacon steps forward and says that Jennifer has been drinking and will be nursing the problem with spending.  Deacon suggests that they should do the paperwork later.  Olivia arrives for the auction much to the surprise of Deacon and Jennifer because she's not supposed to be there.

Jennifer is having an awesome time at the auction and she's actually bidding against herself.  Deacon and Jennifer realise the fact that they are still there is proof that Cole and Cassie haven't accomplished their task yet.  Jennifer is approached and informed that she's exceeded her credit limit and when they start to hassle her and suggest they are going to call Leland, Jennifer actually encourages the auction house to do just that

Jennifer's father is chatting away on his cell phone when he gets another call. Call waiting has not been invented yet, and so his assistant hands him another phone. Leland says that he will be right there and cuts off the line of credit before turning to Jennifer (who is still a little girl) to say their planned skating trip is cancelled and that she is to blame her mother. 

The painting has finally arrived and it's placed right next to the car. It's put on a pallet to be delivered.  Olivia is informed that the painting has arrived.  Cole creates a distraction so that Cassie can steal the painting. The auctioneer calls for an intermission which makes Olivia realise that something is wrong. Olivia orders her flunky to go back stage and grab the painting. Before Jennifer and Deacon can hit the snack bar, Leland shows up.  

Cole runs into the security and pretends to be on the job. Cole claims he is there about the car because the car was stolen.  The security goes on about Jennifer being crazy.  As Deacon and Jennifer talk about a distraction, Jennifer accidentally runs into Olivia.  Deacon decides to create a distraction by pulling a gun and claiming to be robbing the place.  

Cassie peels off the back of the painting to get the map.  Olivia's flunky has arrived at the back and a fight breaks out between him and Cole.  Cassie comes to Cole's rescue but gets tossed around. Cole ends the battle by killing the flunky. 

Deacon is collecting items from the assembled people and young Jennifer is enjoying the robbery. Leland asks his young daughter if she can be normal for five minutes. Deacon stops long enough to tell young Jennifer that Leland is an asshole and that she shouldn't forget that. 

When Cassie and Cole return to the painting, they find it missing.  Cole suggests they retrace her steps.  Jennifer runs into the curator who just happens to be carrying the painting.  The curator shows her that the back of the painting has been peeled back.  Jennifer knocks the curator unconscious and then steals the map.  Fortunately, there's a photocopier in the room. Jennifer then sees the link between Cassie, Cole and the Witness. 

The police show up and Leland and young Jennifer go off to find Leland's wife. When Leland old Jennifer, he threatens to have her locked up and  Jennifer says that she is going to survive it. When Leland grabs adult Jennifer while holding young Jennifer's hand,  he creates a paradox. Deacon shows up and points a gun at Leland and makes leave.  Adult Jennifer warns her younger self not to be scared by what she's about to see and they splinnter away. Leland pleads with young Jennifer to release him but she refuses to. 

Cole and Cassie realise that they are out of time but they are splintered away. In the eighties, Olivia has the map in the car.  


When Cassie and Cole arrive back, Jones tells them that Jennifer managed to get a copy of the map.  Cassie and Cole are clearly nervous about Jones finding out about their son. Cassie steps up to tell the truth and Cole tries to stop her. Before Cassie can reveal the truth, Jones comes across Jennifer's handprint on the map. Jennifer purposefully obscured the truth about Cole and Cassie's involvement with the Witness.  Jennifer and Cole make eye contact and Jennifer smiles. Now, four people know the secret of the Witness's origins.

Outside, Cassie and Cole bury the shots that Deacon and Cassie are going to need to travel back in time.  Cassie gives Cole her watch and asks him to wear it because she doesn't believe in fate, cycles or loops. Cassie says that as long as Cole wears her watch, they will always find their way back to each other. The two hug. Cole remembers his future self saying that Cole and Cassie would always find their way back to each other.


The witness is brought into a room and introduced by the Pallid Man to a group of assembled people.  

It turns out that Deacon and Jennifer make a great team, who would have thought? I really liked Deacon telling young Jennifer that Leland is an ass. Because Jennifer is a Primary, she's had a particularly rough life.  What's interesting about this episode is that when offered by Cassie to change her outcome, Jennifer decides not to because this is what makes her who she is. 

I really like the fact that Jennifer is becoming an active member of the team. This week they decided to follow Jennifer's plan to get the map back and it was Jennifer who figured out the significance of the map in the first place. It's taken far too long but even Jones is starting to take Jennifer seriously. Jennifer has moved beyond being a simple announce to being someone they can rely on, even if she does make things a little bit hectic. 

Almost from the moment of reuniting, Cole and Cassie decide to hide the truth about their son but for different reasons. Cassie doesn't believe in fate and thinks that their boy can be saved and Cole blames himself because of his past violent acts. At this point, Cole is convinced that he's a horrible person because of all of the people that he's killed. Ramse's death in particular weighs heavily on Cole. Throughout their relationship, Ramse has acted as Cole's conscience and Ramse was rewarded with death.  It's only know that Cole knows that he has a son that he understands the position that Ramse was in with Sam. This is what future Cole meant about Cole having to forgive himself for what he is going to do.

At the heart of this season is the question of whether they can actually change the past. It seems to me more often than not, Cole and Cassie end up creating the very conditions that they are fighting against. Leaving Olivia behind in Germany for instance created an adversary.  Just being together created the Witness.  Because the show is so circular we haven't really moved forward in the effort to end the Monkeys period. In the end, it seems that Cassie and Cole are fighting against themselves as much as they are fighting against the Monkeys

This episode is the first time that we have gotten a chance to see the Witness. He's still a little boy and has clearly been shifted through time. At this point, we have no clue how many eras he's already lived in. Because he is being raised by his protectors, he's probably being indoctrinated into believing what his future will be.  I guess we will have to see if he thinks like his mother that he can avoid his so-called destiny or like his father and everything is pre-determined.