Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Resurrection, Season One, Episode Seven: Schemes of the Devil

Jacob is playing at the park with Jenny and when she asks if he has any other kids to play with, Jacob admits that he has no friends.

Bellamy, Maggie and Tom have gathered in Rachel's hotel room because no one has seen her since the incident at the church the day before. Maggie reminds Tom that Rachel has family out of town and when that is rejected, she suggests that Rachel could have disappeared like Caleb.  Bellamy wonders if Jacob could sense Maggie, since Jacob is the one who helped them track down Caleb.

Fred enters the local bar and meets with Henry for breakfast.  Henry brings up stopping by the old factory and wondering if it could be reopened.  Fred is quick to deny this as an option because he believes there is no bringing the factory back to life.  Henry says that he is feeling optimistic, so Fred questions if Fred really believes the returned boy is Jacob.    Henry admits that things have not been easy but when he heard about Caleb disappearing, he was terrified and realized that he could lose Jacob. This is what made Henry realise that Jacob has brought life into his home again.

Lucille is watching Jacob play with Jenny, when she gets a call from Bellamy telling her about Rachel.  Lucille agrees to meet Bellamy at the house and calls for Jacob to tell him it's time to leave.  Jacob doesn't want to leave, so Lucille has to assert herself several times.  Before he leaves, Jacob whispers something to Jenny. When Jacob walks over to Lucille, we see a Black woman walking perpendicular to Jenny.  Does this mean that Jenny is another returned child?

Back at the house, Bellamy asks Jacob if he has ever sensed Rachel the way he sensed Caleb.  When Jacob says no, Tom tells Jacob that he knew Jenny and that they were in math class together. Jacob again says that he doesn't know and Tom asks him to think a little harder.  Jacob starts to wring his hands, as Tom asks him repeatedly to help them.  Jacob stands and says that he is scared and doesn't want to but continues to wring his hands.

Rachel is now tied to a chair and she denies knowing Caleb or where he is. Rachel begs for food and water and Gary point out that they have already given her food and water and that she has given them nothing in return. Gary wants to know what Rachel is and where she came from because people don't appear out of nowhere after being dead for 12 years.  Gary adds that Jacob could sense Caleb and since Rachel is just like Jacob, she must be able to sense Caleb as well.  Gary's co-conspirator's ask for a moment.  They ask how much longer they are going to do this because their plan was to only scare Rachel.  Gary says that they are not letting Rachel go, so both Paul and Carl declare that they want out.  Gary reminds them that they helped kidnapped Rachel and so if they tell anyone, they will be just as culpable as him.  When they walk out the door, Rachel begs them to stay and not leave her with Gary.

Eric and Maggie are looking at Jacob's blood and Paul asks to look at Caleb's blood to see if it looks like Jacob's. When Maggie heads over to the fridge, she finds the vials which contained Caleb's blood to be empty.

Tom and Bellamy pull up to the church to see if Rachel is hiding there.  In the lot, they see Gary's truck and so ask Bob the gardener if he has seen Gary today.  Bob replies that he hasn't seen Gary since yesterday and that Gary's truck has been there all night.

Henry and Lucille put together a puzzle, as a clearly bored Jacob watches.  Jacob wants to go back to the park and play with Jenny because he promised her that he would return. Henry tries to encourage Jacob but Jacob is insistent that he wants to return to the park.  Lucille tells Jacob that he heard what Bellamy said and that it is best for him to stay home today. Jacob storms up the stairs saying that he is being punished and that he didn't do anything.  Lucille moves to follow but Henry stops her saying that an occasional temper tantrum is the right of every eight year old boy.  Lucille however points out that Jacob isn't like other eight year old boys. Henry assures Lucille that Jacob will come around.

Bellamy and Tom head to see Fred about Gary but Fred says that he doesn't understand why Gary would do something to Rachel.  Tom points out that Gary's truck is still at the church and  Belllamy adds that Gary was talking about the Returned like they aren't human. Fred points out that Gary has every right to be angry because of what Caleb did and suggests that Rachel might be embarrassed because of her pregnancy and left town. Out of the corner of his eye, Fred sees Carl making his way into the station.  Fred tells Bellamy and Tom that he isn't going to investigate until he has proof that something is wrong. Tom gets angry and says that he is done wasting his time arguing with someone who is ignorant.  Fred argues back that he is caught in the middle, so Bellamy promises to let Fred know if something comes up.

Carl is getting dressed in the locker room when Fred walks in to question him as to why he is late.  Carl lies and claims that his battery died. Fred slams Carl against the lockers and asks him what he did.

Tom and Bellamy make their way to see Polly Humphrey and ask if Gary is at home.  Polly admits that Gary is not at home and wonders if Gary will ever be back.  It turns out that Gary started drinking again and that when Gale got killed, it put Gary over the edge.  Bellamy assure Polly that he doesn't want Gary to hurt himself or anyone else and asks if Polly has any idea where Gary might be.  Polly again says that she doesn't know, so Bellamy asks if there is a place Gary goes when he wants to be alone.  Polly tells them about the cabin and Tom stands, promising to tell Polly if they find Gary.

Eric calls Maggie back into the lab to look at a sample of leukemia. Maggie wonders how Eric got a sample of leukemia but instead of answering her, Eric shows Maggie another slide.  The second slide actually shows that the cancer has been cured after being introduced to Jacob's white blood cells. Eric is excited and says that he needs to do more tests. Maggie again asks where Eric got the leukemia sample and Eric admits that he was diagnosed last year.  Eric says that he is booking a flight for Maryland tonight and tells Maggie that she should go with him.

At the Langstons, Lucille knocks on Jacob's door but doesn't get an answer.  Lucille says that she knows it is hard to understand why things are the way they are.  When Lucille doesn't get an answer again, she opens the door and finds the room empty.

Gary is drinking and Rachel promises not to say anything if he lets her go home.  Gary questions if  Rachel has a home and Rachel points out that Arcadia is her home, just like Gary. Unfortunately for Rachel, Gary is quick to tell her that she is nothing like him.  Gary says it's time to find out what Rachel is and pulls out a long knife and adds, it's time to find out if Rachel bleeds.  Rachel asks Gary if he is sure he wants to do that because she might be the devil and questions if knives can hurt her.  Rachel points out that she is already dead, so Gary grabs her and demands to know what she is.  Rachel promises to hunt Gary down and show up in his nightmares.  The two are interrupted by a loud knock at the door.

When Gary doesn't immediately answer the door, Fred says that he can hear Gary in the cabin and demands he open the door.  Gary opens the door and Fred asks if he is going to be invited in.  Gary says that this is not a good time, so Fred pushes his way in.  Fred tells Gary that he knows he is hurting and that they have known each other a long time. Fred tells Gary that he is going to give him a chance to do the right thing and opens the back door to find Rachel.  Fred assures Rachel that everything is going to be okay and then tells Gary that he is going to leave town and dry out. Fred loosens Rachel's restraints, so Gary asks how Fred can take Rachel's side.  Gary pulls out his gun saying that Caleb isn't human and neither is Rachel.  Gary demands that Fred hand over his gun and threatens to shoot Rachel. Fred pulls out his gun and slides it across the room to Gary, saying that Gary needs to think about how this ends. Gary replies that he is done thinking and that no one is getting out of the cabin until they figure out what Rachel is.

At the Langstons's, Henry is rushing around the house looking for Jacob. Lucille tells Henry that Jacob's bike is missing and that she think she knows where he has gone.

At the bar, Elaine and Maggie get together in anticipation of Elaine's first shift. Elaine is told by the waitress that if she wants good tips, she should wear a low cut top.  Elaine tell Rachel that she is ready for this and is going back to art school.  Maggie is truly happy for Elaine and then tells Elaine about Eric wanting her to go to Maryland to study the Returned.  Elaine tells Maggie that this is an amazing opportunity but Maggie says that she doesn't think she is going to go.  Maggie bring up her practice and patients but Elaine believes that this is about Fred and how bad he got when Maggie went off to go to medical school.  Elaine adds that Fred is a grown man and that life is short.  When Maggie doesn't respond, Elaine asks Maggie what is really holding her back.

Gary is pacing back and forth in the cabin, so Fred asks Gary to stop pointing the gun at them.  Gary tells Fred to quit talking because he is not thinking straight.  Gary believes that Fred should have been incarcerating the Returned, instead of allowing them to walk around because if he had done that, Gale would still be alive. Fred tells Gary that he is right but points out that right now, he needs to let Rachel go because Gary has made a mistake.  Gary asks if he will be allowed to walk away and both Fred and Rachel say yes.  Gary rejects this and says that at best, Rachel will press charges and at worst, she will kill him just like Caleb killed Gale and disappear like a ghost. Gary reminds Rachel that she told him that she was already dead, so Rachel admits to wanting to scare Gary.  Bellamy charges into the cabin, so Gary grabs Rachel and puts a gun to her head.  Gary demands that Bellamy put his gun down but Bellamy says that he cannot do that  and demands that Gary put the gun down and back away. Gary threatens to hurt Rachel, so Bellamy tells Gary that if he does, he will shoot him.

Tom slips in the cabin behind Bellamy.  Tom asks that they both lower their guns and makes his way slowly over to Gary. Gary asks if he should listen to Tom just because he got Rachel pregnant.  Tom tells Gary that he knows what Gary thinks and that he is wrong, as Tom continues to slowly edge his way closer. Gary points the gun at Tom and tells him to stop, so Tom tells Gary that he is not going to hurt him.  Seeing Tom in danger causes Rachel to push Gary's hand out of the way and in the process, Rachel gets shot.  Rachel falls into Tom's arms, as he begs her to stay with him.  Rachel dies and Tom holds her body lost in his grief.  Gary cries that he is sorry, as Fred slams him up against a wall.

Rachel is placed in a body bag and is taken out of the cabin.  A sheriff escorts Gary to a waiting squad car. Fed admits to Bellamy that he shouldn't have come to the cabin alone and that he thought he could get Gary to listen to him. Bellamy admits that he understands, so Fred walks off.  Bellamy pulls out his phone.

Henry and Lucille pull up to the park and frantically call out for Jacob.  In the field, they notice Jacob's bike.

Maggie heads to the cemetery and stands in front of her mother's crypt. She gets a call from Bellamy informing her that Rachel is dead.  Rachel realises that this means that Jacob is the only one left.

Henry and Lucille continue to search for Jacob and he finally runs out to meet them.  Jacob says that he wanted to see his friend and Jenny joins them.  Jacob says that Jenny's family needed his help and that he brought them food. When Lucille asks who, Jenny calls out that it's okay. Jenny's parents come out apologizing.  Jacob tells Henry and Lucille that the family is just like him.

Fred is back at the station and admits that what happened with Gary is true. Of course, what happened is blamed on the Returned and it is suggested that the Returned are causing havoc in the town.  A man walks into the station and says that he is lost and that when he came up North Ridge the road is paved. The man then points to the computer and asks what it is.  He then stumbles over to a chair and asks what year this is. A woman from the station gets a call that her sister has Returned. Suddenly all of the phones start to ring.

Bellamy is driving and Maggie is on the phone.  Bellamy says that he doesn't know what else he could have done an Maggie assures him that there was nothing else he could have done.  Maggie then tells Bellamy about the offer to return to Bethesda to study Jacob's cells and that she has decided since Rachel is gone, she might as well go.  Bellamy encourages Maggie to leave and Maggie replies that she always finds an excuse to stay in Arcadia. Bellamy brings up his past and Maggie says that she doesn't need to know. Bellamy tells Maggie that he wants her to know the whole story, so Maggie invites him to come by her office. Bellamy doesn't answer because he sees a woman walking in the street.  When the woman turns around, it's Rachel.

A soldier in what looks like a WWII uniform walks into the bar and says that this isn't Korea. Elaine tells him that he is in Arcadia. The man asks if he is home.

The police station is busy with phone calls.  Fred looks around clearly confused and suddenly says Barbara's name. Fred rushes out of the station and speeds to his home.  On the way, Fred almost runs over two more soldiers in WWII uniforms. Fred is forced to stop his truck when another is blocking the road, so he leaves it and starts running.  When Fred gets to his house, all of the lights are on and the front door is open.  Fred rushes to the door and finds Maggie sitting at the table.  Both Fred and Maggie start to cry.  Fred heads into his bedroom, leaving Maggie at the table.

Maggie leaves and heads to the house of her mother's lover, Bob Clark.  When Bob opens the door, Maggie asks if her mother is there.  Bob opens the door and Maggie sees Barbara for the first time.

I am totally freaking out. I love Resurrection.  All of these Returned coming back and some of them with no connection to those currently living in Arcadia.  It's now no longer about Caleb, Rachel, Barbara and Jacob. Something is going on in this little town. I don't know about you but I am through the moon about this latest development.  We know that Arcadia is terrified about the Returned but what are they going to do with so many of them.  How are attitudes of people going to change when the people they love start to return?  Will they allow fear to continue to guide them.

Also, holy shit, Rachel isn't dead.  This affirms my belief that the Returned are there to accomplish a task. Since Rachel's wasn't finished, she returned once again. I can only hope that Rachel's purpose is not to give birth to her baby because that reduces her character to a womb.  Rachel's return also makes me wonder if we are going to see Caleb again because I think his purpose was to try and take care of Elaine and make amends and he certainly didn't accomplish that this first time around.  Also worth noting that given Tom's reaction to Rachel's death, it's fair to say that his marriage is over.

Speaking of Rachel, I didn't appreciate the shaming of her because she is pregnant.  Rachel didn't get pregnant by herself and that is something both Fred and Maggie seemed quite content to ignore.  Can we stop sex shaming women please.

I couldn't find it in my heart to feel sorry for Fred that Barbara returned and went to see Bob instead of him. Fred has made it abundantly clear that he was a terrible husband.  From what I have seen of  Fred thus far, he is needy and arrogant to a fault. He could have worked with Tom and Bellamy and of course he thought that he knew just what to do.

I love how Henry has come to Jacob's return.  The Langston's story line has been both beautiful and painful to watch.

There is only one more episode left to this season of Resurrection and I just know they are going to leave it on a cliffhanger. I want answers damn it, not a cliffhanger. I am so invested in this show.