Friday, June 16, 2017

Outcast, Season 2, Episode 3: Not My Job to Judge

We have a whole lot of raised questions and revelations here – albeit not without actually answering any of those questions.

Last week Amber ran away saying he wanted to see Alison, her mother. Kyle tries to do that, taking Amber to see Alison at the mental institution she has been admitted to. Alison is not exactly thrilled by Kyle bringing her – whether because she doesn’t trust herself or doesn’t want to expose her to the Institution which is all kinds of creepy.

Like Megan, Alison is not buying the idea that she was possessed and is convinced she has a psychotic break and she feels terrible and guilt ridden over what she did.

There is a spooky child at the Institution – I don’t know if this is a possessed child or if we just have to have creepiness in these places on television because of ongoing depiction of Mentally Ill people as scary and dangerous.

We also have a patient who wanders around and scares Amber – along with a nurse. Both of them seem possessed and recognise Amber as connected to Kyle… but as they approach her Amber holds out her hands to them as if pushing them away; and they both wander off.

Is being The Outcast hereditary? It definitely seems Amber has some version of Kyle’s mojo – we already have seen her exorcise Megan. Hey it’s a family business.

That same possessed man though follows up in tormenting Alison – so clearly the demon people still have plans for her.

Over to Megan who, last week, was rescued from drowning by Anderson who tries to delicately approach the fact she just tried to commit suicide. And, to his credit, he’s friendly and non-judgemental despite being The Worst.

Megan is more embarrassed than anything; she is adamant it was a mistake and she did try to save herself before he saved her. Whether Anderson would pursue that or not, Holly arrives and they obviously can’t discuss it in front of her.

Kyle and Amber leaves Alison and are stopped by Anderson on the road who tells Kyle that Megan has had some issues. Kyle quickly diverts there to be less than helpful (don’t greet a suicidal person with “what the hell?!”) Again Megan is more embarrassed than anything else, drawing upon her history as a therapist to make it clear this is a blatant call to help and not something she’s going to repeat. She points out she has a gun – if she wanted to commit suicide she wouldn’t try to drown herself, she’s just shoot herself (BTW this is another reason why gun control is important – easy access to guns does not help people with suicidal issues).

I actually like this element, because it’s a part of being suicidal or having a mental health issue we rarely actually discuss: the embarrassment. How people can do something in a bad moment and then feel truly humiliated by it afterwards – but how that makes it hard to actually seek help or address the issues (and no, it isn’t all cured just because someone feels embarrassed after the fact). She also seems open to the idea of being possessed – because she has been applying all of her psychological expertise to examine her experiences and just cannot explain why she would kill Mark. It doesn’t make any sense to her at all.

She’s also pregnant – which she insists means she HAS to be ok. While this seems to be enough to get Kyle to leave, we all know it’s not that simple. Personally I think being possessed while Pregnant means we may have to deal with demon baby

She and Holly have moved back home – the home where Mark died. And we get a really heartbreaking depiction of Holly’s pain, blaming Megan, being angry, upset, breaking thinsg and just not accepting any platitudes. Of course it’s brutal – but it really should be

Megan isn’t doing well either – and this is where I have to frown at TVlandia. She keeps seeing the house as if it’s been underwater a long time – rotten and mildewed and covered in mould. I don’t know if this is hallucinations representing mental health issues or visions because of being possessed and/or the demon baby or even just TVlandia’s attempt to depict grief. This is the problem of TVlandia overly using hallucinations to depict, well, just about any emotion or memory. This is not how people grieve. This is not how people remember things.

What we do see is her run out of the house carrying her gun – and almost killing herself. It’s only a random-door-to-door-annoying woman from the beacon church Anderson visited happening to be passing by that stops her.

And I’m calling Chekhov’s gun on this church. Angels or more possessed people. I’ve giving a 45% chance of angels, 40% chance of demons and 15% chance of random wildcard (aliens. Or fae. Or just really annoying humans).

With her daughter smashing the bathroom and her hallucinating, Megan accepts that they simply cannot stay in the house.

We have a brief cameo from Rose explaining how she doesn’t really want to be Mammy, but she’s still doing it. Giles and she talk about how Kyle is good but not dedicated enough to the whole demon killing thing which counts as ominous foreshadowing.

Patricia also asks Giles about her missing son – only to be completely dismissed by Giles who decides Aaron is just a bad seed who has run off. Patricia is outraged and intends to complain to the mayor about him: she also has a little dig that feels like a subtly racist undertone like she was totally giving him the benefit of the doubt despite her husband’s previous reservations about Giles. The whole tone feels like she thought she should get cookies for not doubting him

Of course, she’s not wrong when she says he let Anderson go because they are friends.

Kyle is still trying to help – in particular when Anderson tells Kyle about the addicted possessed boy who shared a gaol with him and realises this boy is still newly possessed enough for them to actually rescue him – so to the hospital! Ok, Kyle isn’t exactly eager, but Amber, exorcist in training, insists they have to help the boy. Except he’s missing: Kyle assumes this is more Sidney machinations

Though apparently not - Sidney seems to be getting more and more stressed as events progress. Evelyn, the demon possessed, drops in to see him with her complete human husband who she has recruited to the cause. To which Sidney responds by slicing the human’s throat. Messy. Sidney is done working with humans – after Ogden came back to burn him so badly which is why he had to send Kat Ogden away; her devotion to her husband became a liability

Evelyn seems taken aback, but not necessarily devastated.

He has Aaron, who was badly burned in his house fire (set by Anderson the Worst) and Sidney rambles on about dragons, devils and having big plans for Aaron. It all sounds both extremely cryptic and ominous.

Despite this he isn’t handling Aaron with kid’s gloves – Aaron has a big case of wanting to prove how big and bad he is and wanting to make the whole world pay. Sidney is Not Impressed – and gives Aaron a test: want to prove how bad you are? Cut up this dead body for disposal. Of course, for all his talk, Aaron can’t bring himself to actually cut up the corpse and has to slink back into his corner to heal. I would say that Sidney is being awfully harsh on the teenager who is running his mouth… but then we’re talking about teaching your serial killer apprentice so being harsh is… a rather ludicrous thing to talk about.

Anderson and Kyle think they need to find Sidney to save the addicted boy – so it’s off to the Austin’s again: since both of Joshua’s parents are possessed. But the house is empty except for one woman hiding in the closet. She tells them that the family has been kidnapped by the creepy junkyard man

We also saw said creepy junkyard guy kidnap a woman off the street. AND ominously burying a body he was stocking in a chest freezer like all good serial killers.

To the Junkyard where they find Junkyard guy…. And Giles. And we get some big revelations. They have kidnapped all the possessed or suspected possessed they know about (this includes the child Joshua who isn’t possessed).

They’ve kidnapped them all until they can convince Kyle to get with the program. They also reveal that Kyle and Anderson aren’t the first people to fight the possessed – nor are these even the first possessed. They were part of an original group that fought them before – and it included Kyle’s father. Yes the exorcism thing is definitely hereditary. It also raises another issue: if Kyle doesn’t defeat the possessed, doesn’t it fall to the next generation to pick up? He currently has moral qualms but will this switch him over?

Maybe – but for now he and Anderson do not approve of kidnapping random people and holding them prisoner – especially children and the addict who can be helped. Which is what Kyle does – exorcism time! This involves the usual painful touching – but the black goo that pours out of him then tries to flow back into any open wound – including from where he hurt himself and his needle marks. Everyone has to get involved plugging gaps – including Joshua. All the kids on this show will be traumatised. Yes yes they will

It does seem to work though – despite the changes.

There’s still a lot of questions about the old school demon hunters – including who they buried. Junkyard guy says it was a woman, a possessed and somehow ultrally awful and he pledged to keep her buried. So I’m going to lay odds on her pulling herself out of the grave in the not too distant future.

Lastly let’s check up on Sidney who isn’t doing well, vomiting black goo everywhere which is not good for everyone. He appeals to a woman (who, I assume, is the corpse they found and brought back to life from his old house that was burned down). He begs, he pleads for her to help him – and he breaths into him. Which is apparently good.

Am I to assume this woman is connected to the woman Junkyard guy has buried?

What are they actually going to do with the kidnapped possessed people?

Is Megan having visions or is she hallucinating? Does it involve her baby?

Is Alison being tormented for a reason?

Who are the church people?

Who exactly are the possessed? What’s with all this mouth smoke stuff?

How can I even write about this without sounding way more perverted than I mean to?