Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Originals, Season Four, Episode Eleven: A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken

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Once again, things are frantic and a hot mess for the Mikaelson family. Davina has been resurrected, a fact I do not forgive the writers for and Kol must choose between his family and her.  Kol has made a hobby of betraying his family over the last thousand years so it's a no brainer that he's going to do The Hollow's bidding and protect the totem that connects her body to Davina's.  Things aren't looking good for Elijah because the pendant in which his soul is presently trapped is cracking.  It's so dire in fact that Freya declares that if they don't get Elijah out of the pendant that night he will be lost to them forever.  Yeah for anticlimactic storylines, cause we all know that there's no way the writers are going to kill off Elijah. If that were not enough, Hope is concerned that The Hollow is getting stronger and believes that time is running out. 

The plan is to take a sample of Hope's blood because she and The Hollow are like two ends of a snake and are connected. The knife will then be used to kill The Hollow by Hayley, because only someone of her line can actually kill The Hollow. Freya then makes a locator spell to figure out where the hell The Hollow is hiding out. Rebekah quickly recognises the location as a place where a Doctor killed his family, claiming that he was inspired by evil. That seems the perfect place for someone like The Hollow to hang out. Because things cannot ever be easy for the Mikaelson's, Freya notices another location on the map which indicates that The Hollow is using a totem.  Rebekah is tasked with dealing with the totem but Freya warns her not to go alone.

On the outs with Marcel, Rebekah turns to Kol, who is supposedly more than happy to help out his sister. When Rebekah arrives at the house, Marcel shows up. Marcel takes the opportunity to play concerned auntie and complain about Rebekah taking this risk by herself. Rebekah has no patience for Marcel and explains that Kol is meeting her and that she has to hurry, otherwise Hayley will die. The two make their way inside only to be trapped by a spell set by Kol. Kol explains that he just needs a little bit of time. 

Kol's next move is to meet up with Davina, who is feeling all sacrificial.  Davina it seems is all too aware of the danger that The Hollow poses and suggests that if it costs her life to free the world of The Hollow, then this is the way it has to be. At this point, Kol asserts that Davina's life is just as important as Hayley's. Kol tosses Davina his keys and arranges to meet her at midnight to start their new life. 

At the compound, Freya has become concerned because Rebekah and Kol aren't answering their phones. Freya tasks Klaus with figuring out what the hell is going on with the totem while she and Hayley get ready to battle the Hollow. No one has bothered to think that maybe, just maybe, someone should stay there and look after Hope other than Elijah's empty corpse. 

Hayley and Freya step inside the house and find it littered with bodies. Freya is thrown backwards and Hayley's neck is snapped. When Hayley does wake up, she finds herself in another realm with Jackson.  Yes, Jackson, the man she should have chosen instead of the serial killer that she's in love with. Jackson says that Hayley has had a psychic break and that he's flattered that she would think of him as a safe person, given the fact that she's in love with Elijah. 

Because the adult Mikaelson's don't have a brain in their head, Hope is alone when Kol approaches her to do some magic.  Hope is suspicious at first and calls Kol a stranger. Kol explains that he had to leave because he was so sad and didn't want to make the rest of his family sad.  Hope decides to help when she realises that Kol loves his girlfriend the same way that her mommy loves Elijah.  

While Hayley is in the alternate realm, The Hollow is instructing her people to fill Hayleys' veins with wolfsbane. Apparently, The Hollow doesn't want to actually kill Hayley because she needs her alive for some reason. You know damn well that The Hollow is already three steps ahead of the Mikaelsons. When Freya wakes, she finds a dead Keelin on the floor. Thankfully, Freya is only imagining that Keelin is dead, but we all know that it's only a matter of time anyway cause this is The Originals.  In the alternate world, Hayley is coming to terms with the fact that Jackson is the man she should have loved.  This is where the pleasant reunion ends and Jackson goes dark, causing Hayley to realise that she's actually dealing with The Hollow and not Jackson's ghost. So the battle happens and long story short, Hayley manages to wake up to find herself weak and trapped in a room with Jackson. 

Rebekah and Marcel are still trapped together and the tension between them is so damn strong that Rebekah wants to burn the place down to escape. Before Rebekah can become a pyromaniac, Klaus shows up and he's almost in stitches about the situation that Rebekah and Marcel are trapped in.  Klaus's good humour lasts until Rebekah reveals that Kol trapped them.  Rebekah tries to convince Klaus to hear Kol out before he acts.  The kicker happens when Rebekah looks at the map and realises that Kol is at the compound. With Hope potentially in danger, Klaus has no more time for chit chat and takes off. 

On their own again, Rebekah snarks about Marcel doing Sofya's bidding, only to be told that Sofya still hasn't woken up.  Marcel has had enough and he rips up the floor to get to the gas line, so that they can get the hell out of the house. 

If Hayley were having an acid trip, I'd say that this is the worst one ever. At this point, Jackson is all about telling Hayley the truth about her love of monsters and her betrayal of his love for her.  When that doesn't cause as much pain as he wants, Jackson morphs into Elijah. Damn ,The Hollow knows how to go to the jugular. Hayley is clearly struggling with her demons, while outside, all Freya has to do is ignore ghost Keelin, who is bleeding from having her neck slashed.

Klaus has arrived at the compound and he has a bone to pick with his brother. I'd like to point out that if they'd gotten a sitter, ya know like normal parents, Hope wouldn't be in this position. The fight is on as Klaus lectures his little brother about his weaknesses.  Kol tries to protect himself but in the course of the fight drops the totem, which Klaus is happy to smash with his foot. 

With the totem broken, fake Jackson/Elijah disappears and Freya is able to get into the room. They realise that this must mean the totem is broken and so it's Hollow killing time. 

Kol is clearly out matched and Klaus intends to dagger him to make him pay for his betrayal. Kol starts to beg, saying how Davina has changed him and that this is the first time in 1,000 years that he's known love.  Klaus however is not convinced to spare his brother until Kol asks what Klaus would do if it were Cami. 

While Kol is busy battling for her life, Davina pays a little visit to Josh. Davina thanks Josh for visiting her grave.  Davina starts to choke and bleed from a wound in her neck. 

Before The Hollow is attacked, she manages to make a concoction, just as Hope unravels the knot at the compound which ends her connection with Davina. Freya and Hayley bursts in and Freya uses magic to toss something at The Hollow which pierces her neck, hence Davina bleeding from the neck. Josh, worried about his friend bites his wrist to help her heal. Having unraveled the knot, Hope, who no adult has bothered to check on yet, promptly passes out. Hayley jumps on The Hollow and gets with the stabbing.  Hayley's attack is so savage that Freya has to pull her off The Hollow and tell her that The Hollow is dead. ,

Still alone, all the doors and windows around Hope close and she gets a visit from someone we are all familiar with. You guessed it, it's Hope's turn to be possessed. 

Marcel and Rebekah have escaped the house by causing a gas explosion but that doesn't mean they're through dealing with their relationship issues. Yep, they are arguing about going to such extreme measures to get away from each other though they loved each other passionately for two centuries. Rebekah suggests that they both move on but of course they kiss. I guess that means if Sofya does come back she's on borrowed time. 

Having been seperated from The Hollow, Josh tries to convince Davina to take off without Kol.  Josh points out that Davina is lucky enough to have been resurrected twice and shouldn't waste this opportunity. Davina however asserts that she cannot leave without Kol.  Having perfect timing, this is when Kol shows up. Josh and Davina declare their love for each other, hug good bye and Kol and Davina ride off into the sunset together. May they both spend a long time in the freaking plot box.

It's time to wake up Elijah but Hayley decides that she has somewhere else she needs to be. Hayley heads to the bayou with a six pack to say her apologies to Jackson, who of course is not there to hear it. Hayley admits that she shouldn't have chosen Elijah over him but she had never before seen what love looks like with support and kindness. Hayley says that she doesn't want Hope to go through the same thing and that she knows what she has to do now. Yep, this means that Elijah is going to get kicked to the curb. 

Klaus comes to put Hope to bed and he tells her about all the wonderful things he wants to show her. When Klaus leaves the room, Hope's eyes turn blue. 

I know that it's only been nine episodes to date this season but it all feels so hopelessly drawn out for some reason.  Did we really need to spend time going over Marcel and Rebekah's relationship angst? How many times are the writers going to establish that Rebekah and Marcel love each other and will always be drawn to each other even if they have conflicting goals? We've been doing this for four bloody years already. 

Then we had the whole thing with Jackson and Hayley. This is also ground that has been trod on to death.  Did we need this love triangle resurrected so that Hayley could figure out that maybe bringing up her innocent daughter around a family of serial killers isn't the wisest idea? Did she just have an awakening being in Elijah's memories last week?  This was absolutely over kill and I feel as though the writers are never content unless the ride a horse to death in order to drag out the story.

Hayley and Klaus have to be the worst parents ever.  They know that an evil force is in town which has already tried to kidnap their daughter once and decide that no one needs to stay behind and protect her? How does this even make any sense? I get that all of the Original siblings were busy but it's time they invest in a baby sitter.  Hope may be sensible for a little girl but even something mundane could be a problem with a child so young. 

The absolute best moment of this episode was Kol and Davina riding off into the sunset together.  What do these two even have in common to supposedly have undying love for one another? I don't know about you but I am so done with the ancient vampire in love with the teenage girl.  To be clear Davina may be a Harvest Girl and a super powerful witch but she is still a freaking teenage girl.With any luck, Davina will stay in the plot box for a long time to come. Nothing good can come from her resurrection.