Thursday, May 1, 2014

The 100, Season One, Episode Seven: Contents Under Pressure

There's a storm raging on earth and Raven is desperately trying to get in touch with the Arc.  Clarke assures Raven that she can do this and then leaves to check in on a still wounded Finn.

On the Arc, Kane is reading off a list of Abigail's crimes and says that each of the crimes is punishable by death but because they believe her medical expertise is still required, Abigail will be spared. Abigail brings up the flares and suggests that they need to talk about it but the council is not interested in discussion.  Kane believes that Abigail has false hope because the flashes could be anything.  Jaha ends the discussion by saying that this is a council matter and Abigail is no longer on the council.  They are interrupted when Raven's message is heard across the Arc.  Raven informs them that the 100 are still alive and asks for Abigail. Clarke gets on the radio and relays that Finn was stabbed by a grounder.  Jaha questions what she means and Clarke says that the earth is survivable and has inhabitants.  When Jaha asks about his son, Clarke informs him that Wells is dead. Jaha excuses himself and asks to speak to Clarke when Abigail is finished.

Clarke and Abigail start to loose contact because of a hurricane and so Abigail tells Clarke that they need to hurry.  Raven brings in moonshine and Clarke orders the doors to be closed, though several people still have not returned. Bellamy returns dragging a grounder with him and says that it's time to get some answers. Clarke tells Bellamy that this is not who they are but of course Bellamy continues on his own course.

Clarke is now prepared to work on Finn and orders the room cleared because of the noise.

Upstairs, Bellamy begins his interrogation of the Grounder and Octavia enters the room. Octavia again asserts that he doesn't have to do this because the Grounder was protecting her but Bellamy replies that he is doing this for all of them.  The siblings argue and Bellamy says that they need to know what they are up against and orders Octavia taken from the room.  Before she leaves, Octavia suggests that the Grounder may not even speak English.

Jaha is back in his room when he gets a visit from former Chancellor Diana, who says that her people are angry and confused.  She reports that the workers are coming to her with dangerous questions and that they believe the council let people die when there was another way. Diana warns that if Jaha doesn't get in front of the rumors, things are going to get ugly fast.  Jaha is quick to remind Diana that his people voted her out. Diana notes that Jaha has activated Exodus to return the people back to the ground and adds that the decisions involved in  implementation will be difficult. Diana suggests that she be allowed to help.

Abigail continues to talk Clarke through the removal of the knife in Finn.  Finn wakes up as Abigail prepares to remove the knife. A blast of some sort goes off, knocking Finn off the bed and Clarke stands in shock with the knife in her hand.

Upstairs, Bellamy interrogates the Grounder but he does not answer.  They go through his things and find a book filled with drawings and Bellamy pauses on a drawing of Octavia.  Bellamy accuses the Grounder of watching the 100 ever since they arrived.

Clarke is done treating Finn and Abigail assures them that Finn will be fine.  Clarke says that Finn is feverish but Abigail suggests that Finn needs more time.  Abigail prepares to leave the room saying that she needs some time and a frantic Abigail asks for time alone with Clarke. However, Clarke tells Raven to stay and instead heads to the interrogation area.  When Clarke looks at the Grounder, she says that if he didn't hate them before, he does now.  Bellamy of course is not concerned because the Grounder is still alive. Clarke wonders what will happen when the other Grounders come looking for him but Bellamy believes that no one saw them.  Bellamy is convinced that they are fighting a war.  Clarke is called downstairs because Finn is seizing. Clarke tells Raven to get Abigail on the radio but the radio is out due to interference from the storm.

On the Arc, the people have created a makeshift shrine to those who were culled.  Cain is told by his mother that he shouldn't be here and Cain says that he is sorry.  Cain tells the people that their loved ones died for nothing.  The people get angry because they realise that Cain knew that the 100 were on the ground and that the earth is survivable.  Cain is pushed to the ground and Jaha brings the shoving match to an end with the aid of guards.  Jaha says that there will be no more secrets and asks to be sent representatives from each section.  When the people disband, Jaha realises that Cain has been drinking.  It seems the guilt of sending 320 people to their death has caught up with Cain, who realises that if he had waited, these people would still be alive.  Jaha reminds Cain that he didn't make the decision alone.  Cain argues that he pushed for it to protect the people but Jaha tells him to get himself together and report to the mess hall.

Clarke and Raven continue to work on Finn, who now has a fever and fluid in his lungs.  Abigail realises that the knife which Finn was stabbed with was poisoned. Clarke heads to the interrogation  area and shows the Grounder the knife, demanding to know what it is poisoned with.  Octavia says that The Grounder does not understand her.  Bellamy pulls out the vials the Grounder carried and Octavia begs him to show them the antidote.  Bellamy moves to strike the Grounder and Octavia stops him, again saying that this is not who they are. Clarke tells Bellamy to do it and when Octavia tries to intervene, she is dragged away.  Bellamy cuts off the Grounders shirt revealing ornate tattoos.  Octavia begs but Bellamy lashes the prisoner instead of listening.  Clarke dumps the vials on the ground and asks again for the antidote but the Grounder does not answer, so Bellamy continues to beat him.

Jaha tells the people the whole truth of what happened and that earth is survivable. He adds that the 320 people who were culled gave them the time to get to the earth.  Jaha assures them that he has declassified the minutes of all of the council meetings but the people will not be pacified. When he is accused of not knowing how the survivors feels, Jaha screams that he lost his son.  Diana tells Jaha that she didn't know that and is sorry.  Diana tells the people that Jaha has sacrificed as much as everyone.  The people still believe that they cannot trust Jaha so he puts Diana on the council. Diana smiles. This woman bares watching. I am starting to doubt Jaha as a leader. He had no idea that Cain is capable of being a snake and now it seems he is ignoring the obvious threat that Diana poses.

Bellamy continues his interrogation and Raven calls up that Finn is getting worse.  Clarke begs again and the Grounder does not answer, so this time Bellamy picks up a knife.  Bellamy stabs the Grounder through the hand and Raven rushes upstairs to say that Finn stopped breathing.  Raven pulls out live wires and electrocutes the Grounder, as a horrified Octavia watches.  Raven screams that Finn is all she has.  Octavia grabs the knife used to stab Finn and slashes herself saying that the Grounder won't let her die.  Octavia points to the various vials and this time, the Grounder indicates the right one.

Clarke gives Finn a dose from the vial saying that they will know when Finn wakes up if it works.  Raven leaves to get water for Finn. Clarke cries and tells an unconscious Finn that she cannot do this without him. Abigail gets a signal through again and says that the storm is passing and asks how Finn is doing.  Clarke reports that Finn will be fine.  Abigail tells Clarke that she is proud of her and that her father would be proud of her.  Clarke tells Abigail not to talk about her father because she knows that Abigail turned him in. Abigail starts to cry and she tells Clarke that Jaha was supposed to talk her father out of releasing the information.

On the arc, Cain is tending a plant left by the grieving people and tells his mother that he has done some terrible things.  His mother says that God will forgive him and that he just has to forgive himself.

Upstairs, Clarke pulls the knife from the Grounders hand and begins to treat the wound. He pulls his hand away, so Octavia takes the rag and he opens his hand.  Clarke tells Octavia that she never wanted him to get hurt and only wanted to save Finn. Octavia points out that she is the one who saved Finn, so Clarke heads back downstairs.  Octavia tells the Grounder that she is sorry and that she never wanted any of this to happen to him. The Grounder says thank you to Octavia and the moment is ruined when one of Bellamy's henchman tells Octavia that Bellamy doesn't want her up there.

Downstairs, Finn regains consciousness and Clarke wakes Raven after telling Finn that Raven needs him. Finn and Raven hug and Clarke leaves the room.

Later, the 100 work to clean up the damage from the storm.  Bellamy tells Clarke that who she is and who she needs to be to survive are very different things. Clarke asks what they are going to do with the Grounder and Bellamy says that if they let him go, he will return with other Grounders.

On the arc, Diane is sworn onto the council. Jaha says that only some of them are able to return to the ground. It seems that there are only enough drop ships to carry 700 people.

A lot happened this episode.  There is now contact between the 100 and people on the Arc. Of course, this causes more problems than it fixes.  Jaha made a reference to the Titanic and it seems apt in this situation. I wonder if once again we will see the privileged live while the poor and the underclass die? I will be interested to see how this plays out.

As for Jaha, it seems to me that he is a leader without skills.  He had no idea what Cain was capable of or the fact that Cain has someone like Shumway on his side.  His failure to read people got him shot and almost killed. Now he has invited Diana, who clearly is a viper into the nest. At this point I think he is incompetent.

This episode dealt with a lot of meaty issues.  The 100 most consider what kind of world they want to live in. On one hand they don't want a life as regimented as the Arc where one crime means death and on the other, they know the Grounders are a threat.  I did't like the fact that torture was a way of framing Clarke's loss innocence. Though Bellamy asserted that you have to be a different person to lead than who you are, I don't agree with that statement.  Clarke assented when the information became valuable to her. Morals only mean something when stick to them in the tough times.She is just as corrupt as Bellamy in my mind.

Octavia is the only one who really actively tried to stop the torture.  This is character growth for her and moves her beyond the frivolous teen we first met. Unfortunately, it's clear that the writers are going to build a Romeo/Julliet relationship between Octavia and the Grounder.  The one thing The 100, does not need is more ANGST.  We already have the inappropriate relationship drama over the Finn/Raven/Clarke love triangle.

To be honest, I don't understand why The 100 falls back on the ridiculous ANGST for the sake of ANGST. the setting of this show is strong enough to stand on it's own.  The lives that are at risk, building a new society on earth, the threat of the Grounders etc., is more than enough to provide the drama needed without the damn ANGST. I just wish the writers would trust the world they have created but then that might be asking to much, since this is after all a CW show.

Finally, I want everyone to stop policing Octavia because she is Bellamy's little sister.It's sexist and reductive to her character. I don't even understand where the policing comes from. Yes, Octavia spent years hiding in the floor and Bellamy had to protect her but how does this give him complete ownership of her person? Why does this idea still exist after so much time has passed?  It really needs to stop.