Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fangs for the Fantasy disruption

Recently reality has thrown us a rather large and unwelcome surprise, due to some terrible and deeply vexing health issues striking one half of the Fangs for the Fantasy team.

We’re going to have to ask your patience until things have moved upwards again. We’re going to try to maintain regular posting and all of our shows will still be covered – albeit not necessarily on the days they usually are; we’ll do our best.

This Monday’s podcast has to be cancelled, I’m afraid and we will let people know about when they will restart. We’ll probably come up with a Cunning Plan about the book of the week.

We’re sorry for any disruptions this has caused and the interviews we had planned (Cassie Alexander is a saint for her patience) and we’re all hoping things will return to as close as normal as possible soon, and the Fangs team will be back to full steam again

And please send Renee lots of Get Well Moose.