Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being Human, Season Four, Episode Ten: Oh Don't You Die for Me

Josh meets up with the werewolf pack to apologize but he is told that they are only there to see what he has to show them, not to make friends.  Josh strips off his clothing and starts to change into a wolf.

Aidan and Suzanna are hiding near the vampire club and Aidan suggests that they shouldn't be there and instead should be keeping a low profile. Suzanna says that this is why she needs him and reminds him of his recent kill.  Suzanna suggests that remorse isn't enough and that she needs to hit the Boston nest where it hurts. Suzanna points to Kenny and tells Aidan that he is going to take Kenny out because Kenny is the leader.

The next morning, Josh is making the bed and Sally tries to stall him so that he will still be there when Nora arrives to pick up her things.  Josh says that no one wants to be with a cheater with anger issues. This is especially salient given Nora's history as a survivor of intimate partner violence. Josh says that he is going to go meet up with Andrew and Caroline.  Sally asks Josh not to start a new pack and make up with Nora instead.  Josh reveals that his reality is that Nora is terrified of him.  Sally follows Josh into he hallway and sees Aidan wrapped in a towel and flashes back to their time together.  Sally tells Aidan to put some clothes on. Half naked Aidan - I approve.

At Caroline and Andrew's, they talk about their new place and that moving is about keeping April safe and sound.  Mark enters and greets Josh with a hug saying that it's good to see him there. Andrew announces that they are having a party and have invited the entire pack for a house warming. Mark says that it's a long weekend with wolves and that part of keeping April safe is keeping the pack safe.  They announce that the wolves won't do anything without Josh because he is now the pack leader.

Back at the house, Sally questions why Josh wants to change with Mark because Mark did punch him in the face.  Josh reminds Sally that he mated with Mark's wife. Sally snarks that Josh shouldn't change with Mark instead of Nora. Josh begs Sally to let it go but she replies that she cannot because he is a weird wolf thing because of her.  The two continue to bicker and Josh tells Sally that she cannot do anymore magic because they may never see her again.  Josh adds that he can deal with whatever he is now and won't lose her forever. Sally argues that this wolf is not who Josh is because that wolf chased Nora away. Josh replies that it feels good to be the alpha for once but Sally calls Josh a beta. Sally walks out of the room, just as Nora walks in.  Josh says that he is on his way out and Nora replies that it will only take her a few hours to get the rest of her stuff.  Josh tells Nora to be safe when she changes tonight and they go their separate ways. Things are really awkward between them and they can barely make eye contact with each other.

At the hospital, Suzanna says that she has finally become the nagging wife and reminds Aidan of their agreement.  Suzanna argues that every day that Kenny is alive people die and the body count is ticking up. Aidan claims that he is not interested in a suicide mission because Kenny is too well protected. Suzanna argues back that maybe killing a girl the other night must be just who he is right now.  Suanna hands Aidan the crucifix which he filed into a stake to use against Kenny.  They talk about suicide and how they have never been able to do it.  Suzanna says that if she had self discipline she would have been dead centuries ago. Suzanna walks away after telling Aidan to put an end to the new vampires.

At the pack house, Mark expresses his sorrow that thing are not good between Josh and Nora.  He tells Josh he is not the guy Nora knew but this new guy is awesome.  Really?  This new guy who terrifies this wife and almost forced himself on her.  Gee, can we all have a role model like that? Josh replies that he is looking forward to this turn.  Mark tells Josh that everyone here gets him and that Nora will turn around.  Mark says that Wendy is also taking time away from everything and Josh apologizes.  Mark promises Josh that he will never blow up again, now that he knows Josh is a special kind of wolf.  Mark adds that the wolf knows things before their human counterparts do. The conversation is interrupted and Mark introduces Josh to prospective member of the werewolf pack.  When she leaves, Josh confronts Mark because the girl is fully human and not a wolf.

Aidan heads to see Kenny and Kenny talks about how the vampires are blowing up. Kenny explains that they have a full veggie option at their new blood dens and Aidan suggests that they slow down a little.  Kenny explains that people are coming to him, asking for him to replicate his success because most of the old timers are grim.They may have been a little grim but how can anyone not embrace vampires of the corn? Aidan points out that Kenny is now sitting where Bishop sat and saying how different he is. I suppose this is Aidan's version of absolute power corrupts absolutely. Aidan reminds Kenny that he knew all of Bishop's plans and that Kenny is starting to sound like Bishop.  Kenny excuses himself for a moment and Aidan reaches in his pocket for the stake.  Before Aidan can strike, Astrid walks in. It seems that Kenny has forged a  relationship with the werewolves. Astrid and Kenny kiss after he tells her what he packed for her change. Aidan tells Kenny that he can do whatever he wants but questions  if Kenny is doing all of this for Astrid, or for himself before leaving.

Sally pops into the bathroom and freaks Nora out when she sees Nora with aspirins. Sally points out that in the previous timeline that Nora went hardcore Nurse Jackie.  When Nora reminds Sally that it didn't actually happen, Sally argues that it did and that this is how she knows that in either version, Josh and Nora are better off together.  Nora asks what else happened when Sally went back in time and Sally explains about falling in love with Aidan and becoming a werewolf. Nora is shocked and calls it unexpected. Nora asks if Aidan knows and Sally says no because Aidan has a healthy enough ego and that it is not possible now because she is a ghost. Sally doubts that Aidan can feel like that for her because he doesn't get to go back and experience what she did.

Josh confronts the pack about their plan to turn the humans into werewolves. Josh says that he will never pass this on. Mark, Caroline and Andrew argue that it will be different for the new wolves because they will have the pack as a family.  Josh calls it a Manson family and asks if they explained that the prospective wolves are going to be killers. Mark points out that he met Charlotte and that she wants to be there. Caroline says that they cannot scratch the prospects on the full moon because they will be too out of control and will go to far.  Andrew points out that Josh is the only one who can change at will.  Josh realises that this is why he was invited and when he tries to leave, they use a taser on him.

When Josh awakes, he finds himself naked in a cage with Andrew and Mark hovering over him. Mark insists that they know how he feels - afraid that being a wolf is a death sentence. Andrew asserts that making someone a wolf is not a curse and that making April was the best thing he has ever done. Josh demands to be released and Mark says that the cage is going to keep everyone safe. Josh argues that they already have a pack and Andrew responds that one day, the truce with the vampires is going to come to an end and that they have to be ready. Andrew says that with Josh leading them, they can choose who becomes a part of the pack. Josh calls it crazy and says that he will never do this.  Even I have to admit that the werewolves hve a point because werewolf blood is a cure for the plague and vampires and werewolves have a history of violence. Andrew asks Josh to show them his wolf again and Josh refuses.  Mark grabs a cattle prod and says that it's for everyone's good.  Mark shocks Josh and he screams in pain and starts to change.  Josh is now a full wolf in the cage and Charlotte stands in front of the cage.

Back at the house, Nora and Sally talk about Josh's pie shop in the other timeline. Sally says that Josh was miserable and adds that Josh is a wreck without her.  Sally is worried that if she stays, she is enabling Josh to be violent and wonders when the next time someone will get hurt.  Sally says that it breaks her hurt to see Nora go. What bothers me about this is that Nora isn't expressing fear for her own safety or how triggering Josh's actions must have been to her.

Aidan knocks on Suzanna's  door and Suzanna asks him if he broke his word or kept it.  Aidan lays the crucifix stake on a table.  Aidan reveals that Kenny is his son and that he saved him during the plague. Aidan argues that Kenny would have died, if he hadn't helped and that Kenny is not Bishop.  Suzanna is not in the least bit impressed and argues that Aidan is weak.  Aidan asks why she would want him to feel the same pain she feels after killing Issac. Suzana argues that Aidan wants her to look away while people die. Aidan says that he just want a chance to reign in Kenny and Suzana agrees to two months for Aidan to work with Kenny; however, Suzanna warns if Kenny will not change, he won't see her coming.  Sizanna says that she will hide someplace new and that she had hoped that next place would have been with Aidan.

Back at the house, Aidan sits at the table and stops Sally before she can leave. Aidan asks if he is crazy to let Suzana leave town because Suzanna is the only wife he has ever had.  Sally is quick to say that Suzanna is not right for Aidan.  Aidan wonders about the chances of finding someone that you once loved. Sally keeps rejecting the women that Aidan brings up and Sally tells him that Suzana would not put up with him day to day because she cannot accept that he isn't perfect.  Sally argues that Aidan needs someone who loves who he is today and Aidan replies that the woman she is talking about doesn't exist.  The doorbell rings, interrupting their conversation.  Nora comes downstairs, as Astrid bursts through the door saying that the wolves have Josh.

The mortuary van pulls in and Suzanna is hiding inside the body bag.

Nora and Josh are staking out the wolf hideout and Sally pops in to say that Josh is in a cage in the basement and is all alone.  Nora asks where the wolves are now and Sally explains that the werewolves are showing the humans where they will turn tomorrow. Aidan tells Sally to show them where Josh is.

Kenny checks on the van and finds ashes on the ground. Suzanna leaps out and stabs Kenny.  Kenny tells Suzanna that she doesn't want to do this and Suzanna reveals that Aidan told her about Kenny's ability to compel vampires.  The poison Suzanna used takes effect, and Kenny falls to the ground.

On the wolf compound, Aidan, Sally and  Nora rush in and open Josh's cage.  Before they can escape, the wolves rush down saying that they can leave but Josh has to stay.  Mark tells Nora that she picked the wrong night to cross them.  Nora points out that Caroline and the baby are alive because of Josh.  Mark argues that they didn't kick Josh out for what he is and that Nora did that.  Nora tells Aidan that they can take them but Aidan says that they cannot and tells Nora to get Josh out of there.  Aidan starts to fight the wolves, as more wolves rush downstairs.  Aidan orders Sally to leave saying that she doesn't want to see what happens.  Aidan gets over powered and the wolves start to stomp on him. Aidan is held against the about to be staked, so Sally invades Mark's body.  Aidan starts to fight again, as Sally helps in Mark's body. Each time someone tries to attack Aidan, Sally invades their body.  There is one wolf left and Sally invades the body saying that this one is for her.  Sally kisses Aidan saying that she needs a body to remind him of this. Okay is this supposed to be a ghost moment? Where's the potters wheel and Unchained Melody playing in the backgroud? Aidan asks if they have done this before.  Sally tells Aidan to punch her in the face and Aidan argues that he cannot hit a girl.  Aidan and Sally rush upstairs and Aidan suggests that they should talk about what happened.  Aidan asks if Sally kissed him, or if it was the dude and points out that Sally is glowing.  Aidan gets a message on his phone and starts to check it and Sally disappears.

Aidan finds Suzanna and he asks what happened to giving him two months to reign Kenny in.  Suzanna reminds Aidan that she killed Issac and asks what makes him think that she would let Kenny live.  Aidan again begs her not to do this because he cannot allow anything to happen to Kenny.  Suzanna argues that Aidan's son is dead and that she wanted to believe that the good man she loved was still alive. Suzanna says that he is dead after everything Aidan has done.  Aidan argues that Suzanna allowed him to live and asks why.  Aidan tells Suzanna that she doesn't really care what he did and that this is about what she did. Aidan says that this has always been about Issac.  Suzanna drugs Aidan and the drug weakens him.  The two then fight for the stake and Aidan tells Suzanna to forgive herself because it is not her fault.  Suzanna gets a flashback to them together as a family and then Aidan stakes her.   Suzanna turns to dust and Aidan collapses on top of Kenny.

Aidan returns to the house and tells Nora that he has had a long night.  Nora says that Josh is upstairs sleeping and then points to a comatose Sally on the couch.  Aidan tells Sally that she is going to be okay and then kneels beside her. Aidan then asks that Sally to remember that she has always helped him.  Aidan then heads to see Nora and says that he never should have let her stay. Nora points out that Sally wanted to help. Aidan replies that he told Sally not to possess anymore wolves because of what it does to her.  Nora says that Sally was never going to leave him.  Aidan asks why Sally would do something so stupid and Nora reveals that Sally is in love with him.  Nora adds that in the other life, Aidan and Sally  were in love.  Aidan wonders why Sally wouldn't tell him and Nora suggests that Aidan makes sure that Sally gets better so that she can tell him herself.

Sally is now  on a bed and the room is a wreck.  She opens her eyes suddenly and gets a vision of the exorcism. Sally sits up and calls for Josh, Aidan and Nora.

Okay, a lot happened this episode.  With Suzanna's death we have the end of that story line and Aidan's connection with his human life.  I know the scene between Aidan and Suzanna was supposed to be compelling but as I watched, I just wanted it to be over even the pain and angst was absolutely justified. It makes perfect sense that Suzanna is unable to forgive herself for slaughtering her own child.

As I said in the recap, I completely understand where the werewolves are coming from.  Vampires are more powerful than them most of the month and have a history of preying upon them. This is also complicated by the fact that werewolf blood offers vampires immunity from the plague.  They are a vulnerable group and it makes sense that they would want to do something to protect themselves given that the truce between vampires and werewolves isn't new.  The only went wrong by trying to force Josh against his will.

Speaking of Josh, I think that his interactions with Nora were really well acted.  My only reservation is the fact that Nora is only expressing fear for others rather than herself.  Nora's fear is only expressed by Josh which is problematic given that she had to fight him off.  Given Nora's history as a victim of intimate partner violence, I don't see why Being Human wouldn't have her say something about being legitimately afraid of Josh.  It make me wonder if this is meant to have the viewer believe that who Josh is now, isn't far removed from who he was before the curse.

The plot between Aidan and Sally has been heating up.  This week we got their first kiss.  There was so much wrong with this scene, I don't even know where to begin.  By Sally possessing a body and using it to kiss Aidan it amounts to a sexual assault.  The werewolf most certainly did not agree to be a part of this exchange making it anything but romantic and sweet.  Secondly, for at least part of the time, we saw Aidan kissing a man. Nope don't get excited folks because this is the first same sex kiss on Being Human in four years and the conditions under which it happened amounted to an assault, rather than a relationship between two consenting people.  I could have done without this scene altogether.