Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 17: Silverfinger

Chris isn’t dead (except his hair because that is still tragic), he’s been doctored by Allison while she,  and Isaac get a recap about the last time Chris tangled with the Masked shadows. In Japan, when he was buying guns from a yakuza boss for Grandaddy Argent. The Shadows go after anyone with a connection to the supernatural. Back then they wanted to Yakuza boss and carved a path to him - the boss was a supernatural of some kind but he still was killed, rather dramatically

There was another survivor from then – Katashi, aka Silverfinger (for shiny prosthetic) who seemed to know something and it was he that Chris went to question (he’s in town, yes of course he is), though he may not want to talk. To jog Katashi’s memory Chris has a momento – he shot one of the shadows in the Mask, it didn’t kill it but it did slow it down and allow their escape and give him a mask to take home. Behind their mask was only dramatic darkness.

To Kira who sneaks back home and remembers Scott giving her a ride, confirming that, yes all of his friends are part of the monster club: and showing his wolfy side when she asks. (How come Scott doesn’t look all dramatic and alpha-y?) something she seemed to find awesome and fascinating and all kinds of good. She’s an odd one that Kira.

Scott goes to school – and is followed by two other bikers. The twins have taken it upon themselves to be Scott’s bodyguards since the “demonic ninjas” were definitely looking at Scott. Scott instantly pushes from some space so he can talk to Stiles without them eavesdropping. Stiles is all panicky because he thinks he’s involved/being controlled/something – only now the coded message about Kira is missing and so is the mystery key on his keyring. He also remembers that the bomb Barrows used was very similar to the idea he used playing the joke on coach (except using nuts, bolts and screws in a shrapnel bomb is hardly original). Scott tries to reassure Stiles, not willing to believe he’s involved especially when he’s this… stressed.

And seeing Kira, Scott worries that the Masked Shadows may be after his new love interest because DRAMA. Of course he seems to forget this when he sabotages the twins’ bikes so he can have some alone time with Kira.

Anyway, Chris Argent (and his tragic hair) has a plan to make Katashi actually talk to him – sell him an antique gun! Of course, Allison and Isaac are going with, especially since they need to have something in place to stop Scott being involuntarily tattooed before nightfall.

They head off but Katashi is a recluse and, as Isaac snarks, not that willing to come out of hiding to buy a gun. Isaac will snark anything, I approve. In revenge, Chris (and his tragic hair) unleash plan B: using Isaac to distract Katashi’s agent while Allison and Chris sneak in and find Katashi. Isaac falls completely to pieces at the very idea so Allison gives him some courage with a quick make out and grope session. Not in view of daddy.

Apparently it works though I don’t think cocky-smirking-swagger makes him look mature. But he does succeed in keeping them busy until it turns more sinister when Katashi’s representative reveals he knows a little more about the gun’s history – with strong hints about the Argent family and the werewolves. Issac flashes fangs… just as Chris defeats the last guard to reach Katashi himself, both of them pointing guns at each other (which is a kind of bad ass way of saying hello). Katashi isn’t paying attention to his surroundings and Alison takes his gun with a chain (in a way that probably wouldn’t have worked but, hey, it looks good). Unfortunately Isaac is then led in at claw point – he isn’t the only werewolf in the building.

By the way, Agent McCall (who, alas, has not being murdered, alas) is all sad because no-one likes him at the police station but he’s confident he’ll be able to drum Sherriff Stilinski out of work. And he has a new photo on his lap top: Scott and Kira together. I’m assuming this scene is just here to remind us that he exists before he is horrifically and brutally murdered.

Stiles seeks medical help for turning evil (I don’t think that’s treatable) but, of course, Melissa is the only medical professional in town, it is known. At least Melissa is in the know when he describes his symptoms and possible magical tree interference. He goes through a full list of symptoms (special moment for “impulsive behaviour?” “more than my usual?” Oh Stiles, so self-aware). She injects him with a sedative because 8 hours of sleep over 3 days is apparently not enough.

It isn’t? Damn… I’ll have to cut back on my coffee.

She tucks him into bed and the woozy, sleep deprived and now zonked Stiles says “thanks mom.” D’aaaaaaaaaaaw.

On the less cute – Melissa recognises these symptoms. She goes to the files and checks them off: insomnia, inability to distinguish between reality and dreams, irritability, impulsiveness – all displayed by Claudia Stilinski. Stiles’s dead mother. DRAMATIC! I know I’m supposed to feel sorry for Stiles but I’m actually kind of gleeful that Stiles may have woo-woo.

Scott and Kira go to Scott’s house where he closes all the doors and windows and waits for Melissa to arrive so she can arm Dr. Deaton’s nifty magical defences he apparently installed (Dr. Deaton where aaaaaaaare you?) Kira’s also twigged that Scott is protecting her – he sent the twins away to keep them safe but if the Shadow were after Scott, Scott would have sent her away. While thinking about that she brings out her book of Japanese mythology – and talks to him about Kitsune. Which turns more romantic after ascertaining that Kira doesn’t have tails (though can produce foxfire) but unfortunately foxes and wolves are not supposed to get on. They go for the kiss anyway…

Until Agent McCall (who still isn’t dead!) shows up. Never was that man less welcome. He wants to know why they broke into his office while Scott wants him out of the house before the Shadows eat him and tells him that if he wants info from them he can get a warrant. Agent McCall angrily says he doesn’t need one as Scott’s father and Scott hits back with both barrels – calling McCall a “gene donor” who doesn’t get to play daddy.

Which is when Melissa arrives; just as the sun goes down and the Oni appears. One of which stabs Agent McCall (who has just been murdered! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Don’t any of you angst for him!) Melissa drags him to safety and Derek arrives (from… somewhere), followed by the twins and they begin dodging Shadow swords in a dramatic fight scene. They throw the Shadow out of the windows (they seem to have a story-required-skill-loss) and Melissa activates the defences. They stand on the threshold but cannot cross. All the thresholds are made from Ash (werewolf repelling wood which is apparently universally unliked by the supernatural).

Derek reveals he’s been following Scott around all day, unknown to him. And Agent McCall isn’t dead yet; but he will die if he doesn’t get medical attention, and they can’t leave. Oh dear. How sad. You should probably put some plastic sheeting down, help with the clean up.

Back to Katashi, the Argents and Isaac and Katashi agrees to talk. He tells them the Shadows are called Oni (demons) and they’re unstoppable. No weapon works on them – they’re a force of nature. The symbols it leaves are not the number 5, but the Kanji for “self”. The Oni are looking for someone and the supernaturals they mark with “self” have passed – they’re not possessed by the dark spirit they’re looking for. They’re looking for a Nogikitsune, the void kitsune– one of the 13 different kinds of kitsune out there. His old yakuza boss was possessed by one. Katashi goes on to explain his missing finger (yakuza ritual for failing) and how, by shooting the oni facing him, Chris saved his life because he was about to run in terror – which would have had him killed. Lots of very stereotypical talk about honour follows along with a warning – it’s best to let the oni destroy a Nogikitsune, no matter how close they are to it.

At the McCall house, Derek also knows about kitsune – and recognises Kira as one since young kitsune can’t hide their auras; nor does she know what kind she is (yes he knows about the kinds). Kira worries about this making her evil, especially since the house wards keep her out; Scott points out her aura is nice and good but Kira has done her research, kitsune are known as tricksters.

The house shakes as the oni batter on the wards. They slowly begin to batter a hole through them. Agent McCall wants to have a dramatic death reconciliation scene with Scott but Melissa has no time or patience for such nonsense. Scott calls Alison for help and she quickly fills them in and basically says to let them in they won’t hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it (like Agent McCall who totally had it coming). Kira is convinced she’s the Nogikitsune – but the oni break through kind of removing any choice in the matter.

Scott tells everyone to stay still and do nothing and he and Kira stand hand in hand to face the Oni. They do their test – and leave them both semi-conscious on the floor, marked with their symbol. Neither is the Nogikitsune.

Which means they can rush Agent McCall to the hospital – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn it, don’t tease like that Teen Wolf! It’s not fair!

Stiles wakes up and goes wandering through the almost deserted hospital – and runs into the oni. One reaches to test him and he rips out the firefly that forms its heart, it dissipates into smoke and apparently dies. The other oni take a step back – then launch their attack.

Scott goes looking for Stiles and finds him, alone and unharmed and apparently ok – while the firefly dies on the floor.

STILES! Yes yes yes more yes. Actually I have two levels of yes. One yes is if he is the Nogikitsune because that would make Stiles a rather awesome villain with an awesome storyline and would generally be awesome. It would also give Stiles a powerful place in the story where he has increasingly seemed almost excess because of his lack of any kind of woo-woo and Lydia (who was sorely missed this episode) bringing the brains.

My BIGGER yes is the hope that Stiles is actually another kind of supernatural – hence the shared symptoms with his mother – and not possessed by the Nogikitsune – and this supernatural just objects to the oni poking around as well. And remember, way back in the Kanima season Deaton said Stiles could make his magic powder work because there’s something in him – and he completely a magic circle even though he ran out of mountain ash.

Of course, option 3 is that yes he is another supernatural AND possessed by a Nogikitsune (after all, the possessed yakuza boss didn’t seem able to take down the oni).


Katashi is an unfortunate collection of Japanese stereotypes (and did we even have to go the yakuza route? On what level was that necessary?) but there does seem to be some genuine research into Japanese mythology here – acknowledging the different stories/kinds/legends of kistune for one. This gives me some hope and looks intriguing

I also like seeing Derek back in a position of some authority. He was, after all, the werewolf who was raised by a werewolf in a werewolf family with a long tradition of the supernatural. Yes, he did know his stuff and he wasn’t just the person who was eternally failing and being beaten by everything.

Slightly on the bad is that everyone is running around asking questions and no-one thought to speak to Deaton with the new knowledge they’d gleaned. I don’t like Deaton being used as the eternal oracle only consulted when they have questions but nor do I want him to disappear completely. Speaking of, where did Brayden run off to?