Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Three Episode Ten: Delinquents

Bo is staring at her reflection in the mirror saying that she feels different and good. Her eyes turn blue and she says, "this is going to be good."  Kenzi comes rushing in saying that someone is breaking into the house.  Bo grabs a baseball bat and Kenzi is not impressed and tells her to get a big girl weapon.  Kenzi is worried that this might be trouble as a result of Bo and Dyson cheating on her fae exam. They head to the door and when Bo pulls it open, Lauren comes crashing through dropping a tray of food on the floor.  Lauren say, "surprising you with breakfast went a lot better in my head."  Lauren then asks about the dawning, and Bo replies that she has a sense that she is part of something bigger than herself.  Bo then hugs Kenzi and heads off to the kitchen to make breakfast.  Kenzi asks Lauren whether Bo has some sort of virus and Lauren assures her that the dawning has changed her but she is still their Bo.

In what looks like a park a young man and woman are all cuddled up on a blanket.  He tells the woman to take her top off and she complies, lies back and closes her eyes. He then places headphones over her ears and instructs her to tell him what she feels. He begins to kiss her and then runs something down her chest as she giggles.  Suddenly, we see a dark shadow and when she calls out to Matt, she finds that he is gone. When she walks away, she steps on a pile of twigs tied together.  In a separate area, Matt is being tortured by something that looks like a monster made out of grass.

At the Dahl, Dyson hands Bo a file filed with rap sheets.  Bo asks Dyson why Tamsin isn't in on this and he replies that she is out for a few days because of a dust up in a dark fae bar. Bo asks why they need them and Dyson says that there was another murder and he needs a protection detail for the other campers.  Dyson then asks Kenzi how she feels about taping into her inner juvie.  Kenzi agrees to make it work and Bo asks to play the camp counselor.  Dyson instructs them to pack their bags and Bo jumps up announcing that she has to go tell Lauren. Now alone, Kenzi asks Dyson how he is doing post dawning and he assures her that he is fine.

Bo is busy packing her bag and talking excitedly with Lauren. Bo then tells Lauren that she does not need to worry about her going undercover with Dyson because Lauren can trust her.  Lauren replies that she was hoping that they would have this weekend to talk. Bo apologizes and says that she kind of needs this - to take down something big and ferocious. Lauren nods and says that they have been out of sync lately. Bo climbs on the bed and says that this is her fault and that now that the Dawning is over, things will get better.  Bo assures Lauren that she would much rather be spending the weekend with her and adds, "blame Tamsin."

Tamsin is walking thorugh a parking lot when Acacia grabs her from behind and puts a knife to her throat. The two exchange pleasantries for awhile and Acacia hands Tamin the wanderer card and says, "he knows you've found her, now it's time to finish the job."

Bo and Kenzi arrive at the camp and it looks more like an institution than anything else. Bo is sitting down with Ella and she says that when she took the job she thought it would be something else. Bo says that she is sorry about Matt and asks Ella if she wants to talk about it.  Ella replies that she didn't see anything and that her eyes were closed because that was a part the game they were playing. The girl admits that she smelled smoke, like when your straigntening your hair and you burn it. Bo tells Ella that it is not her fault and that if she wants to talk about it, she is there for her

Dyson is walking the grounds with Dr. Lewis.  Dyson asks if there are any other registered fae in the area and Dr. Lewis replies, none that we haven't already ruled out.  It seems that all of the kills have been different somehow. Dr. Lewis says that she was there when the attack happened because she is attached to the ground literally. Dyson finds the pile of sticks on the ground and inquires whether the campers are free to roam around because he doesn't feel that this is safe.

Kenzi walks into what looks like a common area and she gets questioned by the residents because they assume she is a cop.  Kenzi manages to assuage their worry and shakes hands with Norman.  Kenzi notices a weird tattoo on Norman's arm, and he says that it's his girlfriend's name.

Tamsin is leaning against an old pick up truck with Acacia and they start talking in a fawning manner about Tecumseh. Tamsin jumps up and says that she has had enough because she is driving. Acacia asks how long they are going to pretend that Tamsin isn't in trouble. Tamsin replies that she will just have to find someone that he wants more.  Acacia informs Tamsin that this is not going to be good enough and in frustration, Tamsin replies, "you know what happens when we deliver a mark Acacia." Acacia says that this is what they do, find people and bring them in.  Tamsin replies that even if she wanted to, she's been through the dawning and is too strong now. Acacia hands Tamsin something to make it easier to capture her by getting hairs from different people.  Acacia tells Tamsin that she took this gig because she thought it would be easy money and adds that she shouldn't get anymore attached than she has to.

Bo is standing in front of the kids saying that her plan is for them to play basketball and then talk about their feelings.  The kids are not enthused and she decides to try a trust building exercise, by falling backwards and having Kenzi to catch her. Her plan does not go well as Kenzi lets her fall to the ground.  Bo pulls Kenzi aside and says that she needs the respect of the kids and Kenzi counters saying that she needs the kids to trust her. Bo asks if she has any leads so far, and Kenzi gives her a quick rundown. Bo says that the kids need protection and Kenzi replies that the kids have skills but Bo is not impressed when Kenzi says that they are from the streets and informs her that she needs to find either her or Dyson, if shit starts to look real.

Tamsin has broken into Dyson's apartment looking for one of his hairs.  After striking out at first, she manages to get one from his comb.  In the same bedside table she finds a picture of Bo. She walks to the door and puts the bottle in the garbage. If there was any doubt before, this scene makes it clear that Bo is Tamsin's target.

Dyson enters the common area where the kids are hanging out and he and Kenzi share a few barbed comments about the nature of wolves. This was actually a cute interaction. Dyson introduces himself to the kids as a soical worker and then locks them in the room.

Acacia is strangling Tamsin up against a wall because she is not happy that Tamsin threw out the potion she gave her.  Tamsin swears that it's her problem and that she will handle it her own way but Acacia asserts that they have to get the "unaligned bitch." Tamsin tells Acacia that her name is Bo.  Acacia says that she guaranteed that Tamsin would finish the job and that if she betrays the person who hired them that there isn't a place in the world where his minions wont find her.  Acacia tells Tamsin to finish the job otherwise she will.

In the common room, one of the girls says that they are going to die and Kenzi assures them that they are going to show the freak not to mess with delinquents.  Kenzi uses a stolen credit card to get the door open and even as she yells that they should stay togeher, they take off in different directions.

Bo and Lauren are on skype and Lauren is holding up a bag of leaves, which she says were stuffed in a corpse's body. Lauren is disgusted because this apparently would have take hours to do and she adds that the victim wasn't just killed but tortured.  Lauren then ays that these kind of leaves no longer grow in the area and asks Bo to capable.  Bo then says they should get away to someplace with sand like Egypt and Lauren says that she has already been there twice.  Suddenly, the creature attacks Bo from behind, so Lauren calls Dyson and inform him that Bo needs him. Dyson breaks a window and enters but the monster takes off. Dyson follows and he loses the creature and runs into Bo.  Bo catches up and asks where the other campers are.  Dyson says he smells burning hair and follows the scent which leads him to the latest victim.

Tamsin is back at the police station and she opens a package on her desk, which seems to contain a bloody hand. Tamsin starts to cry when she realizes it's Acacia's hand next to the bottle she threw out at Dyson's.  Tamsin then goes to see Lauren and tells her that the creature she is looking for is Japanese.  Tamsin reaches out and gets a hair from Lauren.  Tamsin says, "you're not really a big fan of me," and asks if it's about the kiss between her and Bo.  Lauren stands up and says what.  Tamsin tells her that it was only once and that Boo didn't even feed off of her.  Lauren slaps Tamsin across the face and tells her to get out.  Lauren then sits down clearly upset.

Back home, Kenzi muses to Bo that Stella would be alive if it wasn't for her. Bo tells Kenzi that if she is going to blame anyone is should be her.  Kenzi says that the campers are not going to trust her anymore. Bo informs her that the campers will be there any minute, so Kenzi stands to leave.  Lauren enters the room and says that no one is going anywhere.  Lauren then tells them that to kill the monster, they have to literally smoke it out then cut its main because that is where its willpower lies.

Dyson ushers the kids in and they are not impressed with apartment. Kenzi assures them that her friends will find the murderer.  kenzi suggests that they can help and asks who knows how to make pipe bombs. Surprisingly, Lauren raises her hand along with several of the kids. In the hallway of the institution, Dyson asks Bo if they need to talk about what happened at the dawning. Bo says that she appreciates what Dyson did for her but that she is still in love with Lauren.  Dyson says that the tales of his romantic heroism were slightly exaggerated. Bo reminds him that he volunteered to be her hand, so Dyson asks why isn't he dead. He adds that over time he has learned that people who underestimate Bo always lose. Dyson says that when he volunteered, he wasn't risking his life but trusting that she would save it.  Bo asks if it was hard dating her and Dyson responds that it was harder losing her.

Their little chat ends when one of the smoke bombs goes off. Bo takes a bat to the creature and it turns out that it's Joleene, who tells Bo that she deserves to die painfully. Bo cuts of a length of her hair, as Jolene screams and Dyson calls it a classic hunting technique.

Lauren returns home and sees wooden creations hanging from her ceiling. When she turns around, she is face to face with Nelson. At the bar, Trick tells Bo and Kenzi about the caltraps that the creatures uses to mark the prey with. Kenzi says that Nelson had a tat like that on his arm.  Trick says that these creatures hunt in pairs and Kenzi realizes that Lauren might be in danger because she was talking all kinds of smack about Jolene to Nelson.

Nelson is giving Lauren beating and she asks what he wants from her. Nelson says a chance to end the game with a little dignity. He add that her girlfriend killed his girlfriend and that he has to kill her to make it even.  Lauren points out that Nelson is human and he says that when one of them (read:fae) comes along and looks at you how does one go back to a normal life after that. Lauren tells Nelson that his game is over after Bo attacks him with a baseball. Dyson arrives and tells Bo to let go of Nelson and then forces him out the door.

Bo is doing first aid on Lauren and says that seeing her like that breaks her heart. Bo leans in for a kiss and Lauren says that she is not happy and that Bo is.  Bo says that after the dawning, she feels new and wants to be happy, live and travel the world but only with her.  Lauren starts to cry and says that she is tired and that after the last few years with the fae, she feels like she is losing herself. Bo says that she doesn't want Lauren to feel that way and that she wants her feel amazing. Bo ask what she needs and Lauren says that she thinks she needs a break and that she is sorry because she believes she will always be asking more than Bo can give.  Bo replies that she understands and that she will give Lauren space.  Bo say it makes sense that Lauren is tired and that she has been through hell. Bo adds that it has been all about her and that they need to focus on Lauren and make her a priority. Bo promises not to go anywhere and tells Lauren to take all of the time she needs. Bo heads to the door and says, this is just a break right? Lauren does not answer and closes her eyes.  Bo walks out and Lauren cries on the couch.

Later at the Dahl, Lauren is having a drink when she is joined by Dyson.  He tells her that they got the guy and Nelson is going away for a long time. Dyson asks if she is okay and Lauren admits that she thought that Dyson would swoop in and take Bo away. Lauren admits that she has done a fine job of screwing that up all by herself. Lauren adds that she is on a break with Bo and Dyson replies that for what it's worth, Bo really loves her. Lauren says that whatever happens, it's not like she is irreplaceably perfect and adds that Bo can be stubborn. Dyson adds that Bo can be bitchy and Lauren responds, impetuous and brave.  Lauren says Bo is the best sex I'll ever have and Dyson says gods yes. Lauren asks how she will ever get over her and Dyson replies that he will let her know and then grabs a bottle, so they can do shots together.

Bo is packing a box with all of Lauren's things when there is a knock at her door. She lets Tamsin in and suggests that she should fae off. Tamsin says that it's a sad box and Bo replies that it's some things which Lauren left there and that they will work through this. Tamsin says if that's what you want. Bo asks if it would be okay if she kept the stuff for a little bit longer.  Tamsin hugs Bo and then uses the opportunity to snag some of Bo's hair.  Bo turns to pour wine for the two of them and Tamsin leaves. Bo sits and feels the back of her head and suddenly her eyes go blue.

I know that the writing was on the wall for Bo and Lauren with all of the commentary the last few episodes about how temporary Bo's relationship with Lauren would be because Lauren is human. It doesn't make it any easier that they are now on a break because Lauren can no longer deal with the fae, which makes it impossible to be in Bo's world.  One of the things that makes Lost Girl unique is not only do they have a bisexual protagonist, but having said protagonist in a same sex relationship.
I don't know about you but I do see shades of Bo and Tamsin which if it does happens will be problematic because it will mean that both same sex relationships Bo has been involved in have begun with deception. 

I am also starting to wonder when they are going to deal with the issues they have developed for Kenzi this season?  We know that she can potentially become fae and that being considered a fae pet could be problematic for her but beyond that, nothing has really be explored. 

I continue to be irked by the lack of Hale this season.  Yes, he has a role on Saving Hope, which probably conflicts with his role on Lost Girl, however; the fact that they have not added a new character of color to the storyline speaks volumes about Lost Girl's commitment to racial inclusion.  All I see is White face after White face, while the writers steal lore from communities of colour for Bo to vanquish.  This is not inclusion; it's appropriation married to colonialist conquering of cultures of colour.