Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode Twelve: Dance Back from the Grave

Celeste is walking through the cemetery with the witches she raised and admits that she has been coming to the cemetery each century wearing one face or another.

We then shift to a voodoo ceremony involving a snake, presided over by Papa Tunde. He talks about practicing ancestral magic and pronounces that a great darkness is coming - pirates, beasts and vampires. Tunde throws the snake into the fire, saying that he practices sacrificial magic to vanquish his enemies. Tunde then asks for his family to be accepted into the coven with him as the leader.

Elijah and Klaus are holding a meeting with a crime family made of werewolves.  Elijah talks about prohibition, which is about to become legal and suggests that the crime family traffics alcohol but the vampires would continue to rule in secret.  Their meeting is interrupted by Papa Tunde, who wants to know what is in the alliance for the witches. Tunde declares that he is a king of the city and Klaus suggests that he is either ambitious or quite mad.  Tunde demands that the vampires and werewolves offer tribute for allowing them to live in New Orleans. Tunde then presents the council Elijah gathered with the head of the mayor. There is some kind of marking on the mayor's forehead.

Marcel shows up for a meeting of the vampires called by Klaus, and Diego complains that Klaus is a no show.  Marcel is snarly and tells Diego that they are under a new regime now. Klaus walks in with Thierry and announces that he has given him a pardon.  Marcel comments that Klaus's visit to Mystic Falls has put him in a good mood.  Klaus then moves on to Davina, reminding everyone that with Davina's death, they can no longer monitor the witches. Klaus suggests rousting the witches to keep them on their toes and asks Diego to lead.  When Marcel moves to leave, Klaus asks him to join Diego but Marcel declines.

Elijah and Rebekah are walking through the quarter and Elijah tells her about Klaus granting a pardon to Thierry.  To Elijah this is a sign of progress for Klaus. Rebekah reveals that she is the one who talked Klaus into releasing Thierry because Thierry hates Klaus and because Thierry used to date a witch, he knows about French Quarter covens.  Rebekah hopes that Thierry can lead her to whoever stole the harvest magic. Rebekah is convinced that someone stole the magic and when she finds out  who, she plans to make  an ally out of them.  Rebekah adds that she is tired of being bullied and controlled by Klaus. Of course, musty Elijah is not at all pleased and asserts that Klaus is making an effort to change. Rebekah says that this is a trick played over and over again by Klaus and in the end, she always gets a dagger.  Elijah asks Rebekah not to provoke Klaus and she walks away in anger.

Klaus finds Marcel and he is not pleased to see Marcel depressed.  Marcel tells Klaus not to push him.  Klaus tells Marcel that he is boring and shirking his duties.  Their argument is interrupted by Diego.  Diego takes Klaus and Marcel to see two vampire bodies which are lying in a magical circle with  marks on their forehead matching the one on the mayor from earlier.  Marcel immediately moves to leave and tells Klaus that if he wants revenge, he will have to get it himself. Klaus vows to find out whoever did this.

Thierry takes Rebekah to a factory of sorts where there is a magical circle on the ground. Rebekah tells Theirry that someone is copying a very powerful witch and that she doesn't understand why someone would leave the circle there for them to find. Tunde appears and grabs Rebekah by the throat and immediately starts saying a spell.  Theirry quickly makes an exist, as Tunde pulls out his magical weapon.

Elijah and Klaus talk about the murders of the vampires and Klaus tells Diego to gather all of the vampires and return with the head of whoever did this.  Diego says that this is going to be a problem because everyone is a bit freaked out. Diego reminds Klaus that Marcel made sure that vampires weren't being killed by witches.  Klaus replies that Marcel has run off like a scared child. Klaus declares that the vampires are stuck with him and asks the other vampires who will fight to defend their home.  None of the vampire volunteer and Klaus says that he will handle this himself.

Cami is leaving a message for Sophie, when Marcel walks in looking for Sophie.  Marcel sits at the bar saying that he has witch problems and thinks Sophie might have the answers.  Cami is surprised that Marcel is not on top of the world because they have Davina back.  Marcel explains about what happened to Davina and then throws his drink in anger.

Haleigh is in Davina's room looking at her drawings when Elijah enters. Haleigh is trying to figure out why Davina drew those pictures of Celeste.  Elijah swears that they will find out exactly what is going on.  Haleigh assures Elijah that she is not worried and points out that it took a supernatural threat for him to enter the same room as her.  Elijah apologizes if Haleigh feels neglected and adds that even their slightest interactions upset Klaus. Haleigh says that she gets it but that it's a really crappy deal.

At the bar, Marcel's phone rings and its Klaus so he does not answer.  Cami question why Marcel is loyal to Klaus and Marcel warns Cami not to play the game.  Marcel offers to tell Cami a story about someone who went up against Klaus.

In a flashback scene, Marcel is wearing a soldiers uniform have returned from WWI and enters a party, where Rebekah is sitting with two men.  Marcel makes his way towards her and asks about a welcome home.  Rebekah says that she is not happy to see him and reminds Marcel that he left her in a box for 52 years.  Klaus returns and welcomes Marcel with a warm embrace.  Klaus tells Marcel about Papa Tunde and Elijah's belief that they should negotiate.  Papa Tunde enters the party with his entourage and Klaus welcomes him.  Marcel is confused by Klaus inviting his enemy into his home but it was all part of Klaus's plan.  Cami calls Klaus a sociopath and a monster.

Tunde has  Rebekah in a circle and lays a snake on her feet after killing it. Tunde places his thumb to the mark he made on the Rebekah's forehead.   When Celeste walks in, Tunde declares that the power of the Original sister flows through him.  Celeste asks if this will be enough to make Klaus suffer. Tunde declares that when he is done with Klaus, Klaus will wish that he could die.

Marcel is still at the bar and he flirts with Cami, until he gets a call from Klaus.  Klaus says that he is in the cauldron and asks Marcel to meet him so that they can start burning witches at the stake.  Marcel declares that he is going to chase down his own lead, so Klaus quips that it must be at the bottom of a bottle of scotch.  Marcel reveals that he is waiting for Sophie but Klaus suggests that Marcel should snap out of this funk and help him end it before hanging up.  Sophie approaches Klaus from behind and Klaus grabs her and asks Sophie to explain the attacks on his men.

Elijah and Haleigh are talking and he is becoming concerned that Rebekah is responsible for the deaths of the vampires because she is very displeased with Klaus. Elijah wonders if Rebekah is conspiring with others and so he calls over to Thierry.  Elijah asks Thierry to explain Rebekah's interest in him.  Theirry starts going into denial and so Elijah threatens him, causing Theirry to spill the beans about Rebekah being jumped. Theirry says that Rebekah was dessicated with Tunde's touch. Elijah calls Theirry a coward for leaving Rebekah and tosses him across the room.  Elijah moves to leave and Haleigh demands to go with him.

Marcel tells Cami that he was hoping to save her from all this mess and that is why he broke it off with her.  Cami asks for more information on Papa Tunde. In a flashback, we see Tunde killing groups of people, including the witches who oppose him.  Elijah offered a truce to Tunde but Klaus shows up for the meeting instead.  Tunde tells Klaus he doesn't scare him.  Klaus says he noticed that Tunde is always near his marked sons, so that got him wondering what would happen if Tunde's sons were killed. Klaus then shows Tunde the heads of his two sons before poking out his eyes.  Cami declares this awful but Marcel says that for Klaus this is business.  Cami asks Marcel if he is worried about becoming one of Klaus's victims or ending up just like him.

Papa Tunde walks into the bar and interrupts Cami and Marcel. Tunde says that Marcel should climb out from beneath Klaus's shadow so he can die like a man. Marcel tells Cami that she should leave now. Marcel attacks Tunde but Tunde tells Marcel that he cannot be defeated because he channels the power of an original vampire.  It seems that Tunde plans to get the power of all of the Originals.. Tunde starts to choke Marcel and so Cami hits him over the head with a bottle.  This does not stop Tunde and he throws Cami across the room and quickly returns to beating Marcel.

Klaus and Sophie stand over the circle where the dead vampires were found. Sophie tells Klaus that this was an offering to amass power.  Klaus gets a call from Cami, who tells him that a witch doctor is killing Marcel.  Klaus instructs Cami to get as far away from there as she can.

Elijah and Haleigh find Rebekah and are not able to breach the circle. Elijah tells Haleigh that Rebekah is being channeled and though this is usually lethal, because Rebekah cannot die, this makes her an endless source of power. Elijah says that they have to get her out of there.

Papa Tunde uses his magic on Marcel and says that the sins of the father are relished upon the son.  Tunde takes out his knife but before he can act, Klaus grabs him from behind.  Tunde throws off Klaus and says that he will consume both Klaus and Marcel.

Elijah is on the phone with Sophie and he is talking to her about how to break the barrier spell.  Elijah suggests that the blood of a witch would save Rebekah.  Elijah then tells Haleigh that he needs a favor.  Haleigh allows Elijah to bite her because the baby is a quarter witch and then he spits the blood on the circle.

At the bar, Tunde has beaten Klaus down and with his knife in his hand, Tunde starts to mark Klaus, just as Elijah takes Rebekah from the circle.  Tunde is now weakened and Klaus throws him across the room.  Cami rushes forward and Klaus tells her that Marcel needs blood to heal.  When Klaus tells Cami to find someone off the street, Cami volunteers. Klaus tells Cami that he doesn't want her involved in this but Cami makes it clear that Klaus no longer controls her. Cami heads over to Marcel and lifts his head, so that he can feed from her neck, as Klaus watches.  Marcel quickly heals.

Thierry is walking through the quarter when he is attacked by Rebekah. Theirry tells her that they made a deal to take out her brother but at the end of the day, it's every man for himself. Rebekah asks if men are incapable of committing to an alliance. When Elijah arrives, he promptly snaps Theirry's neck and asks if  Rebekah has been reduced to making moves against her own blood.  Rebekah argues back that Klaus gets stronger everyday and Elijah is determined to help Klaus. Elijah suggests that leading the derelicts will give Klaus some happiness.  Rebekah asks if she is a concern for Elijah but Elijah says that they all make sacrifices.  Rebekah throws Haleigh in Elijah's face and points out that Elijah would choose love over family and then condemn her for doing the same.

Rebekah and Marcel meet up in the quarter and they talk about Tunde.

We get a flashback to Marcel and Rebekah in the 20's. Rebekah asks if Marcel is celebrating Klaus's defeat of Tunde and Marcel reveals that he is the one who brought Tunde to town.  Marcel took a chance that Tunde would chase off Klaus, or at least allow him enough time to win back Rebekah.  Rebekah is shocked that Marcel would go to such an effort to win her affection.  Rebekah reveals that the only person Klaus fears is Micheal and she suggests that if Michael came to town, Klaus would flee and never turn back. Rebekah suggests that they need a witch to help them find Michael.

Haleigh is looking at the drawings when she hears rumblings outside.  It seems that the vampires have gathered in a vigil for their lost members.  Klaus begins a speech and talks about how he has forgiven those who acted against him and that they are mistaken to believe he must earn their loyalty.  Klaus declares that he needs warriors and not cowards and tells the vampires that they can either fight alongside him, or leave now.   Thierry is the first to step forward and declares that if staying means living under Klaus's rule, he would rather leave.  Vampires slowly start to leave but Diego remains in the crowd.

Later, Marcel tells Elijah that he thought he would lose more than he did.  Klaus tells Marcel that with Sophie's help, they should move onto the next order of business.  When Sophie balks at helping, Klaus reminds her that she is only alive because he permits it.  Klaus then asks how it is that Tunde managed to come back.  Sophie says that Tunde was resurrected with vast power, which indicates  that someone stole the harvest power to bring back four witches.  Marcel wonders if they can get the power and bring back Davina but Klaus reminds him that they need to focus on the immediate problem. Klaus says that Tunde will continue to attack and get more powerful and asks how to end him.  Sophie tells Klaus to keep Tunde from killing anymore vampires.  Klaus then worries that Tunde will find one place with a load of vampires ready to be sacrificed and heads down to the garden to find that all of the vampires have already been sacrificed.

Tunde is working a spell when he approached by Celeste.  He says the blade contains all of the power he harvested from the vampires and that it will do things worse than death, even to an Original vampire. Celeste asks if he is ready for the final offering and Tunde calls it his honor.  Celeste then walks behind Tunde and slits his throat after thanking him.

The Originals is really starting to heat up.  I am going to start off with Rebekah because in recent episodes I have been pleased to see her beginning to scheme against Klaus.  I was not at all pleased to see Thierry to quickly abandon Rebekah.  It made me wonder why she didn't attempt to compel him to be faithful.  I really want to see things work out for Rebekah because she has been getting the short end of the stick since The Vampire Diaries.  I loved that Rebekah pointed out to Elijah his own hypocrisy and was not again snowed by the "we are family routine" which both of her brothers like to pull.

This week we were introduced to Papa Tunde.  I found him to not only be interesting but powerful.  I was however disappointed to see yet another Black person lose their life to the White original family. This has been an ongoing trope in the Julie Plec's world and after years of the same trope, I'm downright sick of it.  I couldn't even be hopeful that Celeste survived because we all know that things aren't gong to end well for her, despite her power and cunning.

Is it me, or is Elijah getting more and more musty each week.  He is actually coming close to overtaking Anne Rice's Louis de Pointe du Lac as king of the musty vampires. It seems all he can do is judge Rebekah because he is so invested in saving Klaus.  Though it is his nature, it is becoming tiresome.

Learning that Marcel was not only responsible for Tunde but Michael coming New Orleans was an interesting twist.  I can see a little better now why Rebekah was ready to take sides with him when he stood up against Klaus.  Marcel has always been smart but this gave us a better understanding of just how cunning he is.  It makes me wonder what other schemes he will come up with to wrest control of the city back.