Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode Ten: The Casket Girls

Rebekah is narrating a story about the casket girls - women who immigrate from France to Louisiana in the hopes of marrying gentleman.  Their coach is stopped by a violent mob and Rebekah kills off the mob, as well as the driver of their coach. Rebekah tells the women that they are safe now and adds that women need to stick together. The casket girls disappear into the night following Rebekah.

In present day New Orleans, the city is holding a festival for the casket girls.  Rebekah calls it a reminder of how women can be oppressed by selfish men and how they can triumph.

Davina is using her magic to help Cami get free from Klaus's compulsion as Josh watches.  Though it is painful, Cami is determined to remember everything.

Haleigh is dressed in a wedding gown, when Elijah appears to help her zip up the dress.  They share a moment and he reminds Haleigh to keep her werewolf mark covered, though she is under the protection of his family.  Elijah offers to escort Haleigh to the festivities and she declines, reminding Elijah that he is barely on speaking terms with Klaus.  Elijah unzips her dress and leaves quietly.

In the quarter, Rebekah is looking for a wedding dress as a costume, when Marcel approaches.  Rebekah makes it clear that Marcel has made his choice and has relinquished his right to touch her.  They are interrupted by a call from Klaus, saying that "their little bird has flown the coop."

Devina is still working on Cami.  Josh hands Cami a drawing that she drew to remind herself of the compulsion and Cami remembers the picture she found of Marcel and Klaus from 1919. Cami even remembers that Klaus compelled her to go out with Marcel. Devina continues to work on Cami and this time, Cami learns the truth about what happened to her brother and that she was compelled to leave New Orleans.

Marcel assures Klaus that Devina wouldn't just leave because she knows the witches want her back.  Elijah enters and reports that the violin is missing, which means Devina may have left of her own volition.  Marcel questions if Elijah had a role to play in Devina's absence and Elijah quickly swears that he would never hurt a child.  Klaus wonders what is to stop Devina from destroying them and declares Devina to be their enemy.  Klaus tells Elijah and Marcel to follow his lead because he has a plan to get Devina back.  When Klaus leaves, Elijah pulls Marcel aside to say that Klaus's ruthlessness won't bode will for Devina.

As the menfolk are leaving, Rebekah and Haleigh get together to discuss the missing Devina. Haleigh reveals that she informed Devina that the witch elders are dead and she became upset that Marcel chose to hide this information from her. Rebekah blames Haleigh for Devina's absence and Haleigh argues that she simply told Devina the truth.  Rebekah confesses that she has never been a fan of the boys club and that she believes that Marcel, Elijah and Klaus will be impossible to deal with. Rebekah suggests that it is time for the girls to stick togegther.

Sabine goes to see Sophie, who reports that the daywalkers are looking for Devina.  Sophie says that if Devina is not with Marcel, then he won't know if the witches practice magic.  Sabine gives Sophie Devina's brush and suggests a locator spell.

Cami is chugging down vervain on Devina's instructions to avoid being compelled again.  Josh asks about blood and Devina offers her wrist. Before he can feed, Devina realises that someone is practicing magic in the hope of finding her.  Cami starts to pack her things thinking that Father Kieran will know what to do but Devina stops her and informs Cami that Father Kieran already knows exactly what is going on.  Devina reveals to Cami that Father Kieran works with Marcel and after denying for awhile, Cami starts to cry.  Josh encourages Cami and Devina to leave and offers his car. Josh and Devina hug and Josh promises to meet them as soon as it dark out.

Haleigh gets a call and heads into the bathroom to take it privately.  It's Sophie, who says that Devina is on the loose and that she needs something to complete the harvest. Haleigh asks why she should help and Sophie informs Haleigh that if the harvest is not completed, their access to magic will fade for good, leaving her family cursed for life. Sophie adds that if Haleigh helps her complete the harvest that she will undo the curse. Sophie asks Haleigh to find the remains of a witch named Celeste.  It seems that when Celeste died, Elijah buried her at a secret spot at her request.

The party is in full swing in the quarter and Devina and Cami hurry through the crowds.  They see Klaus at a distance and head into an alley.  Rebekah approaches Marcel, Klaus and Elijah and claims that she is there to ensure their secret weapon does not get away.  Klaus finds Timothy in the crowd and then calls Josh to say that he wants to talk to Devina.  Though Josh tries to lie, Klaus does not believe it for a moment.

Devina and Cami arrive at a church and Cami gets a call from Josh, informing her of what Klaus said. Devina says that she cannot let Tim die.  A group of witches walk into the church and Devina uses her magic to snap all four of their necks. When Devina turns to check on Cami, she finds her unconscious and so she leaves Cami in the church.

Haleigh is back home after being escorted by her two muscle bound security guards.  Haleigh makes her way to Elijah's diaries and starts to read.  

Devina makes her way through the quarter and Josh finds her.  Josh questions whether she wants to do this. Devina threatens to kill the Originals, saying that her power is getting stronger everyday.  Josh starts to say that he will die too but stops short and encourages her not to hold back.  When Devina walks off, Rebekah approaches Josh.

At the compound, Tim is sitting on a high ledge playing his violin, as Marcel, Klaus and Elijah gather to talk about Devina.  Tim is shocked to see Devina when she walks in.  Marcel starts to ask Devina what happened but Devina is not buying his nice guy routine.  Devina uses her magic to attack Klaus, breaking several of his bones and forcing him to show his werewolf face.  Elijah then tries to talk to Devina but she calls him a killer and forces him to choke on blood.  Finally, Devina tells Marcel that he handed her over to Klaus like a trophy when he lost to Klaus.  Before Devina can act, Rebekah stakes Marcel from behind and suggests it is time for the girls to have a chat.

Rebekah instructs Tim to jump from the beam and catches him so that he does not injure himself.  Tim and Devina hug and Devina promises to explain everything. Devina asks Rebekah why she is doing this and Rebekah tells her to follow her.

Sophie is in the woods and she gets a call from Haleigh saying that Celeste was buried between two oak trees. Sophie uses a spell to help locate the grave.

Rebekah, Devina, Josh and Timothy head down to Marcel's garden.  Rebekah points out Thierry and tells Devina what happened to him. Rebekah tells Devina that she needs to know who she is dealing with.  Josh comforts Devina and hands her a drink.  Rebekah suggests that they work together for payback.  Tim suddenly bends over in pain and tells Devina that Klaus made him give Devina the drink.  Tim collapses and Rebekah realises that Klaus poisoned the water.

Kiernan finds Cami passed out.  When Cami awakes, she brings up everything she learned and asks why she wasn't told.  Kiernan argues that he was protecting her.  Cami tells him that he is every bit as bad as the other monsters in the city.

Elijah helps Marcel to his feet as Klaus and Rebekah talk about Devina.  It seems that vampire blood is not helping to cure Devina. Klaus says that it is just a matter of time for Devina and Rebekah reminds Klaus that Tim and Devina are children, as Marcel and Elijah look on in disgust.  Klaus argues that he did what he had to be done.  Marcel reveals that he made an alliance with Elijah. It seems that one of the witches who attacked Devina was Sabine and when Marcel found her, he demanded that Sabine perform that same spell on Devina.  Klaus is not impressed and reminds Marcel that the witches are enemies of their family but Elijah argues that Devina is Marcel's family. Elijah tells Klaus to call Rebekah and tell her that Devina will recover.

In the garden, Devina awakes to find Tim dead and she cries over his body, as Rebekah looks on. Rebekah then carries Devina back to the church where Marcel takes her to her quarters.  Rebekah looks at Klaus with disgust before walking away. At  Devina's bedside, Marcel tells Elijah that she will never trust him again.  Elijah then notices Devina's drawings and Marcel explains that Devina called them evil.

Klaus is walking through the quarter when he runs into Cami.  Cami reveals that she remembers everything now and threatens that if he hurts Devina or Josh in anyway that she will expose him to the world before walking away.

Rebekah says that she is tired of being repressed and that Elijah and Marcel have become complicit with Klaus, as she feeds Thierry blood.  Rebekah tells Thierry that she has someone on the inside Marcel, Elijah and Klaus won't see coming and that she wants him to help her take over the quarter.

Haleigh goes to find Elijah, who is looking at Devina's drawings.  Elijah puts all of the drawings on the bed and begins to arrange them saying something sinister is coming.  When he gets the drawings arranged they form Celeste's face.  

In the woods, Sophie has just unearthed Celeste's resting spot.  Haleigh desperately tries to call Sophie but Sophie does not hear her phone.

Can I say that it's about time we got to see the female characters turn into active characters particularly Rebekah.  Though she is roughly the same age as Klaus and Elijah, her behaviour does not reflect it in the least.  At this point I can only see the reformation of her character as a positive and if it draws in the other female characters, so much the better.  I want to see the female characters start to plot and scheme, rather than reacting to the world around them or having the males in their lives save them. 

Am I the only one getting sick of Josh?  He is the only GLBT character on the show and he is nothing but a servant.  He has known Devina for a New York minute but he was ready to die for her to get revenge?  To make matters worse, she has hardly been a stellar friend to him. Sure, she removed the compulsion but she cannot even be arsed to get him a daylight ring when she knows damn well how vulnerable this makes him.  

Speaking of Devina the friend - leaving Cami like that was just selfish. Yes, her precious Tim was in danger but she barely bothered to spend two minutes checking to see if Cami was okay and furthermore, she didn't even bother to find Cami help.  All she did was abandon her.  At this rate it seems that Devina has been taking tips on how to be a friend from Sookie Stackhouse. 

Celeste who died tragically is going to bring a twist and possibly function as a new big bad for the rest of the season.  I suppose this is necessary to give the show a direction because Klaus has conquered New Orleans. Sabine is a WOC who practices magic and but just like Marcel, she is destined for failure.  This will mean the defeat of two Black characters by the ever so White Klaus. I don't like the dynamics of this whatsoever.

One of the future problems I see with The Originals is that they have made their vampires so very strong.  I worry that they are going to have to retcon their characters in order to tell a coherent story after awhile.