Sunday, April 10, 2016

Grimm, Season Five, Episode Sixteen: The Believer

"We are each our own devil,
and we make this world our hell."

Shall we start with the predictable Wesen of the week story line?  It begins with Dwight, who is a fire and brimstone evangelical preacher.  Instead of pulling out snakes and charming them to prove that God will keep him safe, Dwight promises to pull the devil out of each of his congregants, thus freeing them of sin. To accomplish this, Dwight, who is a Furis Rubian, woges thus making the audience believe he is a red faced demon.  Here's the deal, even if you expect to see some kind of miracle, how is it that all these people saw Dwight woge and none of them ran for the hills? Yeah, I would have been smoke because I would have been gone so fast. Dwight returns to normal, the choir starts singing and all is good. Anyone else have a problem the choir was made up of all Black people? Let's be honest, Sunday is the most segregated day of the week, so what the hell is an all Black choir doing up a White evangelical?  What Dwight doesn't realise is that his little performance was being recorded.  Dwight's security guard Luke goes racing after Benjamin and unfortunately for Luke, things don't end well.  Luke ends up hitting his head after being pushed by Benjamin and dying.

Now that we have a body, it's time for the cops to be called in.  A very earnest Dwight tells the cops all about his ability to bring the devil into his body and cast out evil.  It seems that this case is going to be pretty easy to solve because one of Dwight's security people managed to get Luke's license plate. They quickly track down Luke, who surprise surprise is in some sort of religious cult.  After arresting him, Hank, Nick and Wu see the video that Luke took.  They are all quick to realise that Dwight is a Wesen.

The cops show the recording to Monroe and Rosealie and learn that Dwight is a Furis Rubian. As wesen go, Furis Rubian are pretty harmless despite their scary shape.  It seems that the Pope used to keep a few in the Vatican basement to trot out from time to time to scare Catholic parishioners.  They all decide to head to the revival the next night. After his little performance, Dwight meets with Hank and Nick.  When Nick brings up Furis Rubian, Dwight tries to play stupid but Nick presses on and reveals that he is a Grimm.  Dwight claims that since he has broken no laws and actually has helped people turn their lives around, that there's nothing for the cops to do.  Nick and Hank quickly agree with him and leave.

Unfortunately for Dwight, his little stint at playing the devil is about to backfire on him.  It seems that he was married to the leader of Luke's cult and that the marriage ended because of his infidelity.  Rachel is determined to drive the devil out of Dwight permanently and so she has two of her sycophants kidnap him. When Dwight awakes, he finds himself on the floor surrounded by Rachel's people.  Dwight woges and puts on a good show trying to get out of his predicament but is killed. Nick and Hank show up and end up arresting everyone for murder and kidnapping, though the cult members try that they were trying to set Dwight free.

Once again, Grimm's meta is moving at a snails pace.  It often makes me lose patience with the show because I am absolutely not invested in the police procedural segment of Grimm. As we saw last week, Eve has arranged to temporarily become Renard but in order for her plan to work, she needs Nick to distract Renard.  To do this, Nick gets Renard involved in the revival case while Eve disguised as Renard meets with Rachel.  Eve/ Renard immediately starts asking questions about what is going on but Rachel is only interested in sex.  I think this is the first time we've seen Eve unable to control a situation and she's completely awkward.  It ends with both of them lying in bed and Eve saying that this (read: erectile dysfunction) has never happened to her before.  With sex now off the table, Rachel is finally ready to start talking about the big end game for Renard's run for Mayor.

Speaking of Renard, after his little meeting with Adalind last week, she is absolutely determined to track down Diana and to that end, she questions whether Diana really made it onto the helicopter because Juliet didn't.  Nick does promise to find out as much information as he can for her.  Despite what seems a moment of sharing (note: the brief kiss they share), Nick doesn't know about Adalind's meeting with Renard or about the fact that she is a hexenbiest again, nor does Adalind know about the shiny new wonder stick. It looks like there will be trouble in paradise soon and I for one am looking forward to it. I'm sick to death of seeing Nick coupled with his rapist.

 Monroe gets a call from his scientist friend who suggests looking at it using thermal energy.  The test reveals writing in Latin and Aramaic on the cloth the magical stick was wrapped in  The words read, "Miraculum, Periculum", which Rosealee translates to mean Miracle and Danger. Um oh oh. Does this mean that Monroe is in a heap of trouble because Nick healed him with the stick?  Did anyone question how it is that Rosealee can translate Aramaic which is a dead language? I think we need some backstory on Rosealee to explain where her sudden smarts are coming from.

Finally, we get to Wu.  A couple of episodes ago, Wu was scratched by a lycanthrope and for some ungodly reason just decided to ignore it and go to bed.  Given what Wu knows about this world, how did that action even make sense at the time?  Not only was Wu scratched, he didn't even tell anyone about it.  It seems that Wu is beginning to feel the effects of the scratch.  This week Wu suffers from neck pain and blurred vision.  It's not a stretch to say that something big is about to happen to Wu, I just hope he survives it.