Thursday, April 14, 2016

iZombie, Season 2, Episode 18: Dead Beat

It’s all happening now!

Major’s in prison and everyone else gets all kind of suspicious questioning – including Liv and Ravi (who is suspended). Major has a fair bit of incriminating evidence against him but it’s hard to lock someone up as a serial killer with no bodies (not impossible but damn damn hard), as Major’s new lawyer points out

And can I just say that, having watched many many crime shows (by “watched” I mean “cursed at while my dear hubby tells me to shut up and watch it already”) in which defence lawyers just sit there with all the input of a cardboard cut out, I have to say I was CHEERING sleazy lawyer guy

Not so much for the creepy sexist sleazing on Peyton. Honestly can we have a defence lawyer on TV who isn’t evil? Enough with your pro-police, lock-em-all-up propaganda TV landia!

Clive and Dale continue to put their case together – their cases since Clive also have evidence against Major for the butcher shop murders (which he actually did as well) and it does what iZombie is actually pretty good at – showing lots of dogged difficult police work slowly getting the job done rather than just super powers.

More than the court case there’s another problem: Major is a zombie, in prison with no brains. If he goes zombie and started feeding he’s going to infect the entire prison and the zombie apocalypse will become a reality.

Liv, Peyton and Ravi try several desperate ploys to get him released or get brains to him. All fail –including finding where he’s hidden the frozen zombies, defrosting Drake and hoping he can show “hey I’m not dead” which tends to scupper most murder cases. But the bodies have been moved – Max Rager has found them and taken them

Vaughn is escalating his activities because he has a military contractor willing to buy his performance enhancing drink for a whole lot of money –but not if there’s any scandal connected to it (like the whole causes serial killers thing). Time for all loose ends to be tied – which means he’s paying for Major’s lawyer – and for Major and Liv to be killed when Major is released.

After many, desperate failing ploys and a whole lot of emotion (really good conflict and angst) Liv is left with one choice: tell Clive the truth. About everything. Both cases, Major’s role and, above all – that zombies exist and she is one

He doesn’t believe her – and then she stabs herself and shows off her zombie face.

CLIVE KNOW STHE BIG SECRET. Oh it’s about time!

Knowing this Clive sabotages both his and Dale’s case – and Dale is, naturally, horrified, furious and deeply disappointed especially since Clive cannot explain himself

I love that Clive is in on the big secret but after this the show really needs to give something back to Clive next season and not have him have sacrificed this much for Liv’s secret.

Of course this is when the Max Rager disposable Black goon makes his move on Liv and nearly kidnaps her – until Ravi steps in and manages to save her. Killing him in the process

Ravi has a moment of excellent acting where he manages to be both amusing (with his china teacup) and highly disturbed by the horror of having actually killed someone. This is something this show has always done well – quips and humour even when they should, but all logic, be deeply inappropriate

 While Liv just sees an opportunity for brains that give her the inside Max Rager scoop – including that all those zombies are alive and imprisoned.

I question why they would be, to be honest.