Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Resurrection, Season One, Episode Two: Unearth

Resurrection opens with Jacob walking through a graveyard. He pauses when he gets to the Langston tomb. He sees a vision of Caleb, who turns into dust before his eyes and when Jacob looks down at his hand, it begins to turn into dust.  This wakes Jacob and he is comforted by his mother Lucille.  Lucille comforts him and says that he is dreaming.

Elaine is still in shock that her father is alive and front of her. Maggie steps forward and introduces Martin, who asks what he can remember.  Caleb explains that he thought he had amnesia and doesn't remember. Caleb says that the last thing he remembers is driving his truck and passing out, then waking up in an alleyway in Portland three days ago.  Maggie questions if Caleb remembers having a heart attack and Caleb says no. Martin then informs Caleb that he died. A confused Caleb wonders what they are talking about and Maggie says that he was found by Dale at his hunting lodge.  Caleb calls this crazy and adds that Dale must have found someone else. Caleb grabs his head and asks if they have to do this now and Elaine is quick to say that this can wait.  Maggie asks that Elaine bring Caleb by her office the next day, before she and Martin head outside.  Martin asks Maggie if they are wrong about Caleb being cremated and if  it is possible that Caleb's story is true.  Maggie says that she saw his body before he was cremated and even more confusing, Caleb hasn't aged a day. Martin replies that now there are two who have returned. Martin questions why Jacob remembers dying and Caleb doesn't.  Ray joins them on the porch and declares that Caleb is not his father.

The next day, Jacob gets out of the shower and Lucille dries him off and brushes his hair, as Henry watches briefly before leaving.  Jacob notices his father then tells Lucille that he can brush his own hair. Lucille says that it's time to get him something different to wear and Jacob asks where his things are.  Lucille tells him to wait right there and that she will be right back.  Lucille opens a box which contains memorabilia from when Jacob was first alive. Jacob appears behind her in the doorway and Lucille announces that they are going shopping.

Martin is on the phone with Tony and he begs to keep what is going on under wraps. Martin is worried that the government will demand that Jacob be scooped up and subjected to medical testing. Tony suggests that this might need to be done. Martin is adamant that separating the family would not be right and that it would block the truth from coming out.

Maggie heads to see Fred with a coffee in hand.  Fred says that it's nice of Maggie to visit the old man and explains the mess in his house by claiming to have had friends over.  Maggie says that she is jut checking on him to make sure he is fine.  Maggie brings up what Jacob said about a man being at the river.  Fred immediately questions Jacob's identity and tells her not to allow other people to fill her head with stories about her mother.  Maggie says that Jacob is real and so is Caleb Richards.

Maggie then arrives at her office and finds Martin waiting for her.  Martin says that he is trying to figure out what is happening here an needs an ally. Martin says that there is no way to test Caleb's ashes from the urn but points out that Jacob's remains from the tomb can be tested.  Maggie asks what happens if there is nothing inside and Martin jokes that he needs to get the hell out of town before the dead all rise.  Maggie then explains that her mother is in the tomb as well and Martin says that he doesn't need her permission but is asking out of respect.  Maggie asserts that her family should be asked and that she wants to be there.

Lucille has taken Jacob to a soccer field to play with the other kids. He runs around until a whisper campaign starts to happen among the other mothers. One by one, parents calls their kids off the field, as a helpless Lucille watches.  In the end, Jacob is the only child remaining.  Clearly, the town is spooked by his return from the dead.

Caleb is eating breakfast as Elaine watches.  Caleb looks at the urn and questions whether Elaine believes he is in there.  Elaine says no and Caleb points out that he is pretty hungry for a dead man. Elaine sits and says that they have so much to catch up on.  Caleb admits to not always being the greatest father and that when life gives you a second chance, you have to take it.  Caleb grabs Elaine's hand saying that he is going to make this count. Elaine replies that she never thought she would hear those words.

Martin and Maggie head to see Lucille and Henry and tell them about Caleb.  They ask to test Jacob's remains but Henry does not want his family's tomb desecrated.   Henry walks off in anger and Lucille tells Maggie that if this is something she needs to do, then so be it.  Martin heads to see a sad Jacob, who is playing Legos. Jacob brings up the playground and then dismisses it saying that it doesn't matter because he likes playing alone.  Downstairs, Martin tells Lucille that this sort of thing is going to happen if they take Jacob out in public.  Martin suggests telling people that Jacob is not their son because tomorrow things could be worse. Neither of them know that Jacob is listening in.

Maggie pulls up outside of a house looks at a picture then starts her car.  Fred is at the station when Henry walks in. The men talk briefly about fishing and Fred announces that he has figured out that Barbara was sleeping with Sam and questions why his own brother would keep that from him.  Henry apologizes again, so Fred asks why. Fred says that he thinks that Henry was trying to control him like he always has.  Henry replies that he is not there to fight and that Martin wants to open the tomb.  Fred informs Henry that Martin can get a court order.

Maggie checks out Caleb, as Elaine watches. Maggie asks if Caleb remembers pain in his chest or arm and breathlessness.  Caleb says no and a nurse arrives to take him for x-rays.  Elaine says that her father seems healthy and Maggie replies that his blood results show a man who had a heart attack three days.  Maggie points out that this is exactly when Caleb said he woke up.  Maggie questions if they cremated the wrong person and Elaine says that she doesn't know what to believe and that her father is back.  Maggie questions if Elaine wants to know the truth and Elaine replies that some things are more important.

Martin is back at the court house and announces that he needs to see Judge Daley. Martin sees Fred coming down the stairs with the judge.  Fred separates from the judge, Martin approaches and says that something tells him he is not going to get a court order. Fred says no and adds that he made some calls and tells Martin that he is a desk jockey, who drivers immigrants from one destination to another.  Fred tells Martin not to pretend that he is something he is not.

Tom tells Lucille that after church, parishioners approached him concerned that she was having a delusion because she called Jacob by his name. Tom suggests that Lucille follow Martin's advice and Lucille reminds Tom that he was Jacob's best friend and suggests that Tom go talk to Jacob before coming to a conclusion. Tom looks at Jacob and says that he cannot because he has church business to do. Tom says that he might drop by later after he closes the church.

Martin is in his hotel room and he decides to call Tony to ask if she is still in trust with her friend at DOJ.

Elaine is all dressed up and she says that she called into to work but Caleb is nowhere to be found.  Elaine picks up her father's jacket and we get a flash to her standing over his body in a casket.  Elaine stands over Caleb's body with a note, which she folds and places in his pocket. Elaine searches the pocket of the coat and finds it empty.  When she turns around, Ray is standing there.  Ray says that he has been watching Caleb and that he is pretending to be Caleb.  Elaine replies that she cannot handle any of Ray's theories right now. Caleb enters with his tools and asks Ray if he ever l he earned to fix anything other than cars while he was gone.  Ray leaves and Elaine explains that it is going to take time.  Elaine says that she has to go into work and Caleb tells her not to put her life on hold for him

Caleb heads outside and gets into a truck, as Ray watches from the house.  Caleb heads to his hunting lodge and digs a hole.  He gets a flash to himself grabbing his arm and collapsing to the ground. Well it seems that Caleb does indeed remember how he died.

Back in town, Fred is joined by Maggie at a restaurant.  Fred passes her a beer and apologises about their discussion this morning.  Fred says that Barbara found it hard when she had Maggie because she had  postpartum depression and that he didn't take it seriously.  Fred says that if Barbara did anything wrong, it was his fault and he should have been more understanding. Fred then brings up Martin getting a federal order to open the tomb and questions Maggie continuing to help him.  When Maggie says that it's not that simple, Fred replies that he has told her everything she needs to know.  Fred suggests that they just have to move on. Maggie says that their family doesn't talk about things and that the one thing she knew about her mother is that she died a hero trying to save Jacob. Martin walks in and heads over to the table.  Fred asks  what Martin is doing there and asks what's next. Martin replies that the past is knocking on Fred's door and that he cannot ignore it.  Fred demands that Martin tell Maggie about his past but Martin does not say anything. Fred says that he hopes both Maggie and Martin will find the decency to do the right thing before leaving.

Lucille, and Henry are trying to set up a gaming station.  Henry tells Lucille that they are opening Jacob's tomb tomorrow and asks if she is going to go. Lucille asks why she should put herself through this.  Lucille says that opening the tomb will help protect Jacob and Harold asks which one before leaving.

Tom is standing outside and attempts to leave but Jacob opens the door.  Jacob says that he recognizes Tom as his friend now.  Lucille invites Tom in and asks Tom to connect the video game they bought for Jacob.  Lucille invites Tom to stay for dinner after he agrees to give it a shot. Jacob talks about a class they had together with his favorite teacher.  Lucille comes rushing into the room when she hears screaming but it's just Tom and Jacob playing a video game.

Maggie watches from a distance as Sam gets out of his car.  Maggie exists her car as Sam prepares to enter his house with his purchases. They stand and stare at each other and Maggie asks if he is her father. Sam smiles and says no. Maggie turns to leave and Sam says that he didn't leave her and waited by the river until someone found her. Maggie leaves and Sam enters his house. Sam goes in the house and tells someone, "she found us."  I think that Barbara has also returned and that she is hiding with Sam.

Ray enters Caleb's room and picks up a bible and Caleb walks in.  Caleb tells Ray that if he stays out of his room, he will stay out of Ray's.  Caleb opens his bible and inside is the note that Elaine put in his jacket at the funeral. He knows that he has returned from the dead, the only question is why he is hiding this fact from others.

Jacob is playing at the soccer field and Martin joins Lucille on a bench.  Lucille says that she doesn't want Jacob to lie about who he is and that she advised him to be himself. Lucille adds that people are just going to have to accept that. Caleb stands by a fence and Jacob wanders over to talk to him.  Martin runs over and Caleb takes off.  Martin asks what Caleb said and Jacob asks why. Clearly there is a connection between those who have returned.

At the tomb, Martin shows the sheriff his court order.  Henry is waiting by the tomb.  Martin gives the order for it to be opened up.   Henry walks away and Maggie arrives.  The casket is pulled out and Elaine says let's do this.  They open the casket and Elaine and Martin look at each other. Wait, they're not going to tell us what was in the casket?

Later, a whistling Caleb knocks on Dale's door and announces that everything is gone.  Dale falls to the ground when he recognizes Caleb. Caleb screams, "tell me it's all gone." and swings a hammer, killing Dale.

Clearly Caleb is not a good man and the fact that he is being caring and considerate to Elaine is what is setting Ray off.  Because Caleb hasn't identified as one of the returned or shown anyone the letter he received from Elaine when he died, people are suspicious.  What I want to know is why Jacob keeps dreaming about Caleb and what their connection is. Caleb was cremated and not buried in the Langston tomb like Barbara and Jacob.  What is their connection?  Are more people going to be returning?

Everyone seems to have a past and it seems that there is more to Martin than we know.  I don't think it could possibly be that bad because though Fred threatened Martin, he didn't actually use any of the information he gathered to get Martin to leave town or shame him publicly.  I want to know more about Martin's story. So far, he really hasn't been developed and all he is, is the curious outsider.

At this point, it's still to early to have any real opinions on Resurrection.  I am slightly intrigued with the concept.