Sunday, November 2, 2014

Haven, Season 5, Episode 8: Exposure

Mara is still being held prisoner by Duke and they keep haggling over her co-operation. They need her to talk to Nathan, especially now he’s told her about his fellow “ghost” being killed and the threatening note that was left. In exchange for her help, she wants to know more about duke’s mother which Duke has always been very very close mouthed about. That doesn’t change – Duke refuses.

Instead he and Audrey discuss different ways to talk to Nathan – and Duke calls a paranormal investigator, Seth, who we’ve seen before. He does have a device that detects EM fields – which does find Nathan. But it doesn’t really help them communicate. Seth tells Audrey how wonderful she is while Duke goes back to talk mummy issues with Mara (at Audrey’s urging). Turns out Duke’s mother was neglectful and took over looking after Duke when his father died just for welfare cheques – and Duke learned to steal to get by. He pretty much never saw his mother after that except once when she tried to buy drugs off him when she didn’t know who he was.

Audrey gets a breakthrough looking at the shadow Reggie left – the shadow was stood up, but she had Reggie on his knees with his hands behind his head when he vanished. The shadow is in the same pose it was in Amy’s photographs – the woman whose camera Audrey took at the farmer’s market. She’s also Morgan’s (the ghost who has been a ghost the longest) fiancée.

In ghostland, Nathan speaks to fellow ghost Morgan and they agree they can only touch whatever it was that came over with them (their “residual self-image”) – so someone’s self-image includes a big knife. After talking to other ghosts, it seems like the killer knife-wielding ghost is the recently zapped Reggie who is not a fan of Nathan. So they go hunting for Reggie and end up fighting him.

Audrey and Seth go to visit Amy where they find she has taken a photograph of Nathan and printed it. Time for the Troubles talk. They also discover the photographs change to match the ghosts – so her photo of Nathan gains a slash on his arm when Reggie cuts him in the fight. They also find the guy with knife wounds who was killed last week. Audrey realises Nathan is in trouble so grabs some objects and has Amy take her picture. Except it doesn’t work – not everyone she photographs disappears

Which is all kind of unnecessary because Morgan shoots Reggie in the back with Nathan’s gun anyway. They go to Audrey’s desk and find a note she’s left for Nathan identifying Amy, Morgan’s fiancée, as the Troubled person

Over to Duke and Mara and she pays up her side of the agreement – she gave a Trouble to an artist who would make people he painted disappear when he finished his portraits. Which leads them to the PAINFULLY obvious conclusion – the photograph has to be printed to finish.

The info is passed on and Nathan and Morgan go to Audrey, Seth and Amy – and, snag, Nathan sees the photo that sent Morgan to ghost land. It shows him holding a ridiculously huge knife to cut his birthday cake. Just as Audrey has her picture printed, taking Seth’s ghost communicator with her. Right into Morgan holding them both at gun point.

Morgan uses the device to contact Amy and Seth; he tells Amy the solution is to take a photograph of herself and print it. Um… like me, Seth realises this is very very much not the solution. She falls for it and joins them. The handcuffs and weapons convinces her something’s up. He’s realised he can’t go back without also going back to dying of cancer – this way they can be together in ghostworld without him dying.

Audrey and Nathan talk Amy through her Trouble – she wanted to keep Morgan as he was in the photograph, before they learned he had cancer. They convince her that that man is gone and this Morgan, wielding a gun and threatening everyone, isn’t that man any more. Her Trouble ends when she accepts that the Morgan she knew is dead.

They return to the real world – with a very pissed off and armed Morgan. Seth hits him with something, knocking him out. In the aftermath, Amy explains Morgan doesn’t have long to live from the cancer –but she’s already grieved from him when he finally disappeared.

Nathan has some angst about Morgan’s accusation – that he’s hurting people so he can be with Audrey (just like Morgan was with Amy). Audrey, of course, reassures him.

Less reassuring is Mara telling Duke that for she and Audrey to have been split when he vented a Trouble, Duke must have subconsciously wanted it to happen

Dave is still in hospital being visited by Vince and while most of his injuries have been easily treated, his nastily infected leg is more complicated. Dave wants to leave and go back to Haven – but Vince is worried about the sample they took from Dave’s leg – it could reveal a lot of odd secrets, they need to steal it before they leave. Dave refuses and Vince gets himself caught trying to steal the biopsy until Dave pretends to be a policeman to rescue him

They make up a lot of their differences afterwards –until a CDC doctor shows up, looking for Dave.

And Duke’s mopey backstory. Was that relevant? To anything?

Even the Trouble was pretty much a Trouble of the week. I’m a little frustrated here – this season promised to be one with a whole lot of answers, but for the last few episodes the Teagues have been kind of, sort of investigating and coming up with nothing while bumbling about (I remember being intimidated by the Teagues who seemed to have all the answers and Vince may or may not have some deeply powerful Trouble. Oh how that has changed). Nothing’s moving forwards any more, we’re back to Trouble of the Week, only this time with Mara locked up in Duke’s boat adding some tidbits now and then.

On Morgan’s accusation to Nathan - I agree entirely. Any attempt to end the Troubles involving Mara has completely ground to a halt because of Nathan protecting Audrey. Now,  we can say that the Guard isn’t actually going to solve the Troubles because they’re working from anger rather than any reasonable attempt to resolve things – but no-one is resolving things. Nathan hasn’t once really tried to end the Troubles – saving Audrey from the barn and then extracting her from Mara hasn’t just been his main priority, it has been his only priority.