Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty and the Beast, Season 1, Episode 17: Partners in Crime

So, Vincent just got himself shot by Tess who now gets to see him shift shape, hears Catherine call him Vincent and generally freaks that Catherine’s going to give a serial killer a knife – let alone that Catherine has been dating said serial killer. Catherine completely ignores Tess. Tess tries to call for back up – but underground she gets no signal.

Tess turns and runs and Vincent tells Catherine to go after her while he does some self doctoring, before she tells everyone and faking his own death fails dismally. Despite the over excited cameraman following Catherine, it’s Vincent who as she tries to crawl from the tunnels and drags her down. Tess panics being held by the beastly serial killer while Catherine assures her of his good intent, honest. He also has an eye-glowing beastie moment when Tess bites him and Catherine hurriedly explains the whole soldier experiment thing. Whether this will work we don’t know because JT arrives and tranqs her – with super-insta-tranq-darts.

JT suggests they leave Tess there and make a run for Canada, but Catherine doesn’t think Tess will be fine because he gave her the same dosage he gives Vincent (at last! Someone who acknowledges body mass matters with tranquilisers!) Vincent checks on her and as JT panics, he checks her phone and finds she hasn’t communicated with anyone recently, no-one knows where she is.

JT wants to run because he’s sure that Tess will expose them, even Catherine thinks that’s possible given that she’s a cop and sees things in black and white not shades of grey and, of course, Vincent killed her boyfriend’s brother. Vincent is confident in the relationship between Tess and Catherine to protect them (which is ridiculous considering Catherine isn’t). JT certainly doesn’t trust Catherine’s bonds of friendship to protect them since Evan has joined Muirfield

In the end JT goes to deliver Vincent’s DNA samples to the morgue so everyone believes his dead while Vincent and Catherine have a go at convincing Tess that drugging, kidnapping and a long string of murders while turning into a monster is a happy fun thing.

At the police station there’s a brief acknowledgement that Tess and Catherine are missing before Gabe starts dampening everyone’s enthusiasm that they have actually caught the guy, since they just have a charred body and an exploding building. Joe puts this down to Gabe wanting the man alive so he could play the big damn hero and makes it clear he’s not unhappy the guy is dead what with his dead brother and all.

Catherine and Vincent discuss how Catherine is supposed to explain anything to Tess – including the chasing and drugging thing – Catherine resolves the only way to do this is present the case as a cop, that Vincent only killed people in the defence of others – she runs off to build the case and to tell work why they’re not in.

JT goes to see Evan – is there a reason why every Tom, Dick and Harry can just walk into the police station and go for a tour round the morgue? JT has some pathetic excuse for how he knows (it was on instagram!) and why he should get to stay (I can man the centrifuge!) He flails around in an embarrassing fashion until Catherine arrives – she distracts Evan and allows JT to make the switch. As she tries to leave she’s grabbed by Joe for the press conference.

And in the tunnels, Tess wakes up alone with Vincent and Vincent tells her that Catherine kept the whole military experiments a secret. After Tess is less than responsive to Vincents various attempts to convince her how wonderful it was Catherine lied to her, they subside to silence

At the police station, Catherine tries to leave the precinct after the press conference only to be latched onto by Gabe who wants to know more about her tip-off and what Tess thinks. He even wants to check on her since she’s “ill” meaning he forces Catherine to take him along to see if she’s ok.

Back to the tunnels and Tess questions what Catherine sees in Vincent (easy answer to this would be for Vincent to take his shirt off, I’m just saying. Also – seriously Tess? I know you wouldn’t know the Bechdel test if it were dropped on you from a great height, but this is your line of questioning?)  More talk and getting to know each other – and when Vincent gets water for her she runs. Of course, that doesn’t work so well and Vincent quickly catches her and Vincent again emphasises that she needs to talk to Catherine to protect her, not him. he lets her go, gives her her gun and asks her to find Catherine and talk to her.

JT and Evan are still pottering around and JT realises that Evan likes Catherine in a totally non-platonic way and has a mild panic because he knows Catherine won’t reciprocate and he doesn’t know what that will drive him to do.

At Tess’s Catherine gets all nostalgic over the photographs of them and Gabe starts to ask hard questions – but Catherine turns it round since Gabe is hardly acting in a non-suspicious manner. They also get a text saying forensics are back and the corpse is their killer – she remarks that Gabe seems disappointed. They go their separate ways but when Catherine gets to her car, she sees Tess walking down the street. Catherine runs out to her and they try to talk – Tess is furious about Catherine lying to her for a year and Catherine gives her the case files Vincent has been involved in – all the way back to her mother. Tess still can’t get past the vigilantism, Vincent isn’t above the law – but Catherine talks about shades of grey and focuses on how wrong she was to leave Tess in the tunnels with Vincent. Tess can’t believe that’s what she’s focused on, but to Catherine it’s the only one that is simple – the rest is complex and she can’t imagine what she would have done desperately, but leaving her best friend unconscious in a tunnel is the worst (after lots of nostalgia photo watching).  And as Tess’s best friend, she begs her to trust her. Tess demands Catherine turns Vincent in – she’ll cover for Catherine, but only if she turns Vincent in. Catherine drives off and Tess rings Joe to tell him they caught the wrong guy.

Catherine drives off then parks to make time for a massive product placement for Kia. We got to see the shiny dashboard, the steering-wheel symbol then a beautiful pan of the car itself – couldn’t you have put the price hovering over the car? And maybe have Catherine say how wonderful her car is? She runs to Vincent and JT to tell them Tess is turning them in, neither cop nor friend angle worked (JT is shocked, really shocked).

Tess works her way down into the tunnels with the 2 trigger happy assassin cops (who spook and shoot rats without hesitation so, yeah, they’re safe). She notices they’ve brought a cattle prod and she questions why they have – she didn’t say Vincent was an animal, why do they have them? They tell her to hang back, there’s more going on than she knows – yeah that’ll work. She points a gun at them and when they try to take it off her she hits each of them and takes off running. Her way is blocked – and one of the assassin-cops shoots her and she falls into the fast flowing water.

Meanwhile Catherine and Vincent talk about what Tess said and Vincent wants Catherine to agree with Tess, turn Vicnent in, by which point he’ll be long out of the city (see, this? Is pretty sensible).  They stop arguing when  Vincent hears the cops coming. Fight time! It’s amazing how a cattle prod manages to stop Vincent turning them into teeny tiny pieces – but between Vincent and Catherine they’re both dead pretty quickly. They start to head out but Catherine worries about Tess – she must be there since she would have been the one who told them where they were.

Tess is stuck in a water filled tube, the bullet seems to have hit her vest but she can’t get out and the water is rising – the exit blocked by a grate. Vincent finds her and uses his beast strength to rip off the metal grate and pull her to safety. Catherine arrives and Tess cries in her arms, sobbing that she’s sorry.

Back home Catherine and Tess enjoy some booze and talk, Tess points out she does have some shades of grey (sleeping with her married boss for one) and she now understands why Catherine didn’t tell her (ok a little odd that she gets it now but I think it’s acceptable that she would see that Catherine simply couldn’t have told Tess, especially after seeing the murderous). Tess does have questions though – starting with whether Vincent has ever hurt anyone who was innocent – and whether he has ever hurt her. Joe calls Tess and she tells him it was a false alarm – and that the 2 assassin cops never showed up.

Joe takes this to Gabe to chew him out – his men didn’t back Tess up and she nearly drowned in a storm drain. Gabe apologises and assures Joe that he will never ever have to see them again. Gabe goes to the tunnels to find his men and finds claw marks on the wall – he realises Vincent is still alive.

JT takes booze to go Evan in celebration – but he’s all sad because he did everything for Catherine and she’s not there to celebrate with him. Evan is determined to tell Catherine how he feels while JT fumbles trying to talk him out of it. He could also be sad because he’s English and JT is bringing him American beer – that’s a cruel thing to do to an Englishman, JT.

Vincent and Catherine have a quiet moment on the balcony with another 2you could have had your life back”, “You are my life” refrain we’ve seen before and that running away from her is never an option. He kisses her goodbye – just as Evan’s walking past. To compound things – he jumps from her bazillion story building.

Really?! JUST LAST WEEK they were talking about being more careful?!

 It’s an interesting dynamic to have Vincent constantly push Catherine to rely on her relationship bond with Tess – when he’s only met Tess once – while Catherine says repeatedly “that’s not enough, this is how Tess thinks.” But I’m annoyed that Vincent decided to run with that – Catherine, the one who knows Tess best, repeatedly told Vincent that it wouldn’t work – but that’s what Vincent says when he talks to Tess and it’s on those grounds that he lets Tess go. He decides he knows Catherine’s friendship better than Catherine herself does.

I know he’s defending innocents and all and they are crimes in progress – but Tess is right, Vincent is roaming the streets kind of looking for trouble and then exacting his own form of justice.

This was a much better episode than many we’ve seen recently and was neither marred by too much blithering character foolishness (well, except not running to Canada) or endless angst

I’m sure we’ll be back to awkward love triangles soon.