Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Last Ship, Season Two, Episode Three: It's Not a Rumor

Thirteen days ago at Biscayne Bay Florida, Niels Sørensen aka patient zero, sits with a young boy named Johnny. People questions where Niels came from because he apparently washed up on the beach in the morning.  On the beach a Russian boat sits.

At the White house, Tom looks at a destroyed picture of Lincoln.  Green reports that compound is clear with no sign of life and the bunker is impenetrable and no sign of answer.

Back at the Nathan James, Scott reports that the lab in Baltimore have been more successful than hoped for.  Apparently 10,000 doses have been created thus far.  Michael Neustadther enters the room and smiles at Dr. Scott. Scott says that they are transporting 12 other scientists to the naval base in Norfolk Virginia but hope to find other boats and planes to transport the cure.

Tom is back on the ship and learns that the crew is holding up well. Foster offers her condolences to Tom on the loss of his wife.  In return Tom promotes Kara and questions how she is feeling, reminding her that the old rules don't allow women at sea after being 20 weeks pregnant.  Kara promises to keep that in mind.  Why is Tom even bringing that up?  Where is Kara supposed to go? Kara suggests that Kirkland can do the job and Tom says that Kara is more qualified.

Tom then heads to sick bay where he meets with Russ to discuss Alisha.  Physically Alisha is doing fine but has been keeping to herself.

On the deck, Slattery reports that the are short on everything, including crew.  Tom agrees that they cannot keep sending Greene and Burke out on missions because the two men are fried.  Tom says as the only one with his family here he is doing fine.  Slattery get contacted and informed  that they have broken down the decryption from the White House.

Slattery, Garret, Scott and Tom meet to discuss the infection rate.  Kara pulls up a video file from teh Secretary of the Navy.  The secretary says that there's a network which has been chosen to produce and distribute the vaccine but the location of the labs has been kept secret. The secretary has embeded a code in the file so that the labs can be contacted.  Tom orders Kara to find the labs. Later, Tom learns that several labs are operational.  Scott gets a message that Dr. Hamilton wants to speak with Scott.  An emotional Scott talks with her mentor and reveals that they ahve a cure.

At Biscayne Bay Florida, Niels Sørensen walks amongst the dead.  It seems that he infected everyone who had gathered there since he is the carrier of the disease.  Niels picks the pockets of the dead before walking away.

Tex is helping a member of the crew work out.  Scott enters the room and Tex says that when he heard The Nathan James was headed south, he chose to hitch a ride.  Scott believes that Tex stayed around because he likes the people of the Nathan James and asks why he left in the first place. Tex explains that he went after his daughter who he heard was in Jackson.  Tex hasn't actually seen his 14 year old daughter in three years.  Scott says that they will be in Jackson soon enough and thanks Tex for sharing.

The crew is meeting because they are going to be landing in Norfolk soon and hope for real distribution of cure.  Those with loved ones in Norfolk will be assigned sectors to search where they can find their families.  Slattery promises that everyone else will have their turn soon enough.

Later, on deck, Slattery notices that the Nathan James is being messaged by a seal.  The Nathan James makes it to port and Tom speaks with a member of the military about what is going on in Norfolk.  They learn that people are being held up in different safe zones and the city is in the process of being cleared.

Russ reports to Garret that the seals didn't recognize any names on the list of missing loved ones. Garrett stops to talk to Kara about what they will find on land.

Tom talks to military personnel about turning the tide through the distribution of the cure. The airforce pilots hope in their planes and take off. Michael Neustadther shakes Dr. Scott's hand saying that he will never be able to thank her enough. Scott reminds Michael Neustadther that he must do his part. The crew of the Nathan James watches the planes fly overhead with a smile on their faces.

Slattery leaves to find his family and Tom wishes him good luck.  On board the ship, Alisha tells Russ that she already found her family and all that's left is what she became.  Russ says that desperation brings out the best and worst of people. It seems that Alisha thought about staying in Baltimore to help repair the damage her mother had created. Russ however is certain that Alisha's place is aboard the Nathan James. Alisha cries and says that her own bunkmate won't look at her. Russ tells Alisha that no one blames her but Alisha is certain that they walked into the mess in Baltimore because Tom placed his faith in her. Russ assures Alisha that not everything is just on her.

Tom watches his family as they fish.  Kelly stands with Tom and they discuss how his children are holding up given what they have seen or done.  Kelly assures Tom that what's important is that the kids are with their father now.

Kara and Green have arrived at her mother's house.  Similarly, Garrett has arrived at her home, to find her husband's car gone. The vulture team lead by Slattery and Tex have arrived at one of the safe zones.  Inside her home, Kara finds her mother's home abandoned as though the woman hasn't been there in months.  Kara  snarks about her mother finishing all of the booze, before finding a note from six months ago saying that she is at the bowling alley. When they arrive at the bowling ally, Kara snarks about her mother chasing men around.  That's some nice slut shaming right there.

Inside the bowling ally is clearly set up to help survivors.  Debbie is actually tending to a child when her Kara arrives.  The two women hug and cry. Kara tells her mother that they have the cure.

Port St. Lucie three days ago, Niels Sørensen sits up when he is kicked awake.  Niels is asked why he isn't sick because he has been sleeping in a diseased sleeping bag for a week.  Niels then questions why the man who awoke him isn't sick as well.

On The Nathan James, the crew continues  to look for labs and to co-ordinate the releasing of the cure.  Scott learns that a man she cared about was in Asia when the plague went viral and is not thought to have survived.

Slattery checks out an area where the survivors were hiding for a time.  Slattery is handed a photo album belonging to his family but when he heads to the tent where it was found, his family is not there.  Tex wonders if Slattery's family left because someone became exposed.

At the bowling alley, Debbie reveals that she hasn't had a drink in five months.  They are joined by Peter, who informs Kara that Debbie holds the camp together. Privately, Green tells Kara that Debbie isn't at all the way she was described.  Green also notes that when he was introduced, Kara called him her friend.  Kara explains that she simply didn't know what to call him, so Green asks about the baby.  It seems that Kara doesn't plan on telling her mother about the pregnancy because if Debbie asked her to stay, then she might say yes.

Russ reports that several of the crew have found their families.  Some will be staying with the ship and others apparently want Tom's permission to stay in Norfolk.  Tom is surprised by this, so Russ reminds him that the crew members in question are still under commission and didn't think it would be feasible to bring them aboard like the captain.  Tom agrees that the crew members should be released with full honours.

Tom goes to see Garrett, who is looking at things she gathered from her home.  Garrett reveals that she didn't find her family and had hoped that they fled somewhere early on.  Then she went through the records and saw her family's name there on paper.  Garrett cries and Tom finally remembers he's human and stands close to her.  Garrett cries on his shoulder.

Port St.Lucie today.  A group of survivors are together in what appears to be an old style revival.  The speaker tells the gathered people that they were spared because they're special and the rightful inheritors of the earth.  Niels Sørensen stands in the audience as the speaker tells the group that they are the chosen.  Okay this is getting super creepy and naturally, Niels is soaking it all up.

Armed men stand outside the Chandler home as Tom and his family arrive.  The kids are told to go in and fill one duffel bag each.  Tom looks at the pictures on the wall of his wedding day before heading to the bedroom he shared with his wife.  Tom pauses to smell his wife's perfume and have a moment of sadness.  

Tex tells Slattery that his family could still be out there and adds that the captain would understand if Slattery went after them. Slattery however does not agree and points out that Tom didn't go immediately after his family and lost his wife in the process. Slattery is certain that he cannot bring this to Tom.

Tom sits down with his family and tells them that there are people who want the cure so badly they will even kill for it.  He adds that as long as The Nathan James is leading the mission to spread the cure, it will be a target.  Tom doesn't believe he can have his family aboard ship because it could compromise his judgment.  Tom has decided to resign his commission and be with his family because he promised he wouldn't leave them again.  Tom believes that it might be time to rebuild and adds that they will be safe there.  Jed tells the kids that it's time to start to unpack, when he confirms that Tom has made up his mind.  Before leaving, Ashley tells her father that her mother wouldn't have wanted him to give up, or come home before his mission was complete.

Back at the bowling alley, people celebrate the power being turned on.  Kara takes her leave of her mother, making her promise she won't be living in a bowling ally when she returns.  Green appears to say his goodbyes and Diana kisses Green on the lips and asks him to take care of Kara and their baby.  Kara is shocked and Diana simply explains that she's her mother.  Kara promises to be back in six weeks.

Tom is busy clearing up the front lawn and Jed pops out to suggest that Tom is procrastinating because he doesn't know how to tell the crew that he is quitting. Jed asks Tom what kind of message he is sending his crew given that the world is in chaos. Tom questions if he is going to make his children orphans if he doesn't come back.  Jed steps up and tells Tom to blame him for the death of his wife to stop laying the guilt trip on himself before storming off.

Slattery leaves a note and enough doses for his family in his home before leaving.  In her cabin, Garrett hangs a drawing by one of her kids.  Scott looks at a picture of her loved one.  Tom finally gets around to kissing his children goodbye.

On the Nathan James, Tom enters Alisha cabin to give her medals that were given to him after his tour in Iraq, thus promoting her to full lieutenant for her valour and loyalty. Alisha is shocked but takes the oath of her rank.

Later, Tom heads to see Slattery, who tells Tom that he doesn't have to say anything.  Tom tells Slattery that he is glad Mike is still with them.  Tom even admits that he thought about staying with his family and Slattery snarks about his loss of first command.

Later, Tom escorts Quincy's family off the Nathan James.  The plan is for Quincy's family to stay in the empty house across from the Chandlers.

At the cult compound, Curtis is told about the Nathan James distributing the cure.  There is some doubt about whether this is all some rumour and Niels pops up to say that it's not a rumor.  Niels then asks what the group is prepared to do about this.

Now that Granderson is dead, The Last Ship needed a new antagonist.  It seems that we have Niels and his happy little band of true believers to look forward to.  Even though they have been holding these meeting across the country, can this group be a challenge for what little is left of the U.S. military?  Am sure they will think of something because explosions must go off since this show doesn't want to build its characters.

Anyone else sick of Tom not even acting human.  I know that he is the captain but Garrett stood there crying because she lost her husband and children and all he could do was stand next to her.  Earth to Tom, show a human emotion.  He didn't have to crack his ever so testosterone infused manly man persona to wrap his arms around Garrett. 

I think it was last episode that I was complaining about Alisha not being at all conflicted about her mother.  Some genius must have pointed out that Alisha needed to respond in some fashion so this episode we had her moping until Tom showed up to promote her.  How much do you want to be Alisha is all cured now and doesn't mention her mother or guilt again? We cannot have too much characterisation taking away from blowing shit up and barking orders can we?

The major point in this episode is to show the damage of the disease.  Having so many people lose someone is to remind us that everyone is affected in one way or another.  It also serves to remind us the importance of the Nathan James and its new mission.  That's right people root for Tom and be thankful he is in charge.

Onto Kara. I was not pleased with Tom pointing out that the old regulation state that she couldn't aboard the ship after 20 weeks.  Clearly dude, it's an apocalypse of sorts and the old rules don't count.  I like that Kara isn't doing the whole I am pregnant and therefore fragile thing.  That's the nicest thing I can say about Kara this episode.  Clearly Kara has had some long standing problems with her mother in terms of drinking but slut shaming the woman - yeah, not impressed in the least.  It's great that Diane is sober but not that she has been redeemed by being with only one man now and acting as a form of maternal volunteer for the orphans.  Yep, Diana is better now watch her play super mom really didn't work for me.