Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wynonna Earp, Season 1, Episode 3: Leavin' on Your Mind

Time for more snark and the odd demon kill!

But first let’s look at John Henry, Doc Holiday, who continues to look for a mysterious woman using Waverley’s research and not getting too far. She probably has the answer he’s looking for but he then decides to be all scary to drive her off since she’s in the habit of following him to the revenant Trailer Park having discovered who Doc Holiday is.

Which leaves Doc with one option – BoBo (head of the Revenants) for the answer about who this Stone Witch is. And in exchange he wants him to get close to Wynonna

Whoever she is, she’s using her spells for three Revenants looking to get out of town (as Waverley happily explains to Dolls now she’s doing research for the team – Revenants are trapped in town) which involves three of the nasty demons ripping off hands, stealing local history and trying to get something out of an old bank which involves taking hostages. Including Champ (Waverley’s boyfriend, much to Office Haut’s disgust) and Shorty (old wise father figure to Wynonna, don’t learn too much about him, he’s here to die so Wynonna can be sad).

Wynonna gets in the middle of it, unarmed, in a desperate attempt to save people. And kill the Revenants especially since the super-fast Marty is one of the ones who killed her dad. Revenants aren’t the most trust worthy of people though and they end up killing each other leaving only one. He looks like the most reasonable of the Revenants but reminds us he plans to kill and maim lots of people for funsies, as they do.

He does complete the spell – and he’s right, the Stone Witch does have power; letting him possess a human. Shorty (remember death for angsty?), which will let him leave town. Wynonna runs in to fight and is nearly killed before Dolls intervenes. She then has to shoot Shorty, MAXIMUM angst.

But there’s a darker side – Wynonna thinks Dolls could have intervened sooner and he agrees – but he chose not to to see if the spell would work. Which, of course, means he sacrificed Shorty

Wynonna is not amused and not happy. This is going to be a significant philosophical differences between them and is going to be pretty stressful between them- and go a long way to spread some darkness among all the snark.

And I like the snark. I like that Wynonna says something big and dramatic with sugar on her nose. I like it when Dolls and Wynonna snipe back and forth, her taking everything as a big random joke and him being waaaaaaay too serious. We shall have to see if this changes the tone. I don’t want it to but, at the same time, it will be bad writing if it doesn’t.

We also have proof that the gun doesn’t work for anyone by Wynonna

And Doc Holiday tells Wynonna who he is…