Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Revolution, Season One, Episode Thirteen: Happy Endings

Rachel and Charlie struggle to revive Gene who has stopped breathing.

Connor is still holding Truman captive, so Truman orders his soldiers to take the shot. Connor warns Sanders not to take the shot.  Monroe playing the role of sniper, kills Sanders and the soldiers all back off.  Connor grabs the drugs, ties Truman up and leaves.

After a struggle, Rachel is able to revive Gene, just as Connor runs in with the vaccine.  Rachel orders everyone receive a dose and Connor says that they have to go.  

A patriot finds Truman tied up and he orders the key found..

Charlie, Connor, Rachel and Gene hop onto a wagon but are stopped at the gates.  Connor claims that they are going on a supply run, so the soldiers open the gates for them. Just outside of the gates, they pick up Miles and Bass.

When Truman rushes into the tent, he finds that Rachel, Connor and Charlie left him one dose of the vaccine and he quickly takes it.  It makes no sense to me why they would leave a dose behind for Truman because they know exactly what he is and what he is capable of.  The only reason not to kill him off is because the writers want him to continue to be thorn in the side of Miles, Rachel, Bass and Charlie.

A clearly beaten Neville is dragged into the oval office to meet the president.  Neville struggles to his feet and is ordered to take a seat.  The president reveals that he knows that Tom has spent the last six months plotting to kill him.  Neville starts to lie but president Davis cuts him off saying that his charm won't work because he knows the truth.  Davis reveals that he got his information from Julia and that Julia is alive for now.  Neville asks why they don't kill him and Julia. Davis replies that he has plans for  Willoughby Texas and it just so happens this is where Monroe is.  Monroe being alive is a problem because he was supposed to have been executed. The president tells Tom that he is to hunt down Monroe and execute him and to make sure Tom complies, the president shows Tom a picture of a battered Julia which he then rips in two.  Monroe asks to take Jason with him because Jason wouldn't want to see his mother dead anymore than Neville does.

Gene awakes coughing and looks much better.  Outside, Connor approaches Charlie saying he is thankful that he was able to get the medicine because there were three guns him.  Connor starts to brag to impress Charlie and she plays along briefly before walking away.

Miles tells Monroe about the typhus and Miles argues that they need to buy some mercenaries.   Apparently, Monroe has a friend in New Vegas.

Five days later, Jason and Neville arrive in Willoughby and appear in Truman's office.

Charlie has her bag packed and Miles tells Rachel that Charlie is going with Bass and Connor to keep an eye on them. Rachel resists but Miles makes it clear that neither Bass or Connor can be trusted. Charlie hops into the back of the wagon as they drive away.

Truman lies and says that he saved the town from Typhus and asks how many men Neville needs.  Neville says that he knows Miles and Monroe and that he will find them and kill Monroe.  When Truman asks why he should listen to Neville, Neville tells Truman that he has orders.   Truman reminds them that one word from him and Julia is a dead woman.

Patricia and Aarron arrive at Lubbock Texas and Cynthia asks what they are looking for.

Connor, Charlie and Monroe are in Vegas.  They walk down the strip and head into a casino set up in a tent.  Monroe is recognized as Jimmy King - the name under which he fought.  Monroe asks about Duncan but he is told that he has unfinished business because he messed some scheduled fights. Monroe, Charlie, Connor move through the casino and until they find Duncan.  Connor and Charlie are surprised that Duncan is a woman and that she knows who Bass really is.  Duncan tells Bass to turn away and when he refuses, men draw guns on them and Charlie points a gun at Duncan.  Bass orders Charlie to lower her weapon and the armed men lower their guns.

Charlie and Connor hit the strip and he admits that he was wrong about Charlie. Charlie says that she is not like the girls back home. 

In Lubbock Texas, Priscilla and Aaron come across a group holding a revival and they find Peter - an old friend.  Peter calls the reunion one of Gods miracles.  Aaron says that their reunion has to do with them and what they did at MIT. Peter asks Priscilla and Aaron inside the tent to watch the revival. Peter gets up on stage and claims to live in an age of wonder and miracles. Aaron is clearly creeped the hell out.  A woman who was badly burned in the Atlanta blast and left blind, is led to the stage.  Peter prays for the woman to be healed and whole. The nanites float into the room as Peter prays.  The nanites circle the woman, return her sight and remove the scars from the burns. The woman screams that she can see and the tent erupts in jubilation.

Rachel is sitting outside when she is joined by Miles who says that they have to go.

Miles is now chatting with Duncan and she is not impressed by him.  Duncan brings up the patriots and asks if she is worried.  Duncan replies that she is not the anxious type. Miles asks to buy some of her men and argues that Duncan can use the money due to her gambling debts.  Duncan sets the price of  thirty dollars per head and Miles is unable to haggle her down.

After the revival, Priscilla and Aaron explain about the nanites to Peter.  In turn, he tells them about how he prayed for a 12 year old girl who was injured and then the wound closed up and healed. Peter claims it was God and Priscilla asserts that it wasn't God and suggests that Peter tell the people the truth.  Peter stands and leaves saying that this is lot to take in.

Miles takes Rachel to an old drive-in saying that he wants to pretend for one night that they are not busting their asses fighting a war. Rachel proposes they pretend to watch Evil Dead 2 and then thanks Miles for taking her out. Miles and Rachel kiss and Rachel escalates by taking off her top saying that 20 years is plenty of foreplay. 

Connor and Charlie now finished with sex fall back on a blanket out of breath.  Charlie explains that Connor is cute and she was bored.  Connor is surprised that Charlie consented, given that Monroe is his father.  Connor is worried that things will get weird but Charlie is not worried because she believes that they are on the losing team, though she is certain that she will go down swinging. Connor brings up hope but Charlie says that she would rather be realistic.  They are interrupted by Monroe, who is not pleased to see them together.

When Rachel and Miles return, Gene is awake and informs them that they have company.  Neville walks through door claiming that it is good to them both again. Miles asks how Jason and Neville knew where he was and Neville claims he heard about Bass being executed in Willoughby and that he came there to find Miles.  Neville claims to want revenge against the Patriots because they dropped the bomb which killed his wife.  Miles asks Jason if Neville is telling the truth, and Jason swears on his mother's grave.

Bass takes Connor aside and calls him an idiot who is thinking with the wrong head.  Connor tells him to back off and reminds Bass that he has been his father for all of 15 minutes.  Charlie walks over and asks about the mercenaries and Miles reveals that he just has to find a way to pay for them.

In Lubbock, Priscilla is talking about how creepy the revival is with Aaron.  When Priscilla tries the door, she finds that they are locked inside.

Connor, Rachel and Miles watch as the security cart the diamonds away. Miles approaches Golt saying that he wants to make things right.  Miles agrees to give Golt a fight tonight against his best guy.  Golt agrees and offers Bass his hand.  Miles heads back to Rachel and Connor to explain the plan and warns that when the fight starts that they will have to move fast.

Peter heads in to see Aaron and Priscilla and says that he cannot have them outside giving false witness because it would ruin the faith of the people.  Priscilla again asserts that this isn't God but Peter says that he doesn't see the difference because it allows him to perform miracles. Priscilla argues that Peter just likes being worshiped.  Peter says that this is a good thing because they are prophets and are going to stay there until they figure out why the nanites want them there.

In Vegas, bets are being exchanged as Monroe walks into the ring. Moroe's opponent is so huge it makes it look like David taking on Goliath.  The fight begins while in the casino, Connor and Charlie keep their eye on security. Connor pretends to be drunk and passes out on a table.  Monroe is getting his ass beat as Charlie makes off with the lock box.  She takes off running but leaves the lock box behind in order to climb a fence.  Monroe takes the upper hand in the fight knocking his opponent unconscious as Duncan watches.  When Golt gets to the fence where Charlie dropped the box, he finds it filled with rocks.  What these men didn't realise is that Charlie and Connor had changed the boxes and he is now walking out of town with Monroe. They don't get far when Monroe is cold cocked by a gun and he Connor are stopped by Golt's men.

I don't know about you, but I am glad to finally see Neville in Willoughby.  I look forward to watching him scheme.  For far too long, it felt like there has been a great big divide in Revolution.  It seemed to move from unconnected plot line to unconnected plot line.  I do however wish that Julia had been released as well because Neville and Julia make a formidable team.  Julia is easily the most interesting female character on the show.

I kind of like Charlie's realist attitude to the state of the world.  It amused me that she humored Connor and his bravado.  I did however find it problematic that Bass stepped in to chastise Connor for sleeping with Charlie.  Charlie is not a possession and is more than capable of making decisions about her body and sexuality.  The whole Romeo and Juliet star crossed lovers that Revolution is trying to play with doesn't work for me at all.

As I said in the recap, I do not understand why they left Truman the shot. Yes, he was promised an antidote but really? This man was culling the so-called undesirables from Willoughby.  He has shown that he has on respect for life and has tried to have Rachel, Miles, and Gene killed several times.  The only reason he was left alive is that the writers are not finished working with his character.  It's ridiculous.