Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Teen Wolf, Season 5, Episode 3: Dreamcatcher

Random guy, Donovan who was arrested is being all ominously led around in chains which is apparently relevant. He’s all upset because he’s facing prison and blaming it all on the Sherriff because he has a shaky idea of how the legal system works. Can someone eat him already? His lawyer is so not impressed by his elaborate death threats (every lawyer at some point wishes to file for permission to beat their client about the head and shoulders with a rusty club for being too stupid to live). Stiles also fines it quite amusing

Far more relevant is Sheriff Stilinski going on a date with a woman he will not discuss with Stiles or Scott

Oh please, like there’s any choice but Melissa. (we also get a tease of stiles saying he can date men or women, oh Stiles, Sherriff Stilinski is far too important for him to be LGBT on this show, they could hardly keep him in the plot box all season)

No Back to Donavon and the driver of the prison transport he’s in has a sudden painful seizure which causes them to speed and careen out of control before the driver dies. There’s something on the roof that hisses and snarls and drops ooze – it’s wolfy!Tracy (the lawyer’s daughter). She slaughters lots of people including her dad – alas, Donavon is not eaten. He’s captured by the Bioshock guys who drill into his ear and install nifty contacts.

Stiles has also been investigating the Desert Wolf (Malia’s father), and by investigating we mean Braeden has been sending him text messages from distant lands keeping her off screen

Malia is being taught to drive by Kira and Lydia – though she’s not very good at it – and she’s still afraid of cars because of her past history of a car crash. Then Lydia’s banshee instincts kick in and she gives new directions –leading them to the van wreck where Tracy slaughtered everyone

Crime scene – Stiles and Scott show up and absolutely no-one questions it any more, though the Sherriff does check if Donavan is a werewolf. Scott says no – unless he can hide his scent. He wants Scott to hunt Donovan down all wolfy style. Stiles is still suspicious of Theo (who is in the background watching) but since Donovan isn’t a werewolf it takes Scott 5 seconds to track him down and subdue him – where he keeps saying “Tracy” over and over again. Lydia knows who that is.

They have a conflab the next day at school and Mason actually joins in (dare I get my hopes up?! Will he live to see the end of the season?) and fanpoodles at all the woo-woo. Anyway they’re planning to hunt down Tracy.

Donovan is in prison and would quite like a lawyer though the Sherriff ignores this and, instead, wants to question him about what happened. Donovan insists on a new lawyer and gets nasty headaches. Parrish also has more news – Tracy just mauled her psychiatrist which also needs passing on to Scott. Parrish snarks about putting Scott on the payroll which I like so much (it’s a good lampshade – how often in this genre do we have civilians in police cases who have no place there but no-one talks about it?)

Meanwhile Stiles shows Malia the picture of the people her mother mauled and Malia’s pretty ok with it – mainly concerned (if concerned can be the word) about whether the people her mother killed deserved it and also complimenting her on her massacring skills. This is Malia, did we expect anything else?

I also think Scott’s advanced placement teacher may be terrible – and it doesn’t help that Liam is very distracting because Tracy is there, in school, in history class fighting for control and damaging the furnishings. Liam uses some sense and clears the school by pulling the fire alarm. Room cleared, Scott, Stiles and Ken Yukimura (Kira’s dad and the teacher) all try to calm her down from mauling a random concerned girl while she hallucinates Bioshock villains. She gasps that “they’re coming for all of us” and collapses… silver goo pouring from her mouth.

The girl she grabbed tries to clean her nastily injured arm, only to find the wound washes off. Bioshock villainess is catching! Liam, Kira and Lydia try to figure out who Tracey has and realise, as a werewolf, she must have an alpha. They don’t know how but they do know Sotomi, an ancient Alpha and her own pack. So Liam and Mason go question a member of her pack, Brett, who also plays Lacrosse who confirms that Tracy isn’t one of Satomi’s pack. Liam does recognise Tracy’s necklace though, or considers it relevant. He saw it in the pit he fell in last episode

So it’s off to the pit in the middle of the night. There they find no necklace – but evidence Tracy was buried in the hole. But this is the wrong hole according to Liam – so we’ve had more than one person buried alive

Scott & co take Tracy to see Deacon (with Malia calmly suggesting they just kill her and be done with it). Deacon disapproves and decides to use black Mountain Ash instead. Which, of course, also traps Scott and Malia inside. More tests show her skin is nearly invulnerable.

Kira and Lydia go investigating the crime scene, following Lydia’s feelings
“Your feelings lead to dead bodies”
“Well let me know if you find one” This is why Lydia is awesome
They do find a dreamcatcher and a note, evidence of her father trying to help her with her night terrors. This leads to the thought that Tracy may not have been in control of herself because of those terrors – and she may actually be asleep and killing in her night terrors.

Back at Deaton’s they see something moving in Tracy’s neck while Stiles and Scott get a text from Melissa revealing that the driver was paralysed, not mauled. Which is when Tracy’s back bursts open to reveal scales beneath – and a tail

Tracy is a Kanima. She knocks them all down or slashes them before leaving – breezing right past the Mountain Ash and leaving them all paralysed. She runs off and Deacon talks them through fighting the Kanima poison. Malia is the first to break through the poison and insists on going after Tracy – Scott tells her to “save her” (Malia’s facial expression disagrees). The rest of them are rescued by a conveniently appearing Theo.

Meanwhile Kira and Lydia continue to have revelations – that Tracy is killing people trying to help her. And the other person who tried to help her was Natalie, Lydia’s mother.

Who is on a date with Sherriff Stilinski.

No. Natalie, I like you and everything, but you are stood in Melissa’s place right now.

Who are at the police station (romantic date) and notice Clark, one of the police officers, is paralysed. As is everyone else in the station – Luydia and Kira arrive in time for the dramatic reveal of Tracy clinging to the ceiling

Y’know, if Jackson ever appeared looking like that the mystery of season 2 would have been much shorter

Fight scene, Lydia is injured and Kira pulls out not just a lot of skill but a cool glowing fox aura and slices off Tracy’s tail. Tracy runs from the scary fox lady. Malia arrives and the wounded Lydia tells Malia about Tracy’s sleep walking.

She goes to the basement where Tracy has the paralysed Natalie. Another fight scene and without her tail, Tracy doesn’t seem to be much of a match for Malia and Malia has her in a choke hold, killing her – but stops and pulls back when Tracy wakes up and her eyes turn human. Conscious Malia tries to talk Tracy into reality, that she’s not dreaming.

It works – and the bioshock villains appear, injecting Tracy with more silver goo. They pronounce her “terminal” and Tracy dies. They leave Malia behind (she doesn’t chase or attack which seems odd).

It’s nice they remember Braeden exists unlike some of their past characters – but this just feels like a throwaway mention of her name. Why would she investigate Malia’s mother? She’s a mercenary, there’s no way Malia or Stiles can afford her fee and no reason why she should give a damn in her own right

I’m actually really interested in Malia and the desert wolf storyline because it’s breaking so many of the rules. Malia isn’t curled into a ball whimpering about her mother being evil (or her dad being evil), she’s quite blasé about both of them. Her moral compass has always been a little south and it’s nice to see that maintained and not trip into the trap of teen angst that wouldn’t fit her.

I want Scott’s teacher to be evil or at least someone to comment on her ineptitude, though I think this may be due to the writers unduly focusing on the protagonist so giving the impression the teacher is obsessed with Scott. I mean she praises him for doing really well on the test then instantly sets him up for being singled out and more public humiliation. Is she so disconnected from her students she doesn’t realise he’s quite insecure about is place in the class?

Love seeing Kira and Malia pull out the powers – definitely nice to see. I’m also glad to see the return of the Kanima – after all if Beacon Hills is a woo-woo magnet then you will get the same woo-woo returning. I like that, it makes the world building more real rather than just throw-away

I want to build my hopes up about Mason (actually an aside: can we look at the wrongness that I am actually EXCITED that Mason may actually be a repeated cameo, powerless Black, gay sidekick to Liam who hardly counts as a super major character in his own right? Can we grasp what it means for the diversity on this show that I’m HOPING he becomes that sidekick?) but I am wary of investing too much in him before the swansong starts…