Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode Seventeen: Moon Over Bourbon Street

Klaus is painting and he talks about the passage of time healing all wounds.  We get flashes of Hayley looking at a wolf and Cami trying to help her cursed uncle. Marcel sits alone, as Klaus talks about wanting never to be wounded again. We see dusts up with the witches and Hayley distributing the cure. The werewolves stare at the moon and finally stay human.

Klaus gets dressed after sex with Genevieve.  Elijah is not the least bit pleased and suggests that Genevieve find her clothing and the door whilst holding her shoes.  Once alone, Elijah reminds Klaus that Genevieve tortured Rebekah but Klaus points out that Genevieve revealed the truth about Rebekah's treachery. Elijah points out that this means that Rebekah is gone forever and says that Klaus must channel the loss into some sort of positive action.  Elijah reminds Klaus that New Orleans is used to having a king and since he wanted this city, it's time for him to accept the responsibility.  Klaus says that he is ensconced with other pursuits. Elijah takes away Klaus's paintbrush and brings up the baby, suggesting that they work together to make the city whole again.  Klaus suggests that the city is to broken too mend and goes back to painting. Elijah tells Klaus that he will do something then.

Father Kiernan has gathered influential member of the community at Saint Anne's saying that it is neutral ground in New Orleans. He announces that they are gathered at the behest of Elijah to bring harmony.  Elijah shows the rules of the city according to Marcel and rips them up saying that he is in charge.  Diego is not impressed and points out that Elijah never said anything about making himself king.  Elijah replies that they are each there to represent their own communities and that issues which arise between factions will come to him.  Elijah suggests that they are all responsible for the current chaos and that they can all play nicely together or leave.

The returned witches are working to bring back dead flowers but Davina is not able to give it life. Davina says that she is trying but Monique points out that she is trying and failing.  Monique tells Davina that she needs to stop being weak.  Monique says that despite the fact that Davina is a harvest girl, maybe she doesn't belong there and maybe she never did.

The wolves are fighting in the bayou, as Hayley and Jackson look on.  The fight is apparently to establish pecking order and Jackson is not participating because he is the alpha.  Jackson and Hayley walk away, as Oliver looks on clearly not pleased. Later, Hayley and Jackson get some food and Oliver comments that Hayley spent half of her life with humans and the other with vampires.  Hayley replies by calling Oliver the runt of the litter and suggests that he should speak his peace. Oliver brings up Elijah's meeting and points out that the werewolves weren't invited. Oliver declares that this shows Elijah has no respect for the werewolves.

The meeting has descended into chaos and Hayley bursts in saying that there will be no peace if the werewolves are not included.  Hayley threatens that if the werewolves don't get a seat at the table everyone will regret it.  Later, a pissed Elijah asks Hayley if she knows what it took to get everyone together for the meeting.  Hayley replies that she didn't because she had to be informed by someone else about the meeting.  Hayley asks if the werewolves were left out because of her and Elijah replies that he left them out because they no longer reside in the French Quarter. Elijah adds that his immediate concern is the mounting conflict and promises that once everything is calm, it will expand to include the wolves.  Hayley asks what she should tell the wolves in the meantime and Elijah asks her to remove herself from the process altogether. Elijah asks about returning to the compound and Haley questions if the baby will be safe there. Hayley again asserts that the wolves deserve a voice and that it is the right thing to do before leaving.

Klaus is still moping and painting when Genevieve walks in and comments that he should have seen Elijah's face when Hayley walked in. Genevieve then asks if this new alliance will work and if they will all have some peace.  Cami walks in and says that she took a chance when she saw the lights.  Cami suggests that Genevieve leave and Genevieve remarks that the O'Connell's like to piss off witches, as she walks out.  Cami is not impressed that Genevieve was keeping Klaus company, given that Genevieve tried to blackmail her into stabbing Klaus with a painful mystical knife. Klaus quips that New Orleans breeds strange bedfellows.  Cami brings up Kiernan and says that a witch can undo the spell and that Klaus should use his influence with Genevieve to end it.  Klaus says that hexes take root with magic and then alter the chemistry of the brain. Klaus says that he is sorry and adds that the damage is done. Cami answers that she refuses to accept this and adds that Klaus would as well, if he had any concept of family before walking out in anger.

Davina walks into a vampire bar and takes a seat next to her favorite gbff Josh.  Josh is shocked to see Davina and says that he would have met her anywhere that she wanted, as long as it was someplace where Klaus or Marcel wouldn't be.  Josh senses something is wrong with Davina and she reveals that Monique has no idea what she went through when she was dead, or that the ancestors hated her for what she did with her magic. Davina adds that she cannot just start practicing again and that she shouldn't have trusted Marcel when he told her to go back.  From a distance, Marcel is doing his creepy guy routine, watching Josh and Davina talk.  Davina says that she doesn't know how much more she can take.

Thierry approaches Marcel and comments that he is on the outs with Davina again and asks why he was dragged all of the way out there.  Marcel says that he wants Thierry and all of the guys who walked out on Klaus to join him.  Thierry remarks that Marcel is rounding up an army and Marcel replies that he cannot take back the city without one. Are we really going there again? We already know that Marcel is not a match for Klaus.  This screams of The Originals once again having problems finding a suitable antagonist to face off against their super powerful protagonist. Thierry points out  that Marcel doesn't have any weapons or allies and adds that if Marcel goes to the quarter, Klaus will kill him, if Elijah doesn't get to him first.  Marcel asks if he should hide out like Thierry and adds that Thierry is there because he doesn't want to lose his home.  Marcel points out that a battle is brewing and that while everyone is choosing sides, he intends to find a way to get his power back.  Thierry says that Marcel was always great with words and that it is going to take more than a pretty speech before leaving.

Kiernan has chained himself up and says that the sickness is overtaking his inclination to forgive and replacing it with a desire to kill everyone. Cami says that they will figure it out but Kiernan responds that he tried to figure it out with Sean but he was focused too much on that instead of stopping him. Kiernan tells Cami that she is going to be asked to take his place at the table and that she should leave and start over. Cami says that she is not going anywhere as long as there is a chance he can get better.  Kiernan again asserts that he is not going to get better but Cami is determined not to give up. Kiernan talks about Cami's stubbornness and how he prayed for her and got no answer. Kiernan says that there is only blackness, and death before attacking Cami.  The two struggle and finally, Cami grabs a lamp and hits Kiernan over the head, leaving him unconscious.

Elijah is drinking and is joined by by Francesca, who is one of the cities leading philanthropists and a matriarch to a drug trafficking empire. It seems that Francesca is vying to replace Kiernan as leader of the human faction and she says that Elijah will deal with her from now on. Francesca adds that she wants peace just as much as he does and that her lifestyle depends on it.  It seems that Francesca has already rounded up the support of the new mayor, as well as the chief of police and suggests to Elijah it might be beneficial to have her on his side, even if it is to prevent her less civil brethren from lashing out in painful ways. This woman is damn bold, you don't threaten an Original vampire lady. Francesca leaves, telling Elijah to have a good night.

The next day, a still moping Klaus is back to his paintbrush and Elijah says that he is not a fan of Klaus's continued indifference. Klaus quips that it is difficult to unite a community that has a history of loathing. Klaus says that if Elijah wants peace, he must start with the werewolves, who 100 years ago had a run with ruling the city and adds that  lately the werewolves have only had time to watch their enemies tear down that legacy.  Elijah points out that this is why their enemies are reluctant to deal with them. Klaus suggests that if the table is the obstacle that it should be removed. Klaus brings up the governor begging them to help build the city's levee's and how the governor then plied them with booze and women until they said yes. Elijah realises that Klaus is suggesting a party

The party is now in full swing with the various factions arriving.  Kluas tells Elijah that he is impressed and Elijah answers that he hopes he can keep them from tearing one another to shreds. On the floor, Oliver bumps into Diego and Jackson says that Diego isn't worth it. Francesca flirts with Elijah and she announces that she has settled the dispute at the docks and welcomed the werewolves back with hundred dollar chips to her casino. Francesca suggests that she deserves some champagne and Elijah agrees to allow Francesca to represent the human faction.

Josh sits at the same bar and Marcel shows up.  Josh tells Marcel that he is not going to beg for his life because that is not who he is anymore. Marcel tells Josh that he is there about Davina and asks if Josh has heard about the summit. Why the hell is Josh still in New Orleans?  As far as I can tell, the only thing holding him there is Davina.  Marcel says that if the summit falls apart, Davina is going to need to defend herself and must do magic again. Josh asks if he should tell Davina so that Marcel can go back to using her as his personal weapon. Marcel replies that he only cares that Davina is safe and that she isn't right now.

Oliver and and Monique make googly sex eyes at each other from across the room. Elijah approaches Diego and tells him that he will be polite and welcoming. Diego says that Oliver's people killed his entire family and that his sister bled out on the floor next to him.  Apparently, the only reason Diego is still alive is because Marcel turned him before he bled out. Diego says that he will not be polite and welcoming to Oliver.  Elijah affirms what Diego has gone through but says that certain overtures must be made if they are going to have peace in he quarter before waking away.

Elijah then goes to see Jackson and says that its unlikely that Jackson will experience any warmth here and that the vampires view the werewolves as barbaric. Jackson replies that Hayley told him the peace treaty is important to Elijah and Elijah very deftly promises to destroy anyone who threatens the peace he is trying to forge and bids Jackson a wonderful evening.

Genevieve heads to see Klaus and asks if he is looking for his shrink.  Klaus asks if Genevieve is jealous of Cami and Genevieve replies that Cami seems so ordinary. Klaus replies that ordinary is a welcome respite and tells Genevieve he doesn't want to hear another thought about Cami. Klaus excuses himself after seeing Jackson head upstairs.  Klaus tells Jackson that he is not there to kill him but to offer him a gift. Klaus reminds Jackson that he was once a werewolf and knows his burden and his power. Jackson realises that Klaus is offering to make him a hybrid and says that he puts his pack first and is not interested in becoming a blood thirsty parasite. Klaus says that pride and a sense of loyalty is why he hasn't killed Jackson and that he wants to return the city that was taken from Jackson.  Jackson asks why he should trust but Klaus says that he is supporting Elijah's vision and that the werewolves have survived because of family unity. Jackson says that maybe the other half of Klaus's family tree does not want him but Klaus suggests that they will once they return to the quarter.  Klaus pulls out a ring which was found on a direct descendant of his biological father. Klaus thinks it's a moonlight ring to protect werewolves from the curse; no more breaking bones or losing control to the beast within. Jackson asks what he has to do. 

Oliver approaches Monique and she admits that she is feeling out of place, so Oliver introduces himself.  Whatever Jackson is doing, I think Oliver has his own agenda.

Elijah asks Hayley to dance and the two talk about Klaus's lack of involvement. Hayley says that Klaus once told her that his painting is a metaphor for control and this makes her nervous.  Elijah says that he is not surprised d anthat he hopes the baby inherits traits solely from Hayley. Elijah then asks Hayley again about returning to the compound and Haley says that she is not going to sit in a rocking chair.  Jackson interrupts and asks for a minute and when Elijah tries to put him off, Hayley says that Jackson can have the dance.  A spurned Elijah makes his exit and Hayley reveals that they were talking about the city.  Jackson questions how Hayley can be thinking about the city now and that she looks beautiful tonight. 

Cami pours herself a drink and Marcel appears. Marcel notices the wound on Cami's hand and Marcel says that not only will Kiernan not hurt Cami again, he won't leave the attic at all. It seems that Marcel used a boundary spell to contain Kiernan.  Cami is shocked that Marcel found a witch to help him and says that Marcel is the first person to help her in a month.  Cami adds that without Kiernan she is alone and Marcel replies that he is short on family these days.  Marcel offers to help if she needs anything else.

Oliver is at the bar and Diego taunts him. Francesca suggests that they should fight about something interesting, like her.  Diego tells Francesca that she does not want to get involved because werewolves have a nasty habit of going berserk and ripping people to shreds.  Oliver tells Diego that if his people wronged him that he is sorry.  A fight breaks out between the two and Elijah lays his hands on Oliver demanding the fight stop.  Jackson holds a stake to Diego saying that they will end it.  Hayley appears and asks Jackson what is stopping him, suggesting that Jackson kill Diego. Both men turn to Hayley in shock.  Hayley comes down the stairs and tells Elijah to go ahead and act and points out that Oliver handed Rebekah over to the witches to be tortured. Hayley then adds that Diego led a werewolf massacre last month and that the witches cursed the wolves while the humans stood back and watched. Hayley says that when you think about it, everyone here deserves to die. Elijah asks Hayley if she has a point and she replies that if they cannot all learn to get along, then they should kill each other and get it over with.  Elijah releases Oliver and Jackson releases Diego.

Josh and Davina talk about the one time he received flowers from his only boyfriend.  Josh tells Davina that he doesn't have a home or family anymore but doesn't care what his family thinks anymore. Josh suggests that if Davina's family does not like her the way she is then screw them, because she has him.  Really? They are going to compare what Josh went through as a young gay man to Davina's faux witch problems.  Can we just stop appropriating right there please. Josh points out that Davina has Cami and even Marcel if she wants. Davina points out that Marcel used her but Josh argues that Marcel used Davina to save her from the people who were trying to kill her and saved her from those people. Josh tells Davina that she doesn't have to trust Marcel and adds that both he and Marcel love her.  Davina asks if this will remain true if she doesn't have any magic. Davina points out that all  of her magic came from the other harvest girls and says she doesn't know what she has without it. Josh tells Davina that she should find out and hands her a dead rose.  Josh assures Daina that she is a witch and should embrace it because she cannot change.  Davina whispers a spell and the flower blooms, as Josh smiles. Davina hands Josh the rose.

A drunk Cami and Marcel stumble around the house and Cami wants more booze. Cami calls Marcel a good friend and he tells her that she should lie down.  Cami replies that she is tired of being alone and Marcel says that he is to.  The two start to kiss and undress.  Really? Wasn't Marcel just declaring undying love for Rebekah? What neither of them know is that Genevieve is using some magical looking glass to spy on them. 

Later, Marcel is getting dressed and Cami tells Marcel that it can never happen again.  Cami brings up that Klaus would see this as a betrayal and therefore not good for either of them. Marcel picks up some sort of wooden structure and Cami tells him that it was totally worth it. Outside, Marcel breaks the structure on the ground.  Thierry approaches and Marcel says that he is making in roads and will not leave until he can count Thierry in to.  Marcel reveals that he knows the vampires left New Orleans and Theirry asks if it's just them against the world and Marcel replies that soon they will have the army they need. 

Klaus is staring at his painting and says that all change begins with a plan.  Elijah meets with the leaders of the various factions and they do a blood oath, mingling the blood in a chalice.  Kiernan prays as Cami looks on.  Hayley returns to the bayou and the werewolves raise a glass in her honor. Davina is now surrounded by roses and another witch looks on with shock, as Davina smiles. The factions sign the treaty, as Oliver learns about Jackson's deal with Klaus.  Jackson says that they can control of what they are and draw on the strength and speed and that their bite would be lethal to vampires 24/7. Jackson suggests that they wouldn't just be the equal of vampires and witches but their superiors.  Oliver smiles.

Elijah shows Klaus the treaty and asks him to sign it. Klaus questions why he should because Elijah has already done so on their behalf.  Elijah says that he is not a fool and that it is clear that Klaus is not disinterested.  Elijah adds that if there is no peace between them, others will not follow suit. Klaus puts down his paint and signs saying that the city inhabitants won't adhere to the agreement. Elijah tells Klaus that he is welcome to wager against him because he will lose. Elijah walks away and Klaus says, we'll see. 

I know that when Davina returned it would be a hot minute before we got the return of Josh.  I don't understand what his character is still doing in town.  He has absolutely no reason because at least two vampires far more powerful than him want to see him dead.  Yes Josh and Davina have a relationship but other than removing Klaus's compulsion, what exactly has Davina done for Josh that would merit him risking his life. Josh exists so that The Originals can have some badly done inclusion. He is nothing but a cheerleader for Davina with no characterization or life of his own.  To make matters worse, his existence allows The Originals to appropriate from the experiences of GLBT people and juxtapose them to witches.  You cannot compare a real oppression to some fake oppression and create a relevancy without it being highly problematic.

In recent weeks we have seen a lot of agency from Hayley and I really like it.  Elijah has tried to use their mutual attraction (who can blame her that man wear a suit like no one else) and when that fails, bringing up pregnancy and the baby.  I love that Hayley is unafraid to stand up for what she believes in and she has proven to be very capable.  As she takes on a leadership role within pack hierarchy it will be interesting to see just how far the writers are willing to let her character grow. 

Was anyone else disturbed by Cami saying that she cannot have sex with Marcel again because Klaus wouldn't like it? I thought that with Rebekah leaving the show, we would see the end of Klaus policing the sexuality of women in his life.  It's absolutely sexist and I don't like how quickly Cami was willing to go along with this, particularly because Klaus has brought nothing but terrible things to her life.  The fact that it again involves Marcel brings up some very problematic racial elements.  It reads as a White man trying to protect the white woman from the savagery of the Black man.  When it comes to race, sexuality and gender, The Originals fails far more than it succeeds.