Sunday, March 16, 2014

Helix, Season 1, Episode 11: Back Rain

Day 11

Are there actually any scientists left on this base now? We never seem to see them, and no-one cares what the goo-zombies are doing so I just assume while everyone is squabbling the zombies are in the background chewing on scientists.

To add evidence to my theory – Goo-Zombie-King Peter has just lured one of the remaining, starving scientists into a trap using a rat in a microwave. As you do quite randomly

Hiroshi, meanwhile, is busy moping and feeling sorry for himself when Constance’s phone rings – she’s gone too long without checking in so a “retrieval team” is being sent and will arrive in 6 hours. That’s probably not a good thing. He responds by grabbing a suitcase full of bombs. Yes, definitely not a good thing. He moseys round the base planting the bombs everywhere, smacking any goo-zombies out of his way

Sarah has received her transfusion of Julia’s spinal fluid and it is magically curing her tumour. Yay. I guess. Julia’s conflicted about having a miracle cure in her back but wants to help everyone – except that will kill her, so better to derive a cure rather than just run around with a big plunger giving spinal fluid to everyone (hey, it’s Helix, it could happen).
Alan is also told that people are disappearing which probably prompted a whole “you mean some of you guys are still alive? Wow, who knew!?” He and Dr. Philippe are also surprised that the goo-zombies are back, because they’ve got so many places to go, right guys? I love the way they lampshade that there hasn’t been an attack in 2 days – because the zombies have conveniently kept quiet while the plot got on with other things! We have a brief science-breaking conversation about intelligent, trap-setting viruses explained by EVOLUTION (which is roughly equivalent of yelling “SCIENCE!”)
Hiroshi and  Alan share notes on Ilaria (sending and army) and Zombies (soon to attack en mass), pausing to bicker about whether Hiroshi is immortal or not when Miksa gives us an update on how many people are still alive and uninfected: 20 scientists, 5 security personnel. That was some damn fast attrition in the background.
Hiroshi has a plan – lure everyone in and blow it all up. People are concerned with that plan – but it’s ok, there’s a bunker under the base (how many hidden sublevels does this place have? I think this one is the cabon) where all the survivors can gather (it has an escape tunnel so, no, they won’t be buried alive) and then Ilaria and goo-zombies blow up (Alan still wants to cure the goo-zombies. Alan doesn’t deal well with reality).

While Alan is trying to calm and secure the rapidly dwindling survivors, Hiroshi and Miksa have another awkward conversation – Miksa again annoyed that he wasn’t trusted by Hiroshi enough to even know about the bunker and Hiroshi trying to win back Miksa’s loyalty and reassert himself as his dad. He shows Miksa the cabin designed to make his daughter feel at home; Miksa isn’t impressed that Hiroshi lied to her as well. Miksa learns that that daughter is Julia and that all these deaths and infections are somehow Hiroshi’s twisted attempt at a family reunion - Miksa isn’t impressed

The goo-zombies do something unclear and ominous. And Julia does SCIENCE on the virus she’s hidden and she discovers a way to cure the virus – this also involves Alan having a tantrum because she’d pretended to destroy the virus when she hadn’t really and will no-one respect his authoritay? Sarah, now fully recovered from cancer (SCIENCE!) adds her own ideas to the miracle cure.

The goo zombies add their contagious goo to the sprinkler system which they then turn on over the gathered survivors who are all locked in. Crafty little goo-zombies.

There is now just the gang and 4 techs who are uninfected. This will not go down in the annals of CDC victories. Everyone marvels at how intelligent the goo-zombies are. Hiroshi and Miksa are in favour of running to the bunker and blowing everything up. Alan wants to use their new possible cure on the goo-zombies – Hiroshi and Alan squabble until Julia breaks it up, not wanting daddy and her ex to fight.

They explain the cure to Hiroshi (SCIENCE!). What they need is to freeze all the goo zombies so they can cure them 1 by 1 – without turning off the power again and shutting down the alarms. They need a super chemical sprayer – which Miksa just happened to piece together for random scrap for funsies. Because you never know when a chemical sprayer will be handy, right?

Julia and Hiroshi are the ones to go deliver the freezy liquid (since they’re so scary to the goo-zombies) and they run into Peter the Goo-Zombie-King. They freeze and inject him. He collapses and the others attack – seeing their own in danger apparently overwhelms fear of the Silver-Eyed. Lots more freezing and curing follows. Zombies flee into the ducts.

They prepare everyone to go down to the bunker – and Peter becomes human again. Alan is worried about Sarah’s headaches – and the alarm goes off. Ilaria’s here.

Alan, Miksa, Hiroshi and Extras go to delay Ilaria to give everyone chance to get to the bunker. They go into the snow and follow Miksa’s leadership – only to find Ilaria can use explosives as well in a decoy attack with drones. Hiroshi is injured protecting Miksa from the blast while the real attack paradrops into the base.

Everyone staggers into the bunker including Hiroshi and he wants to detonate early – because the head of Ilaria’s team is the awesomely melodramaticly named Scythe – a super-duper assassin and the “worst” of all the silver-eyed immortals.

Scythe merrily slaughters Philippe and the remaining survivors heading to the bunker in one of the lifts (yes, he kills with mini scythes. Yes it’s impractical but it’s cool). Honestly Philippe, you thought the ominous, silent, black-clad helmeted guy was a good thing?!

And Sarah’s headaches? She’s becoming a silver-eyed one as well – from the spinal fluid (SCIENCE!) Stuck with Sarah for all eternity? Damn, the immortals are definitely going to kill you now.

Miksa activates the explosives – and they don’t work (one of Scythe’s minions snorts about “amateurs” while removing one.) But they don’t find the Narvik so Scythe orders his minions to kill everyone and find Hiroshi.

Also, Scythe is about 14 years old.

Oh Helix, bring on the SCIENCE, I’ll run with it.

Miksa and Hiroshi are interesting together, not just Hiroshi trying to seek forgiveness and re-acceptance but there’s a lot of evidence that he didn’t pay all that much attention to him before anyway – especially in light of his fawning devotion to Julia, Miksa was definitely the forgotten child

Alan and Sarah are still so very very very very boring

Now they’ve worked on the cure, surely they destroyed the virus, there would be absolutely no reason for them to take it down with them to the bunker, right?