Monday, June 12, 2017

Orphan Black, Season Five, Episode One: The Few Who Dare

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This is it, the final season of clone club and I don't want it to end. These characters have grown so much in the last five years and though they started out as strangers, they are absolutely family now. Neolution is kicking their arses and they are desperate to get some answers and find a way to survive. 

Allison and Helena

Let's start with Allison and Helena because they are absolutely my favourite paring. The Hendrixs decided to take shelter in a provincial park, complete with roll away luggage. You can bet Allison packed her crafting supplies just in case something needs a touch of glitter. Felix has tasked the Hendrixs to stay put and keep an eye on Helena. Naturally, Allison isn't going to listen to Felix and so she orders Donnie to start packing up their things.

Surprisingly, Donnie is doing much better in the wilderness than Allison and he has even learned to communicate in bird calls with Helena.  When Helena sees people walking through the woods she does the emergency loon call. Coward that Donnie is, he quickly hides when he sees the men and watches as Allison is captured. 

Allison is stuffed into a van and brought to Art and his new supposedly misogynist partner Detective Engers.  Engers makes it clear to Allison that she has promised not to harm a single hair on a clones head but she is determined to bring them all in.  Engers asked about Donnie and Helena and Allison responds, "Helena was out murdering God’s creatures and my husband abandoned me". Engers is not satisfied and wants to know what the back up plan is.  When Allison doesn't answer, Engers assaults Art and puts a gun to his head.  Allison professes that she doesn't know and fortunately for Art, Engers believes her. Since Allison doesn't have any information to give she's taken home to wait for her fellow clones to be gathered up. 

While Allison is being questioned, in the woods, Donnie grabs their luggage and heads to their vehicle.  Before Donnie can get away, he is stopped by yet another neolutionists.  It seems this season there are more neolutionists than there are fleas.  Fortunately for Donnie, Helena sneaks up on the Neolutionists, causing him to drop his gun when she jumps on his back and puts him in a choke hold. Donnie knocks the neolutionist out with one punch but when Helena goes to stand up, she cannot because she's been stabbed in the stomach by a tree branch and is bleeding. Donnie promises to get to Helena to the hospital and she informs him that one of her babies has been hit.  Dear writers, you better save Helena's babies. I'm not playing around on this one. 


I go back and forth between wanting Cosima and Delphine to be a couple and for Cosima to kick Delphine to the curb permanently. From the very beginning of their relationship, Delphine has lied to Cosma. I don't doubt that the two women have feelings for each other, it just seems that so much of their relationship is based on deception.

Cosima is in a fevered state when she's put to bed by Cosima. When she awakes, Cosima finds herself in a locked yurt.  Cosima frantically goes through her bag, only to discover that the cell line which she stole from Susan and Rachel is missing. Oh shit. Cosima however does find a note in her bag which reads, "whatever happens, follow my lead". 

The first person Cosima meets is Mud, who is a resident of Revival, the mystery village occupying a part of the island. Cosima is given a little tour and informed that the village was established in 1908,  by P.T. Westmoreland, who supposedly lives in a nearby house. Westmoreland is supposedly 170 years old and this is fitting because the purpose of Revival is genetically improve the human race. 

While Cosima is getting the tour, Delphine is hard at work in the lab. Delphine is treating a young Afghani girl named Aisha, who arrived in Revival with her mother to get better. As soon as Aisha and her mother leave, Delphine locks the door and stashes Cosima's injection and steals a page from Aisha's file. Delphine doesn't get a chance to do more because some creepy ass dude knocks on the door and demands that she unlock it immediately. Delphine is told that "he" wants to see her, so I assume that creepy dude means Westmoreland. 

After her meeting, Cosima has to beg for a few moments alone with Delphine. Delphine has just enough time to let Cosima know where she stashed the injection and to tell her that what's going on in the village is real.  Delphine believes the science and she encourages Cosima to stay there and follow the science. Revival is the heart of Neolution and longevity is only one of the coals they have in the fire. Since Rachel has taken over, things have really ramped up. At this point, Delphine is convinced that the children have something to do with what is going on. Creepy dude starts to rush Delphine and so she and Cosima kiss goodbye. It's beautiful but sad all the same. 


Other than Helena, Sarah is the clone who is in the most immediate danger. Having escaped the house, a wounded Sarah struggles to make a fire. Sarah's first order of business is to call Felix to let him know that Mrs. S and Kira have been kidnapped by Ferdinand. Felix asks whether or not Sarah is okay and Sarah lies and says that she's fine, only to be called out by Felix. At this point however, Sarah has decided that she's not going anywhere without Cosima. 

With Felix updated, it's time to get to treating her injuries. Sarah uses a tampon as a bandage for the wound on her leg.  The pain is so strong that Sarah passes out for a bit but is awoken by a vision of Kira telling her to get up. Kira's timing is on point because it means that Sarah is alert when a man comes rushing out of the bushes to attack her. The battle is swift and violent, with the two rolling through Sarah's small campfire.  Sarah finally gets the upper hand when she bashes her attacker in the head with a rock. 

The next day, armed with a branch which has a pointed end, Sarah begins to make her way through the woods. Sarah stops at a weird looking tower which has skinned game hanging off the sides.  Okay, this place is getting freaking weirder and weirder. A while later, the men who are using dogs to hunt Sarah come across the same tower. With the sound of the dogs barking, Sarah takes off running and ends up running past a dead animal who has been stabbed with a wooden stick, and has had their abdomen eaten. Nothing about this dead animal looks natural. Sarah manages to hide and the hunt is called off when the men find the half eaten animal. They don't know quite what to make of it and decide that Sarah is on her own for the night. 

Sarah  makes it to Revival in time to hear Rachel's little speech about the residents from Revival being the first ones to drink from the fountain. Rachel promises the gathered people that the sacrifices of 200 years are about to pay off. Cosima is in the same crowd listening in to Rachel. 

Later, Cosima sneaks out of her yurt in order to retrieve her treatment and this is where Saraha finds her. Despite all Sarah's risked to find Cosima, Cosima has decided to stay, having determined that the only way to get to the bottom of what is going on with Neolution is to work at Revival. Cosima tells Sarah that this is the heart of Neolution and therefore where they will find the answers they need, before suggesting that Sarah leave and take care of Kira and Mrs. S. Sarah notices the big needle in Cosima's hand and Cosima asks Sarah to inject her.  Yeah, Sarah is not down with this at all and believes that Cosima should leave to get help.  Cosima again affirms that she's staying and with few options left, Sarah decides to leave but warns Cosima that there is some kind of vicious wild animals in the woods. 

With Sarah gone, Cosima prepares to inject herself but falls to her knees with trepidation. This is when Rachel enters the room.  Rachel asks for Cosima to hand her the syringe, promising that they both want the same things. Cosima then moves to a couch and Rachel injects Cosima's uterine wall, as tears roll down Cosima's face.  Rachel tries to reassure Cosima by saying that Westmoreland wants Cosima to be a part of the scientific research.  Rachel declares that she and Cosima are going to cure everyone. 

A wounded Sarah finally makes it to the boat house and because nothing can ever run smoothly for Sarah, she is shot with a tranquilizer dart. As Sarah starts to pass out, Rachel appears and tells Sarah that it's a brand new day. 


Unfortunately we didn't get to see a whole lot of Felix this episode largely because he is working behind the scenes keeping track of the clones and trying to get some kind of rescue for Sarah.  Felix jumps on possibly contacting M,K. and Scott is down with this and suggests using the usernmae Sarah Manning on Minecraft because that is how MK contacted Kira in the past. 

This cannot be said enough, save Helena's babies.  Hopefully those babies are as tough as their mother and will come out okay, even if the bumbling Donnie is all Helena has for help right now. Speaking of the bumbling Donnie, I'm actually hoping that he was working on a plan to save Allison and not just running away like a coward. Look, we've known since Allison decided to torture Donnie with her craft supplies that he's not the toughest man going but he needs to redeem himself somehow.

Then we have poor Art.  One has to wonder why he is still team clone? He knows that Allison and Donnie aren't exactly on the right side of the law right now and that the others have engaged in dubious behaviour. Art now knows what happened to Beth so it seems to me that he's in the clear to cut and run.  Now they've saddled Art with a new Neolutionist partner which will make his life miserable.  I think if I were Art, I'd just take an extended vacation.  As for the new partner, I'm not at all down with her being described as a misogynist, given that as an officer, she would be more likely to be subject to misogynist behaviour than be a misogynist herself. I don't believe a lot of thinking was done about this. 

I'm not sure I buy Cosima choosing to stay on the Island. Yes, she's the clone most equipped to understand the science but she's basically making this decision based on Delphine's word and Delphine hasn't been the most trust worthy person. I think that the real reason the writers made this decision is because it's the easiest way to break down the scientific objectives to the viewer. 

I'm a little bit upset that we didn't find out what is going on with Ferdinand, Mrs. S and Kira. I have no doubt that Mrs. S will keep Kira safe.  I am quite certain that by the end of this season, Ferdinand will get what's coming to him.