Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Continuum, Season 3, Episode 6: Wasted Minute

We begin with a different flashback this time – a plague scene. Apparently in a war zone by the noise. Kiera is one of the sick, succumbing to despair and being barely comprehensible (which isn’t helpful) and not being happy with her nice doctor fellow. She points a gun at her own head, but the doctor manages to convince her not to commit suicide when the cure arrives.

To the present where Future Alec and Kiera seem to have found some level of peace together – enough for him to use his lab to continue to try and find who killed other Kiera and for him to angst about all the trouble he caused time travelling. He’s also planning on leaving because he’s terrified of becoming evil 2077 Alec which Kiera thinks is great. Because they’ve both forgotten about Corporate Alec?

The Freelancers haven’t been duly sinister enough yet, so we see Catherine go into her secret room apparently to talk to “him”, who is like listening to “16 channels at once” and he gives out revelations. Revelations that Curtis, at least, doesn’t think are entirely accurate or useful. Move on to Catherine reminding Kiera that she’s supposed to be murdering an Alec here (can I choose which one?), Future Alec in particular, in order to protect the time line and the future. And, hey she has other Freelancers if someone else has to do the killing.

Future Alec is still planning to leave with Emily – which means getting money, papers et al from Kellog, which Emily isn’t a fan of because Kellog cannot, ever be trusted. She’d also quite like to have her file back from Corporate Alec so she doesn’t end up being blackmailed all over again.

Emily deals with her little problem a different way, beating up evil Corporate Alec and his bodyguard and throwing in some threats. Emily kicks arse. Also it was a cover for her to steal something from Corporate Alec.

Liber8 are up to new shenanigans, sneaking a big truck into a guarded facility – and the brand name Sonmanto is visible, the same company that, in the future, will provide the cure to Kiera’s nasty plague. Travis and Sonya throw around some smoke grenades to have everyone evacuate while they steal a full truck load of some chemical.

Carlos and Kiera are called in, particularly since Travis seemed to make a point of exposing his identity, but they run into corporate guy Richardson, who they’ve clashed with before. He is secretive and unco-operative, as usual, insisting nothing was stolen and nothing sensitive was reached. Questioning lying employees happens in Richardson’s presence.

Kiera fills Carlos in on how Sonmato is all about food and medicine in the future, and Richardson continues to lie to them about what’s in the tanks. She needs Alec help so, after holding her phone very carefully so we can all see the Apple sign, she calls Corporate Alec. He only takes her call when she texts him a warning about Liber8 stealing chemical waste and need shim to analyse it. This goop mixed with some commonly available compounds is apparently super-duper dangerous

Kiera sets Corporate Alec on developing an antidote while Future Alec helps her track the tanker Liber8 stole; but she doesn’t give Alec chance to make the goodbye he’s trying to make. Carlos gets stroppy with betty for not getting the owners of the truck sooner, but Betty points out it took her a while because she called the company and they lied to her about having a truck stolen; she can hardly be blamed. Kiera still shuts her down for Betty’s hostile attitude.

They charge, guns blazing, on the site Betty tracked and a full firefight is unleashed – the last man throws a vial of the bio-weapon. They run out, but not before Kiera breathes some in and collapses. Of course she recovers with no apparent bad effects (some super bio weapon) and the site is cleaned up by Hazmat.

Kiera consults Corporate Alec on the possibility of a cure and he describes the bodies of the Liber8 people caught by the weapon – the symptoms are the same as what she suffered in the future during what she calls the Frontier Wars – and, yes, chemical weapons are legal in the future (“they’re effective. They get used.”)

Over to Emily and Future Alec – he uses the card ID that Emily stole from Corporate Alec to enter Piron – but Corporate Alec doing investigation for Kira discovers Future Alec has logged on and returns to investigate. Meaning Future Alec has to knock Corporate Alec unconscious. Poor Corporate Alec is being beaten by everyone this week.

At Sonmanto headquarters, Liber8 has arranged a media circus. Their legal representative explains to everyone how this simple “byproduct” Sonmanto has created can become a lethal poisonous gas – and Sonmanto knows this and is already profiting from it. Kiera, not knowing a thing about PR, decides to arrest him (giving him chance to pass on the message that she of all people knows the consequences of this waste).

As he’s dragged off Kiera realises that she survived the chemical because she’s immunised from the future. But tens of thousands of people died – Sonmanto made the cure and they made the weapon in the first place. She suffered excruciating pain and her friends and comrades died – and the people she thought had saved her turned out to be the ones who inflicted it in the first place. Carlos points out that Liber8 knew this – when they stole the safety deposit boxes, (which the corporations claimed was empty) they stole a lot of information and espionage (companies spying on other companies). Carlos and Kiera leap to the idea of Liber8 exploiting competition between the companies stopping them uniting to form the Corporate congress. And alas, in Carlos’s words, they can’t prove any of it.

She contacts Alec – and gets Future Alec in Corporate Alec’s office – to ask if Sonmanto has weaponised the chemical already. Using Piron’s own spying, Future Alec finds something major and sends it to Carlos and Kiera.

Carlos has the information – Richardson met with Chechen separatists in Dubai, Sonmanto was planning to sell the weapon. Carlos says all this in front of the press, right before he arrests Richardson: he even says Liber8 has done some good

Corporate Alec wakes up and the Alecs begin squabbling. Future Alec accuses Corporate Alec of still being in love with Emily, hence why he’s locked the file down so tight and won’t let them leave. Corporate Alec accuses Future Alec of thinking he’s better than him (and vice versa) and Future Alec draws a gun.

Kiera arrives as Corporate Alec wipes the file. She has her own gun and both Alecs accuse each other. She has to choose (kill Corporate Alec!). She shoots Future Alec – with a sedative. She assures Corporate Alec she’s on his side, she will get Future Alec out of there and he’ll never bother C Alec again (that’s kind of what Future Alec wanted).

At the police station, Dillon is way more worried about the bad press than he is about seeing Richardson face trial for selling chemical weapons. Dillon wants to keep Carlos behind his desk for exposing the crimes. Carlos is not amused (of course his “Liber8n did good” wasn’t the most useful comment to the press).

At Liber8, Sonya tells Travis they’ve achieved a victory – Sonmanto even convinced Travis they were good guys. Now, they will never be known as the heroes. As a bonus, Sonya takes a sample of Travis’s blood – as a soldier he was given the vaccine to (anti-virus to a toxin…. Yeah the science is squiffy, run with it) the poison when Sonmanto finally released it. Now they can use it to release the cure – for free – long before Sonmanto is mass producing their weapon.

And Kiera takes Future Alec to the Freelancers where he is locked in one of their cells… at what point do we accept that Kiera is actually the villain of this show? Emily waits for an Alec who never turns up… Kiera justifies her actions to Catherine before thinking to leave – but Catherine and Curtis still want her help bringing down Liber8 and returning other time machines.

Future Alec’s repair of Kiera’s CMR finally finishes and uploads everything to Kiera, including her alternate’s death – while Catherine gives her a full recruitment spiel, she gets the download. The person who killed her was Curtis of the Freelancers. She beats Curtis to the floor and draws her gun – and confronts Catherine as other Freelancers arrive. She shows the images to Catherine.

And Scene…

Can’t Kiera use her usual lie-detecting powers to see if Catherine new about the killing?

And how is Curtis killing her any different from her being dispatched to kill Alec? Aren’t they both time anomalies messing up the time line by there being two of them?

“Sonmanto”, oh Continuum, that’s not even subtle! I think I love it

Ok, let us follow this a second because I’m bemused. Liber8 has got lots of information from the Corporations insider, quite evil acts. They are now using that information to expose the terrible things the companies are doing – like developing toxic bioweapons. Kiera has a big emotional moment when she realises the people she thought saved her had actually caused unimaginable suffering and death…

…and from that they conclude “Liber8 is exploiting competition to stop the corporations working together and forming the congress!!!!”

Yes, they follow up with Alec’s investigations – but their first reaction was “nooo the corporate congress”! But I think we’re moving more and more to the dystopia being something Carlos, at least, cannot tolerate – Liber8 sensibilities are creeping in. I am really hoping for more – team Liber8 all the way