Saturday, March 22, 2014

The 100: Season One, Episode One: Pilot

The 100 opens with a young woman drawing and talking about how she wants to feel the sun all around her and the scent of wild flowers on a breeze. We learn that it has been 97 years since a nuclear apocalypse killed everyone on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation.  The only survivors are the people who happened to be on space stations.  They have now been combined to create something called the arc - one station made of all of the stations.  It is believed that the earth needs 100 more years to heal but people still dream of the it.  Soldiers enter the cell and identify the woman as prisoner 319 and she is ordered to face the wall. She argues that it is not her time because she doesn't turn 18 for another month.  We learn that on the arc, every crime, no matter how small, is punishable by death unless you are under 18.  She struggles with the guards and manages to escape from her cell but is quickly surrounded. When Clark looks around, she finds that other prisoners are getting the same treatment. Clark's mother, Councillor Abigail Griffin rushes forward to comfort her and informs Clark that she is not being executed and instead is being sent to the ground - all 100 of them.  Clark argues that it's not safe and that the prisoners get reviewed at 18 but  Abigail replies that the rules have changed and this gives her a chance to live.  Abigail advises that Clark cannot follow her instincts and take care of everyone first. A guard than tranquilizes Clark and she collapses in her mother's arms.

The teens are now on a ship and are being transported to earth. When Clark awakes, she finds herself sitting next to Wells, who got himself arrested when he learned prisoners were being sent to earth for Clark. That has to be a new record. At only 3:18, we already have a POC sacrificing himself for the White protagonist. I suppose we cannot expect better from the CW.  A message from Chancellor Jaha plays on the screens, telling the prisoners that they have been given a second chance. They are told that if the odds of survival were better, others would have been sent and the prisoners are being sent because their crimes have made them expendable.

Panicked parents have lined up in front of one of the leaders questioning the launch and wanting to know if their children were on the ship. The authority figure simply says that she cannot confirm or deny anything before walking away..

On the ship, Chancellor Jaha tells the prisoners that their drop site has been chosen carefully and that it is a military base in a mountain stocked with enough non perishable food to sustain 300 people for 2 years. He advises that they must locate the supplies immediately but the teens are too busy talking to pay attention.

It the main center on the arc, leaders are informed that the craft is not only off course, but they have lost contact with them.  Everything which was programmed into the ship to help the castaways is now gone.

The ship continues to struggle and Wells tells Clark that he is sorry that he had her father arrested. Wells adds that he cannot die knowing that she hates him.  Clark demands he stop talking about her father and says that she does hate him.  The ship lands safely on earth and the prisoners begin to undo their harnesses. When Bellamy starts to open the door, Clark rushes forward and asks him to stop because the air could be toxic.  Bellamy points out that if the air is toxic, they are all dead anyway.  Bellamy pauses when Octavia calls his name.  The two hug and he comments about how big she has gotten and she asks what he is wearing. Bellamy says that he borrowed the guards uniform to get on the drop ship to keep and eye on her. Clark questions where Bellamy's wrist band is but Octavia cuts her off saying that she hasn't seen her brother in a year.  In the background, someone calls out, "no one has a brother."  Someone yells out that Octavia is the girl they found hidden in the floor. Octavia starts to struggle, so Bellamy grabs her and suggests that she should be remembered as the first person to set foot on the ground in 100 years instead.

The doors to the ship open up and Octavia steps out taking a deep breathe.  The others watch cautiously, staring at the trees and Octavia raises her hands in triumph.  The prisoners stream off the ship and Clark starts to explore. In her arms, Clark holds a map, as she stares up at a mountain. Finn approaches and refers condescendingly to Clark as princess, questioning why she is so sad. Clark says that they have been dropped between a radioactive forest and their next meal because they are in the wrong spot.

On the arc. Director Cain leads a meeting about the fact that the ship has landed and that they still have no contact. They talk about the information from the wrist bands and it seems that two kids have already died. Abigail asks Dr. Jackson to share his theories and he says that the fatalities are due to the landing and not radiation.  Cain asks if the the problem is radiation if they would start to see more fatalities and Abigail explain that the vital signs are spiking because of injuries sustained during landing and that the kids are excited to be there.

Wells heads to see Clark and reports that the communication system is dead and that a dozen panels are missing.Clark replies that all that matters is getting to the mountain. Jasper tries to interrupt and Wells is quick to try to forcefully move him along.  They are interrupted by John,  who is played by Richard Harmon. Continuum fans will recognize Harmon as Julian Randol. John has already formed a group and is clearly trying to take on a leadership role. Wells tells the survivors that they have to find  Mt.Weather as his father's message informed them. Octavia replies, "screw your father," and asks if he and Clarke think they are in charge.  Clark asserts that it doesn't matter who is in charge and that they need to get to Mt. Weather because the longer they wait, the hungrier they'll be. Clark questions how long people will last without supplies and she informs them that they are looking at a 20 mile trek.  Bellamy says that Clarke and Wells should go and find it for them, thus allowing the privileged to do the hard work for a change. The crowd starts to cheer and Wells asserts that they all need to go. John pushes Wells to the ground, calling him the Chancellor of earth.  Wells gets to his feet and raises his fists but before a fight can start, Finn jumps between them and points out that Wells only has one leg. Finn suggests John wait for a fair fight and the group separates. Octavia tells Finn that next time, he should rescue her next.

Bellamy pulls Octavia aside and she justifies her comment by saying that Finn is cute. Bellamy reminds Octavia that Finn is a criminal, so Octavia points out that everyone is a criminal. Bellamy leads Octavia further away and says that he came to earth to protect her. Octavia replies that she does not want to be protected and needs to do something crazy just because she can.  Bellamy reveals that he did something terrible to get on the dropped ship and that if and when others return to earth, he'll be killed. Bellamy begs Octavia to trust him.

Finn approaches Clark and asks when they are going to leave. Clark stands saying right now and Wells questions how the two of them are going to carry enough food for 100 people. Finn grabs Jasper and Monty and tells Wells that now there will be four of them. Octavia walks over and volunteers, greatly upsetting Bellamy. Claire notices that Finn has been trying to remove his wrist band and points out the bands sends messages to the ark and if he takes it off, people will think he is dead. Finn asks why he should care and Clark asks if he wants the people he cares about to think he is dead and adds that they won't follow him to earth in two months if they think he is dead. Clarke suggests  they head out and Bellamy gives his Octavia his permission to go.  Clark tells Wells that he shouldn't get any ideas. They start walking and Octavia catches up to Clark to warn her that Finn is hers.  Clare replies that she doesn't care.

Back on the station, Abigail checks on Clarke tells CeCe that Clarke's vital signs are strong but her blood sugar is low, indicating that she hasn't eaten. Abigail gets a call and yells to Jackson that they need blood and have to get to the OR.  Abigail rushes out of the room saying that the chancellor has been shot.

The prisoners continue to make their way to the mountain and Finn pauses to put a flower in Octavia's hair.  Jasper looks on and calls it "game" but Monty say that the flower is poison, so Octavia quickly rips it out of her hair.  Monty qualifies his statement popping a flower into his mouth claiming that it is medicinal. Up ahead, Clarke asks for people to keep up and Finn asks how she can block out what she is seeing. Clarke brings up that they haven't seen any animals and wonders where they all are.  Clarke wonders if they have all been exposed to enough radiation to kill them. Clark walks off and Octavia snarks that someone should slip Clarke some poison. Finn asks what Jasper and Monty did to get busted and we learn that they got busted for growing weed.  Octavia says that she was arrested for being born. The group pauses when they see a deer. Finn tries to move closer but when he steps on the twig, it startles the deer who turns to look in their direction revealing that it has two heads.  It seems that radiation has indeed had some effect.

Back on the colony, Abigail is operating on the chancellor.  When he starts to wake up, Abigail calls for more anesthesia but Jackson points out that they have already used up more than they are allowed for anesthesia. Abigail says that the chancellor is going into shock. Jackson refuses to participate, so Abigail says that she will deal with it and they can come after her.

Commander Sumwei reports to Director Cain that the Chancellor is still in surgery but that they have identified the shooter as Bellamy Blake.  Sumwei reports that Bellamy isn't a criminal but his motive for being on the arc is clear - his sister. Cain says that Octavia was kept hidden by her mother for 16 years.  Sumwei tells Cain that as acting director, he can order that they start reducing the population but Cain says not yet. Sumwei argues that they are wasting time because by moving the 100, they have only gained an extra month but engineering needs more to fix the systems, if they can fix them at all.  Cain replies that they are not going to kill hundreds of innocent people and adds they are going to do it by the book. Cain informs Sumwei that he wants to know who helped Bellamy get on the arc and suggests that they have a traitor in their midst and the castaways have a murderer among them.

John approaches Wells to ask if he has found any water yet and Wells says no and adds that he plans to search again.  Wells looks at the hull of the ship and sees, "first son, first to dye."  John says that his father begged for mercy in the airlock chamber before he was released into space by the Chancellor. Wells moves away and snarks to John that he spelled die wrong.  Bellamy walks over to John and tells him that if he is going to kill someone, it's better not to announce it. John questions whether or not Bellamy is a member of the guard and Bellamy admits that he is not, adding that the real guard will be there soon unless they stop it. Bellamy suggests that their crimes won't be forgiven and adds that they won't be offered jobs, or a chance to become model citizens.  Bellamy suggests that they will be lucky to pick up trash. Bellamy adds that they were locked up and left on earth to die and suggests that they take off the bracelets so people will think they're dead.  John asks what's in it for them and Bellamy replies someone has to help him lead.

Abigail heads back to the control room to find out who they lost.  They learn that two boys both named John, uninjured in the crash are dead. Abigail says it's not radiation because they were fine one second and dead the next. She argues that if there were enough radiation, all of the kids would be dead. It seems that Bellamy has now gotten at least two people to remove their bracelets.

Back on earth, the survivors are still making their way through the woods.  Finn wonders why they were suddenly sent to earth after 97 years but Octavia replies that she does not care because she is not rotting in a cell. Monty suggests that they could have found information from a satellite.  Clark informs them that the arc is dying and that at the current population level, there is 3-4 months of life support left. Finn questions if this is the secret of why they locked Clark in solitary and floated her father. Clark reveals that her father was the one who found the leak and thought that people had a right to know. Unfortunately, both her mother and the council disagreed because they were afraid it would cause a panic.  The guards showed up before they could Clarke's father could go public. Monty realises that more people are going to be killed and Octavia makes it clear that she has no problem with it after what was done to her. Finn says that they have to warn them and Clark points out that this is what her father said.

Octavia strips down and dives into a river, as the others  rush forward.  Clark says that there is not supposed to be a river there and Finn tells Clarke that she should take off her clothes. The boys begin to strip but Jasper notices something in water making its way to Octavia.  Jasper screams for Octavia to get out of the water but something grabs her legs and drags her away, as the others look on in horror. Octavia is struggling to stay above the surface and Clark suggests throwing something in the water to distract the creature.  Jasper jumps in, dragging Octavia out of the water, screaming for the others to run.  When they make it to shore, Octavia has a huge gash on her leg.  Clarke assures Octvia that she is going to be okay and Monty says that next time, he should save the girl.

Wells is watching as everyone is taking off their bracelets and burning them. Wells confronts the survivors saying that the arc will think they are dying and that it is not safe for them to follow. Bellamy says that this is the point and that they can take care of themselves. Wells argues back that the people on the arc aren't just their friends and parents but farmers, doctors and engineers. Wells tells everyone that no matter what Bellamy says, they won't survive there on their own.  Wells questions why they don't want the rest of the people to return to earth if it really is safe. Bellamy says that his people are already on earth and that those people killed his mother for the crime of having a second child and that Chancellor Jaha did that.  Wells argues that his father didn't write the laws but Bellamy points out that Chancellor Jaha enforced them. Bellamy adds that there are no laws here and that Wells doesn't have to like it and the crowd starts to chant, "whatever the hell we want."  It begins to rain and Wells advises that they collect water.  Bellamy replies, "whatever the hell you want."

On the ship, Abigail is upset that the kids are dying one after another. The commander walks in and announces that Abigail is under arrest for violating the maximum medical supplies allowed per patient.  Cain tells Abigail that he is sorry that this has to be public but the policy on these matters is very clear - no special treatment. Cain asks Abigail how much blood she used and Jackson is quick to advise that Abigail not answer.  Abigail says that she used the blood she needed and it was an easy decision because it meant preventing Cain from becoming Chancellor. Cain says that given her confession and given his role as temporary Chancellor, he has no choice but to find her guilty.  Abigail replies that a choice was always available and reminds Cain that he chose to press charges against her husband, his friend, though he knew her husband would get floated for this.  Abigail continues that Cain chose to include Clarke in those choices and that Cain is now choosing this. Cain replies that all crimes committed by those above the age of majority are capitol crimes and sentences Abigail to death.  Cain sets her execution for tomorrow and says that he chooses at any cost to make sure the human race remains alive before turning to walk away. Abigail replies that she chooses to make sure humans  deserve to stay alive.

Abigail is locked in the same cell Clark was once held in.  She cries when she sees her daughter's art.

On earth, everyone lies on the ground and Clark is awoken by what sounds like a bird call.  She gets up to investigate and the flowers positively glow under the moonlight.  She is joined by Finn who gives her a container of water.  Finn jokes that they are all going to grow two heads. Finn then asks Clark to follow him and he shows her a footprint of something walking on two feet.  Finn believes that it's a monkey track. Clarke laughs saying from everything she's read, there were no monkey in this area.  Finn asks if she has read anything about glow in the dark forests and man eating snakes. 

Up on the ship, Cain is joined by CeCe who says that he cannot kill everyone who disagrees with him. Cain replies that he is the only one who is willing to do what has to be done to save humanity.  CeCe argues that Abigail is her best friend and Cain asks her if she wants an apology. Cain says that if he has to bring them to Adam and Eve that he will do it to protect humanity.  CeCe begs for mercy but Cain replies that they cannot afford mercy.

Wells is sleeping when he is awoken by Bellamy putting a hand over his face holding a gun. Bellamy tells Wells that he doesn't want to shoot him but he needs people to believe that Wells is dead.  Wells asks why Bellamy is doing this and Bellamy replies that he has his reasons and he is the one with the gun.  Bellamy reminds Wells that he was banished by his own father and questions why he isn't tired of doing what is expected of him. Bellamy suggests that Wells stand up to his father and take off his wrist band but Wells say no.  Wells quickly finds himself surrounded by other prisoners and he begs for mercy as they cut off his band, as a smug Bellamy watches.

Abigail is being led from her cell and CeCe hugs her crying.  Abigail asks CeCe to watch over Clarke and walks into the air lock.  Abigail tells Jackson that there may be a way to reverse engineer the wrist band and tells Jackson to nod if he understands. Chancellor Jaha rushes in just as Cain gives the execution order and declares Abigail pardoned, telling Cain that he will deal with him later. Jaha orders the door opened but Sumwei does not release Abigail until Cain nods his head yes. Clearly Sumwei's loyalty is solely to Cain and not Jaha. Abigail step out and tells Jaha that he needs to get back to bed because she spent 12 hours putting his intestines back together.  Abigail leaves and Jaha questions how the survivors are doing.

On earth, Jasper uses a rope to swing across the lake and lands safely on the other side. The kids cheer him on, as he dances in celebration. Clarke grabs the rope to take her turn and on the other side, and Jasper holds up a sign he found for Mt.Weather.  Suddenly, a massive spear shoots through the air and impales Jasper.  All around, the kids hear the sound of movement. Blake says, "we're not alone."

First things first, I wasn't surprised to see Jasper injured.  At this point, The One Hundred has too many characters and they have to begin weeding them out for the story to be manageable.  I am only disappointed that it wasn't Octavia who managed to irritate me the most. Yes the prisoners have a reason to have their grievances against the people of the arc but it seems that she at least is nothing more than a party girl set on rebellion with no understanding of the precariousness of their position.

Going into this show I knew that there would be a lot of angst as the CW cannot seem to create a show without it. Already, the angst is really high and I find myself wishing for several characters to disappear into a plot box or get eaten by the river snake.  Bellamy, Octavia and John need to be the first to go.  

I do however like the premise but it leaves me with several questions. The arc is up in space so someone needs to explain how they get food, water and fresh clothing.  Implying advanced society is not going to cut it for me in the least bit.  Already this story is quite the rip off of several well known stories.  They need to give me a reason to not only invest but believe.