Monday, March 17, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode Ten: Descent

Elena packs her bag to leave and Clay tells her that him going to Toronto, is all Jeremy's idea.   Elena is quick to point out that Clay most certainly didn't argue.  Has she suddenly forgotten how pack laws work?  Clay suggests that they head to Toronto, collect Logan and return to Bear Valley.  Of course, given her relationship with Philip, Elena has other concerns.  Elena explains the booty call last night, as her wanting to feel safe and adds that she is not always safe with Clay. Elena reveals her relationship with Philip and Clay promises that he won't hurt her, or do anything to wreck her life there.  Can we say best laid plans?

Downstairs, Nick get a call from Joey Stillwell, reporting that he has escaped the mutts who killed his father. Joey reveals his location and Nick promises to pick him up.

In Toronto, Clay and Elena head to see Logan who reveals Rachel's pregnancy.  Logan says that he is avoiding pack law which states that he is supposed to steal his newborn son and raise him alone.  Logan shows them the present he received for the baby and explains his shock, given that neither he or Rachel has told anyone.  Clay is quick to blame Santos and adds that Jeremy needs to know about this. Logan reveals his fears about being ordered home and leaving Rachel alone.  Elena advises Logan to talk to Jeremy because Logan needs the support and protection of the pack. What no one realises, is that Victor Olsen, Elena's abuser is sitting outside in a car watching them through a window.

Logan tells Elena about Philip's video and that he is asking a lot of questions. Logan adds that Philip thankfully is not focused on the wolves but Elena's necklace and clothing on the beach.  Logan explains that Philip believes that they were having an affair, so he lied and said they went skinny dipping.  Logan then pulls out the family photo Philip saw, where Elena is holding Clay's hand.  Elena promises to deal with the situation.

Joey is back at the house and he is rambling about his experience in captivity.  Jeremy says that Joey must be dehydrated and they rush around to help them.  Joey talks about his father's death frantically, while Nick tries to get him water.  Nick tells him that he found his father and buried him. Nick adds that Antonio is dead. Joey declares that they have to get the mutts.

In Toronto, Elena and Clay are at Philip's apartment so that she can grab a few things.  Clay starts to question how Elena is going to explain staying in a hotel and Elena argues back that the hotel will be easier to explain than Clay on the couch.  The argument is cut short however, when they hear a key in the lock. Elena is forced to introduce Clay and Philip and Elena is quick to say that Clay is leaving and staying at a hotel. Philip insists that Clay stay because he is family and Clay says that he will be comfortable on the couch.

Santos heads to see Olsen and reminds him that he is not working alone anymore.  Olsen reports that Elena is back in Toronto and that he still sees the lost abandoned girl in her eyes. Santos reminds Olsen that he can get revenge against Elena but he cannot touch her.  Okay, so Santos is fine with murder but he draws the line at sexual abuse?  Interesting.  Olsen reminds Santos that Cain made him, so Santos suggests that he shouldn't bite the hand that feeds because Cain is dead.

Philip is preparing the couch for Clay and they talk about Philip's ad agency.  Philip changes the subject to ask what Clay is doing here in Toronto.  Clay is quick to say that he is considering teaching at U of T and that he doesn't want to miss Elena's big show. Philip says that it is no surprise that Elena has come so far so fast. Philip and Clay chat about Elena's art and they have conflicting points of view.  Elena cuts the conversation short saying that she is going to bed.

In the bedroom, Elena tells Philip that she misses him and he asks her not to go away again.  Philip tries to initiate sex and Elena declines saying that she is not comfortable with Clay being in the other room.  They get in bed and Philip turns out the light and turns his back to Elena.  Oh things are uncomfortable in that bedroom. In the living room, Clay starts snooping through Philip's work for the vodka advertisement and finds the name James Williams - the man who hired Philip.

The next morning, Elena and Philip wake to find Clay cooking breakfast.  Philip is quick to comment that Elena is not a breakfast person, so Clay suggests that it is the turkey bacon because in Bear Valley, Elena cannot get enough of the real thing. I suppose we are going to be treated to one continual pissing contest between Philip and Clay.  Elena gets a message from Diane, who is waiting at the gallery and Clay gets ready to follow along.  Philip and Elena hug goodbye and Philip thanks Clay for breakfast.

At Bear Valley, Jeremy asks Joey why the mutts spared him.  Joey explains that the mutts had one who was newly turned and that he was supposed to be the first kill.  Joey explains that when he was released for the hunt he covered his scent and hid using a trick Nick taught him.  Jeremy asks if Joey can be lead them to where he was held and Joey reveals that he was blindfolded and drugged.  He does however add that the place was big and smelled like vanilla. Joey does reveal that he heard a conversation about turning Clay against the pack.

Elena and Clay arrive at the gallery and find Diane waiting for them.  Diane says that they have a million things to do.  Elena introduces Diane to Clay and she comments that it is about time they get to meet Elena's family.  Clay then leaves to see Logan and Diane is quick to ask what Clay's story is about.

Clay is helping Rachel unpack because she is catering Elena's show.  Logan asks Rachel to call if anything at all happens.  When Rachel heads inside, Logan wonders if he should stay and Clay assures him that he will take care of Rachel.  Logan then brings up Jeremy, wondering if Jeremy would be willing to allow him to raise his son with Rachel. Does anyone else get the feeling that Rachel is dead woman walking?  Clay reminds Logan that Jeremy cares about the pack above all else and tells Logan that if he has to make a choice to make and to ensure that it is one he can live with.

Nick and Joey are trying to figure out where Joey was being kept.  The area Nick points out is largely suburb with no old factories.  Jeremy suggests that the information Joey gave them was vague and that the circumstances of his escape were shaky.  Jeremy goes on to say that fear is a powerful motivator and reminds Nick that the mutts made Joey watch while they cut out his father's eyes. Jeremy wonders why the mutts didn't kill Joey and suggests that Joey traded his freedom for the only leverage he had - the pack's trust in him. Nick defends Joey but Jeremy questions  how much time Nick has spent with Joey in the last ten years. Jeremy believes that they don't have the luxury of trust. Jeremy wants to press Joey hard though he hopes that he is wrong.

Santos and Olsen are sitting in a car bickering about Olsen's desire to see Elena again.  Santos reminds Olsen that Elena is not a child anymore and Olsen talks about the fact that Elena didn't love him the way the others did.  Olsen states again that Elena betrayed him.

Elena's showing is up in full swing and Diane starts flirting with Clay.  Is it me or does Diane just scream desperate and trying to hard. Clay keeps focusing on Elena and Philip's arm around Elena's waist.

Jeremy sits down with Joey and explains why he and his father left the pack.  Jeremy tells Joey that he doesn't blame his father for being scared of Malcolm.  Jeremy questions Joey about how the mutts got close enough to kill his father and he never smelled a thing.

Logan has returned to Bear Valley and he greets Nick with a hug.  Nick is standoffish, even as Logan offers his condolences and apologizes for not being there.  Nick tells Logan that Jeremy is with Joey and adds that what he has to tell Jeremy cannot be that bad.  Logan reveals that Rachel is pregnant and that they are having a boy.  Nick starts to talk about Antonio and pours Logan a special drink, calling it good news. Logan then tells Nick about the mysterious rattle and Nick blames Santos.  Logan then talks about not wanting to leave Rachel and leaving with his child.

Clay is wandering around the galley and takes note of Elena's patrons, one of whom is James Williams.  Clay asks Diane about Williams and if he is there tonight.  Diane replies that Williams made very specific requests about the venue and the date and that she has never seen a patron be so adamant about an artist's work. Clay quickly excuses himself and heads to see Elena to question if everything is okay.  They are interrupted by Philip and Diane quickly joins the group to draw Clay away to help get more booze. Philip heads off with them and Elena sees Olsen and gets a flashback to him in the past.  Elena questions who bit Olsen and he asks if she is afraid of the big bad wolf.  Olsen calls Elena a scared little girl.

Outside, Diane continues to babble to Clay and he notices a car.  When Diane turns around after grabbing the booze, Clay is gone.  Clay approaches the car and attacks Santos.  Inside, Olsen tells Elena that her testimony got him an extra five years.  Philip notices Olsen and Elena and he attacks him.  Olsen tells Philip that Elena never once told him no and Philip punches him several times.  Clay chokes Santos saying that there is nothing stopping him from ending this war right now but they are interrupted by Diane.  Santos quickly drives off but Clay notes his license plate.  Santos pulls to a stop, when Olsen rushes out and  picks him up.

Logan argues with Nick that he is living proof that a werewolf can be raised by a human mother.  Nick questions if growing up not knowing who he was, without preparation, or history was good.  Nick says that the longer the child is with Rachel, the harder it will be.  Logan is not convinced and adds that he had the benefit of being raised by his mother.  Nick says that Antonio never spoke about his mother but that Antonio never stopped loving her. Nick adds that Antonio made the sacrifice because if his mother found out about the pack, he would have to kill her and knew that he could not raise Antonio without the pack.  Nick suggests that what Logan is going through right now is exactly why these rules exist.  Logan question if Nick thinks about his mother. Nick takes a drink and smells the vanilla.

Joey tells Jeremy that he and his father have always been with the pack.  Jeremy questions whether Joey is telling the truth.  Nick rushes in saying that Joey is telling the truth and talks about how the process of making whiskey releases the smell of vanilla.  Jeremy replies that during prohibition, there were a lot of distilleries in the area.  Yeah, still waiting for him to apologise to Joey.

Clay and Diane rush inside and Philip says that he took care of it.  Elena explains that Olsen was there and Clay says that he should get her home.  Philip and Diane leave to get their things and Clay explains that Santos was waiting outside.  Elena worries about leaving Diane but Clay points out that Olsen's presence means that the mutts are after her. Clay then informs Elena about Williams and suggests that it was to drop Olsen in her lap.  Clay declares that he is not leaving her side and Elena adds that she is not leaving Toronto

Back at the apartment, Clay heads outside on the balcony and Philip asks Elena to talk to him.  Elena explains that there are bad people who want to hurt her family and that this is why she has been going home so much to help them.  Philip asks about the car accident and Elena is forced to admit that she lied. Philip asks about Logan and Clay and if they are her cousins.  Elena explains that her family in New York aren't her family by blood but adds that Jeremy is the closest thing that she has had to a real family and that her cousins are the closest thing she has ever had to a real family. On the balcony, Clay calls Jeremy and promises to sit tight until Jeremy can arrive. Clay listens to the conversation between Elena and Philip where they talk about Clay's presence in Toronto.

Jeremy and Nick are at an abandoned factory and Jeremy says it smells like the mutts have been gone for at least a day.  Joey points out the cage where he was held.

In Toronto, Philip is very upset and Elena says that Jeremy sent Clay to protect her. Philip argues that he proved tonight that he can protect Elena.  Philip tells Elena that he sees the way that Clay and Elena look at each other.  Elena says that the photo was two years ago, so Philip asks Elena if she is done with Clay but Elena does not answers, so Philip walks away.

Joey, Logan, Jeremy and Nick continue to look through the factory.  Jeremy finds Joey's father's watch and lighter.  Logan says that Santos is a trophy collector.  Jeremy picks up a ring which belonged to his father. Nick questions how the mutts got Malcolm's ring.  Nick then pulls out the photos he found of Rachel and Logan in Toronto. Logan says that he has to get back to Rachel because he is pregnant with a boy. Jeremy tells Logan to go and find Rachel.

Elena follows Philip and begs him to talk but he says that he cannot be with someone he doesn't trust before leaving.

Back at the factory, Nick holds a picture of Elena saying that the mutts are after her as well.

One of the things Bitten seems to consistently get wrong that book got right is the character of Jeremy. To some degree they have let us know that Jeremy is a lot less brutal than his father but they have never really underscored this point.  This causes Jeremy to come across as brutal and continually makes me wonder why exactly people not only follow his lead but are loyal to him. It is further problematized because it makes the mutts look justified in uprising against him.  Cain in particular emphasizes this point because all he really wanted was to spend his life with the human woman he loved.  The books makes it clear that mutts terrorize whatever community they are in and kill people with abandon whereas in the show, most of the violence perpetrated by the mutts has been against the pack.  The lines are truly blurred in the show and though we are meant to root for the pack, I'm not sure that as a viewer we have been given much reason to.

Philip's wolf  footage for the vodka commercial is finally starting to make more sense.  They do however need to move the storyline along.  It feels like a slow and plodding way to suggest to us that there is a mastermind behind the mutt uprising.

I am also sick and tired of the love triangle between Philip, Elena and Clay.  The pissing contest that occurred this week is ridiculous. Both man swinging testosterone about to prove who can take care of her better. Why can't Elena assert that she can take care of herself to both of them?

Also, at this point, I am super worried about Rachel. There is a massive target on her back and she is the only WOC on the show.  Having her killed for being pregnant follows along a dangerous trope for pregnant woman of colour that our bodies and our reproduction represents a threat to the safety of the world.  It is this kind of thinking that has lead to our murders and forced sterilizations.  They are hiding it behind the fact that she is pregnant with a wolf but it is still problematic given the real world ramifications.