Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Damien, Season 1, Episode 6: Temptress

And here is the episode where all the pressure on Damien is ratcheted up and no-one knows what’s real or not – certainly not Damien

After his suicide attempt he wakes up in hospital with a concerned Simone and a suspicious Ann. But Amani offers him a lifeline – he finds a guy who says he was forced to tattoo the 666 on Damien’s head while he was unconscious! Yes it could all be fake!

He rushes to super influential father figure John to ask him about it and he reveals that Ann is a religious fanatic with lots of money and power and shadowy influence and he totally didn’t mention it earlier because reasons – he also has Damien’s doctor show him that someone has been poisoning him with hallucinogens. Yes, a reason for all those visions and weirdness!

Damien is high and happy, he knows what’s happening – ok , what’s happening is that a powerful rich lady with shady connections is poisoning him until he thinks he’s the antichrist… but at least he isn’t the antichrist… right? He’s so happy about this that he even, very unwisely, kisses Simone
(Simone back away, he is not the best choice at the moment).

But we have some more paranoia - because Amani follows John and finds he meets with Ann! They’re in cohoots!

He breaks into John’s office to get more information (from a very ineffective PA who didn’t think for a second to watch him while he “looks for his phone”) and finds out his mother is still alive! (or he’s being played AGAIN – because that’s the whole essence of this episode – who knows what is real or who to trust?)

He rushes to see his mother and they have a touching, loving reunion as she describes all the terrible lies and manipulations that convinced her that he was a) evil and b) dead. Everything is wonderful… until Ann shows up and after many demands to be listened to, she goes for mother. Damien steps in and in the struggle, mother falls down the stairs and dies. Which is when Ann says “I won’t tell anyone what you did.”

Uh-huh. It should surprise no-one that he strangles her – but she has goons to stop him actually killing her, albeit not getting away.

He returns to the city for MORE paranoia! Damien follows Amani and finds… he’s having dinner with Ann, she’s in cohoots! He returns to Simone and she’s being super weird and creepy and totally zen about everyone dying and comes on to him with blood stained hands… ok. He runs again

… to be arrested by Deathwish cop. In a desperate attempt to explain himself he takes Deathwish cop to the tattooist to prove…. He has arsehole friends who get him tattooed while drunk? Whatever he wanted to prove fails because tattooist has been brutally murdered and Deathwish cop is convinced Damien is dangerously delusional and a murderer. And he gets properly arrested

Or not…

Because he’s taken to a spooky ally with John who declares it’s time to “deal with this in house”. Is Deathwish cop in cohoots?! Which is when monsters attack!

Or not? Because they could be police and medical professionals helping Damien who has just tried to commit suicide. All of this could have been a dream. Or a hallucination. Or a drugged induced vision. Or real. Who knows?! I don’t! And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing because I have NO idea where everyone stands now

What we do know is when Ann comes to his hospital bed, Damien is has snapped. He tells her to get out. And his voice is not entirely human

She leaves in tears knowing her son figure wants to murder her.