Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode 13: Crescent City

Monique, one of the girls who was sacrificed for the harvest is lying in her grave and as we hear a heartbeat increasing, Monique opens her eyes and begins to panic.

Father Kiernan is presiding over the opening of St. Anne's.  Marcel is distracted by someone but Klaus orders him to pay attention and look like a committed parishioner.

Sabine/Celeste is giving a tour through the cemetery and she stops at the tomb owned by the Devereaux family. Monique is still in her tomb and is still crying out for help. Sabine/Celeste announces that someone in the family has recently died, as Monique manages to cause the bricks to her tomb to explode.  She climbs out the tomb and Sabine welcomes Monique back to the land of the living, as tourists take photos.

Sophie rushes into the tomb and Sabine announces that it's a miracle, as Sophie and Monique embrace.

At the end of the ceremony, Klaus and Marcel stop to talk to Kiernan about Tunde, asking if his human sources have heard anything about Tunde.  Father Kiernan says that he can steer clear of whatever war is brewing between the witches and the vampires.  Camille interrupts briefly, congratulating Kiernan on re-opening the church and quickly leaves.  Father Kiernan excuses himself and chases after Camille.

Klaus gets  a phone call from Diego, who says that they have a special delivery.  It seems he has found Papa Tunde dead in a circle. 

Kiernan is back at the church doors saying good bye to parishioners when Bastianna exists, grabs his hand and begins saying a spell. Bastianna tells Kiernan to give Sean her regards when he sees him in hell and then draws an x on his hand.

Elijah, Marcel and Klaus are standing over Tunde's body.  Klaus wonders why Tunde was left for dead on their front yard, if Tunde was the witches prize fighter.  Rebekah enters the room and tells them about Monique exploding from the grave. Marcel says that they are going to get Davina back by killing the witch who took her place.  Haleigh suggests that they need to kill Celeste because when Davina warned that a great evil was coming that is who she was referring to. Klaus believes that the witches are declaring war on the vampires.

Later, Rebekah and Elijah are alone and Elijah says that Haleigh is not safe at the compound and requests that Rebekah take her to the plantation house until this is all over.  Rebekah questions whether Elijah is worried about Haleigh or whether he can trust her.  Elijah says that it's because he trusts Rebekah that he is asking her to do this.  Rebekah turns the tables and suggests that they should let Haleigh decide for herself, rather than having Elijah dictate her fate. Elijah argues that he cannot take Haleigh because that would reveal his feelings.  Rebekah finally consents in the hopes of ending the disagreement between the two of them.

Rebekah heads towards Haleigh's room but she is stopped by Marcel, who reveals that he saw
Genevieve at the church.  Marcel adds that Genevieve has a good reason to want to come back and to complicate matters, she knows secrets that neither Marcel or Rebekah want to become common knowledge. Rebekah says that she has to take Haleigh to the plantation and asks Marcel to find
Genevieve and end it like they did the last time.

Camille is working at the bar and Kiernan comes in. Camille is not happy to see him because he was talking to Klaus like nothing had happened. Kiernan asks for a drink and when he picks it up, his hands are shaking.  Camille notices Kiernan's shaking hands and Kiernan reveals that what happened to Sean, is about to start happening to him because he has been hexed.  Camille says that there has to be an antidote. Kiernan asks Camille to get as far away from him as possible. They are interrupted by Genevieve, who puts Tunde's knife on the table. Genevieve tells Camille that in order to save Kiernan, she must place the knife in Klaus's heart. 
Haleigh and Rebekah arrive at the plantation and Haleigh admits that she agreed to go the plantation because tonight is the full moon.  It seems that Haleigh wants to invite her family over and has arranged for Josh to get a message to Eve in Bayou.  Rebekah is miffed that Haleigh didn't ask for permission but Haleigh reiterates that tonight is the one night a month she gets to be with her family.
Sabine is walking through the quarter when Elijah shows up and asks her to be his family's ally among the witches. Sabine informs Elijah that they may be able to make a deal with him but not if it involves Klaus.  Sabine reminds Elijah that he has a niece on the way.  Elijah suggests that they should walk together. 
Sophie sets food in front of Monique in the hope that she will eat. Monique asks what happened to her mother and Sophie tells Monique that her mother loved her and had faith that she could use magic to complete the harvest.  Sophie adds that Monique's mother sacrificed herself for the witches. Sophie then adds that she lost her fate but realised that if she didn't believe that she would be letting Monique down. They are interrupted by Marcel, and Sophie is not impressed to see him.  Marcel reveals that he wants to awaken the three girls who were sacrificed during the harvest.  Monique confirms that Marcel is telling the truth and that he is loyal to Davina.
Klaus meets Camile in St. Anne's and she tells him that Kiernan is in the attic, resting and praying.  Camille says that Kiernan is going to go crazy and die just like Sean.  Klaus sits next to Camille and admits that he knows why she hates him.  Klaus tells Camille that the lies Kiernan told were meant to protect her and that he is a good man, with a loyal heart.  Klaus adds that the attack on Kiernan should be proof that the witches are the enemy.  Klaus stands to leave and Camille stops him to hand over Tunde's knife saying that the witch who gave it to her promised that Kiernan would be saved if she stuck it in his heart. Camille says that if she were more like Klaus, she could stab him and adds that if there is a war going on, she wants to be on the winning side.  Klaus promises to look for a way to save Kiernan.
At the plantation, Haliegh is hanging clothes on a line, as the wolves make their approach. Haleigh tells the wolf that she is looking forward to meeting hir soon.
Klaus bites his wrist and pours blood into a chalice and Kiernan cuts his hand to force the vervain out of his system.
Several people are now gathering clothing from the line, as inside the house, Rebekah is tending to the food on the stove.  A shirtless Oliver (thank you for that CW) makes his way into the kitchen and asks if Rebekah is an Original. Rebekah says yes, clearly aroused by Oliver and she calls out for Haleigh.
Monique and Marcel stand by as Sophie prepares to do a locator spell to find the witches holding the harvest power. Sophie tells Marcel that if she betrays the witches, they are going to come looking for her and if she is found she will be dead.  Sophie demands money to make sure that Monique is able to get out of the quarter if things go bad.
The party is in full swing outside and Rebekah joins Oliver to dance.  Oliver tells Rebekah that tonight is a night to celebrate life and their family. Haleigh heads back inside to clean up and she is interrupted by Jackson, the wolf who has been watching her. When Haleigh assumes that Jackson has been watching her because of the baby, Jackson says that his interest is in her.  Jackson reveals that their parents knew each other and that Haleigh was supposed to be his wife.  

Elijah and Sabine continue to walk through the quarter and Elijah stops and says, "as surprising as you may think, it's not everyday that someone asks you to betray your own brother Celeste."  Celeste asks how Elijah knew and Elijah says that when Sophie discovered there was no magic in her remains, he wondered if Celeste had placed her essence into the body of another to cheat death. Elijah begins to lay out proof of how he came to deduce her identity. Celeste and Elijah have the most awkward kiss ( Daniel Gillies clearly wanted no part of Shannon Kane) and Celeste calls Elijah her lost love. Celeste asks why Elijah doesn't understand that she died because of Klaus.  Celeste adds that she died because of Klaus and that Elijah stood by Klaus because of his vow.  Elijah begins to look pale, becomes dizzy and he falls to his knees. It seems that Celeste put an enchantment on Elijah.

In the church, Klaus gives Kiernan a chalice filled with his blood saying that he has suffered enough. Klaus uses his compulsion, so that Kiernan will be  able to resist the dark urges of the witches.  Camille asks if it worked and Kiernan immediately turns on her. Kiernan apologizes and Klaus tells Camille that he is going to find the witch who did this and leaves the church.

Sophie is struggling with the spell and Marcel reminds her about the deal she struck.  Sophie manages to pick up the location of one witch, when Klaus walks in, grabs Monique and leaves.

Celeste stands over Elijah and says that she is going to cure him of his ridiculous devotion to his family. Celeste tells Elijah that Klaus is going to know pain and torment like he never has before, unless he chooses to save him. Celeste then moves onto Rebekah and adds that she is going to find herself in a predicament and that if he saves Rebekah, it will leave Haleigh in jeopardy.  Celeste tells Elijah that with the spell, he will have only enough energy to save one of them.

Klaus is walking down the street with Monique holding Tunde's knife and calling out to the witches. Klaus demands that the witch Bastianna be brought to him.  Marcel charges into the street and tells Klaus that they don't hurt kids. Klaus reminds Marcel that his moral code didn't stop Marcel from hurting Monique's mother.  Marcel attacks Klaus and slaps the knife out of his hand but Klaus gets the upper hand and snaps Marcel's hand.  While Klaus was distracted, Sophie grabbed the knife and when he turns, Sophie slides the knife into his heart. Bastianna appears and tells Sophie that she will take it from there.

Haleigh is still in conversation with Jackson, who tells her that she didn't know about the marriage because there was no one to teach her.  Jackson reveals that the crescent blood line goes back to the very beginning and that this makes them royalty. Jackson reveals that New Orleans used to be their town and if their families had been united, they would have been able to defeat the vampires. Jackson adds that their pack made a huge mistake by refusing to back down to the vampires, causing Marcel to have them cursed by a witch. Jackson tells Haleigh that her name is Andrea and that she is the last one of her bloodline. Jackson tells her that the people will follow her if she helps them because of what she represents. Jackson adds that Haleigh is the one who is going to break her curse and reveals that her witch friend told Eve that she was coming to the plantation to set them free.

Rebekah and Oliver are making out and he pulls away suddenly apologizing, saying that he made a deal.  Rebekah is quickly surrounded by wolves, as Oliver backs away.  Rebekah takes off running.

In the cemetery, Celeste is presiding over a ceremony.  Elijah suddenly sits up and calls Haleigh to tell her that she is in danger.  Haleigh turns and tells Jackson that she didn't make a deal with any witch. Elijah tells Haleigh that she has to find Rebekah but when Haleigh tries to grab the door, it bursts into flames. In the cemetery, the witches continue with their spell, as the plantation continues to burst into flames. Celeste turns to Genevieve and says, "you know what to do."  At the plantation, Jackson tries to take a chair and break the window but only the chair breaks.  Jackson wets a rag and gives it to Haleigh to cover her mouth.  Elijah breaks through the window and pulls Haleigh out of the house.  Elijah asks where Rebekah is and Haleigh reveals that she doesn't know and reminds Elijah that her friend is still in the house.  Jackson collapses, as Elijah grabs him

Rebekah is wounded and lying on the ground asking for help and when she looks up, Genevieve is standing over her. Elijah is walking through the woods and finds Rebekah's jacket and a group of dead wolves. Celeste appears and tells Elijah that she is the only one who can break the curse on Haleigh's family, that Genevieve has Rebekah and Bastianna has Klaus hidden away suffering terribly. Celeste tells Elijah that his siblings are suffering because he chose to save Haleigh over his own blood and begins to attack Elijah. Celeste adds that always isn't forever, as Elijah writhes on the ground.

At the plantation, Jackson says that he has to go because the moon is setting.  Haleigh thanks him for always protecting her and Jackson replies that he has been dreaming of meeting her since he was a kid.  Haleigh promises not to stop until she finds a way to break the curse.

Camille and Kiernan are leaving the church and Cami gets on her phone looking for Klaus.  They are met by Bastianna, who says that Klaus is indisposed.  Bastianna tells Cami that someone completed her task for her and that Kiernan will die because Cami failed to hold up her end of the bargain. Bastianna adds that Kiernan's suffering will purify him from his attempts to stop the harvest. Bastianna says that the witches of the french quarter will rise again. 
Diego meets with Marcel and tells him that Klaus is nowhere to be found. Elijah bursts in looking for Klaus and begins to attack his own vampires. Haleigh calls out to Elijah to stop and Marcel tells Elijah that Klaus threw one of his classic temper tantrums and ended up getting dropped. Elijah tells Marcel that the witches have Rebekah and demands that all of the vampires help him to find and kill all of the witches.
Sophie has her bags packed and is urging Monique into the car.  Monique says she doesn't want to go but Sophie points out that as soon as Klaus is recovered that he is going to kill her. Sophie apologizes and tells Monique that she can still have a normal life without all the witch nonsense. Monique says that she is a witch and doesn't want to go.  Sophie starts to feel a pain in her head and Monique reveals that though she was hoping the ancestors were wrong, they said Sophie didn't have enough faith.  Blood starts to pour from Sophie's nose and Monique tells Sophie that when the four of them return, they will have enough power to rid the city of vampires.  Blood pours from Sophie's eyes and Monique tells her that she should have believed. Sophie collapses on the ground and Monique walks over to join Celeste and the other witches.

Holy shit! Even though I know that Klaus is actually in no danger of dying, you have to admit that this was some set up!  I sat on the edge of my seat for every minute of this episode. Who would Elijah choose? Would the witches be powerful enough to actually pull f the impossible?  Would Haleigh finally get to meet her family?  

We all know that things aren't going to end well for Celeste; she is, after all, a Black witch in Julie Plec's world.  At the same time, I appreciate that she has been invested with cunning, bravado and power.  Far too often though witches have been powerful, they have been relegated to servant status. Celeste has been made into a true adversary for the Originals.  Though the witches are destined for defeat I enjoy the fact that they are largely a coven of strong women.  Each witch has role to play and a reason to want justice.  

One of the things that disappointed me was to again see Rebekah betrayed by a man, particularly a man that she had shared a level of intimacy with.  She is the eternal victim and this feels like the writers once again backsliding on her character.  Last week, it was Rebekah who was placed into a circle after being betrayed by Thierry and now once again she is in a precarious position.  I want to see Rebekah really grow and become empowered.  I want to stop seeing her fall for the first pretty face that she sees.