Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Tomorrow People, Season 1, Episode 21: Kill Switch

Ok, only 2 more episodes left. How many more broken characterisations, plot holes, ridiculous storylines and mind numbingly enraging ideas can they fit in 2 episodes?

Don’t answer that

Quick recap of the explosion that killed Hillary (and that the Founder probably teleported away from), a brief flashback from Stephen of him and Hillary together to remind us he cares about her – and then Stephen staggering in the wreckage. He walks into the office – and the Founder survived. Of course he did. He’s just a little singed at the edges. Stephen teleports out.

While Jedikiah goes to the capital to convince his political backer to shut down Ultra because it’s all gone badly wrong. Unfortunately, having this man shut down Ultra means telling him about Ultra in the first place. “Hey I’ve been misappropriating a ton of funds to experiment on super powers now I need you to stop it before they annihilate the human race” is… actually really easy sell when you think about it. Jedikiah starts ranting and the political guy has security drag him from the building.

At Tomorrow People HQ, Stephen tells all – and Roger wants to run so he and Stephen can’t be used to power the super kill-humans weapon, but Marla has no wish to live on the run – they’re killing the Founder, damn it. John returns and Cara goes to him – John has been stripped of his powers. He has a message from the Founder – Cara has to convince him that they have a real truce or he’ll make all the Tomorrow People like John. And John says “your people” not “our people.”

Cara goes to Ultra (because this is the level of intelligence we get on this show) and the Founder offers his deal – Roger for a truce. And if they don’t accept the truce, he will kill them all which he can easily do now because Russell, Natalie and fellow fools have all had that tracer injected. It also has a kill switch, which the Founder demonstrates to random Red Shirt person who tagged along with them. He will kill one per hour until he gets Roger

Aaaargh, my head actually hurts having to try and process how ridiculous stupid this show is – aaaargh, let them all die, they’re all too damn foolish to live!

At HQ Natalie, the damn fool who lead to them all being fitted with chips in the first place, is angry and tries to convince Russell to help her betray Roger (who she regards as less trustworthy than the Founder. The man who fitted her with a kill switch. AAAAARH! Is she going to accept no responsibility for this bullshit at all?!)

Anyway, the plan is to grab Jodie’s body (dead Red Shirt) and bring him back to HQ so genius Irene can solve it. Possibly using Jedikiah except he’s been checked into a mental hospital. Marla goes and rescues him. John, Cara and Stephen go to take Jodie’s body and they leave John to hold the guard/cop at gunpoint while they leave rather than knocking him aside with telekinesis and teleporting out because REASONS. So then Cara has to rescue him by doing what she should have done in the first place because… AAAAAAAAARGH Tomorrow People doesn’t even TRY to make sense!

In the lab Jedikiah and Irene work on the de-brain-bombing with Irene poking holes in Jedikiah’s ridiculously simplistic definition of evolution before hitting on the real reason for Jedikiah’s prejudice telepathically – Jed’s lady-love Morgan who is pregnant and he doesn’t know if the kid will be like him or Morgan.

John says a big goodbye to Cara because he forced her to use her powers in front of humans and nearly got her killed because he was “vulnerable”. Um… no, because he was foolish. Not having the sense of a cabbage is indeed vulnerable, but it has little to do with being human.

The clock is ticking before those who made suicidally ridiculous decisions face the consequences of their actions and Natalie thinks everyone’s against her because her own damn decisions ended up with her nearly dead. How the hell she dares to be arsey at people because she may die from her own damn foolishness is beyond me. In fact, delay for an hour and kill her off! I promise a nicer rating if you do!

Marla realises she’s actually a character in this show and goes to Roger for combat training, well more flirting and regret that she wasn’t with Roger when he built the Tomorrow People. Before all this is interrupted by another death of one of the fools.

To prevent more deaths Stephen and Cara go to where The Founder’s little antenna for his chips is – (a dam in a department of defence facility). Anyway, as Cara tries to calm Stephen’s guilt over Hillary, Stephen finally lets her have it with both barrels for continually raiding people’s brains like she has a right to everything someone’s thinking or feeling while at the same time she hides behind her mental walls. About damn time! Now this should have happened about 10 episodes ago – and it shouldn’t then be turned into Cara playing “woe is me it’s so hard being a leader and I’m second guessing my decisions” (as she should because every single last one of them is beyond awful) which isn’t the POINT Cara. The point is you have zero sense of boundaries and are raiding people’s BRAINS not that you have to be the damn strong one, oh woeeee.

And John goes to Astrid because now he’s human he has given up on Cara et al. Hey Astrid, experience the joy of being second choice! Astrid instantly does her sacred duty of making John feel good about himself because he’s such a special person even without powers and blaaaaaaaagle. He also conveniently saves her from a random out of control car as well and she kisses him. Yes, Astrid has taken up residence in second-choiceville. I suppose with Hillary dead, we’ll see Cara and Stephen aligned now.

Back in the lab, in between finding the cure, they find the key to becoming Paranormal – effectively realising Jedikiah’s dream of being able to transplant powers.

Roger is working on training people and Natalie mouths off because she’s still bitter about her own damn fool decisions getting her on a death list and why doesn’t someone just kill her already.

Cara and Stephen are captured by the military who they fight off using their powers – you know like they could have against the guards in the morgue but we needed a scene to make John feel bad. Stephen unleashes a telekinetic blast that impresses Cara in its size and power (if it’s that powerful then those soldiers are probably dead – since Cara has killed people with telekinesis before); since Stephen is a Synergist and technically super powerful. Stephen goes in alone because Cara was winged by a bullet but she still reads the soldier’s mind inside so Stephen can force him to co-operate (Stephen can’t use telepathy now?). he shuts down the signal and Stephen then shoots all the monitors, leaving the actual computers untouched, to ensure it stays off.

Because there is nothing on this show that is too damn ridiculous to happen, Russell listens to Natalie and decides to take Roger prisoner so they can wipe out the human race for the sake of saving the fools who just loved Ultra so much they’d be injected by mystery substances. Good gods, this show! IT JUST GETS WORSE AND WORSE!

Natalie and her cohorts attack Roger while he tries to fight back with no powers. And Marla arrives – Marla has no time for these shenanigans. She’s a lot more powerful than most and knocks everyone aside, including Natalie and Russell. So Natalie responds by threatening Luca. This causes Roger to sacrifice himself (and, of course, all of humanity).

Russell and Natalie take roger to the Founder who reveals that the network’s already down thanks to Cara and Stephen so they were safe anyway.

John, Cara and Stephen all arrive back at the HQ at the same time and Cara has read Russell’s mind (hey, desperate justification for Cara’s continual snooping) and learned that Russell and Natalie are all pro-genocide. John asks Cara to take him to Astrid so they can die together

Stephen says goodbye to Marla and Luca, urging them to run while he goes to stop it. Roger is loaded into the machine (doesn’t he need his powers to make it work? Ah, I give up on finding consistency in this show).

Natalie, Russell and their evil confederates celebrate, Natalie kissing Russell.

And while this was going on Jedikiah drugged Irene Stephen finds her but Jed is gone. He is on the surface – and he has powers.

Let us add to the list of absurdities on Tomorrow People. Jedikiah fails to have his lab shut down – because his reasons for shutting it down sound too “deranged” for ill-defined political blokey. Ok, Jedikiah’s reasoning was ridiculous – but the fact he just confessed to using millions of dollars on, in the politician’s eyes, RIDICULOUS NON-Science and may actually be full on delusional should, surely, be at least worth looking into Ultra?

The choice here is Roger turns himself in and every human on the planet is killed. Or he doesn’t and a group of people who volunteered to have kill chips put in them by an evil organisation dedicated to their death and enslavement die. Guess which I vote for.

Astrid, virtually no storyline of her own, but there to make the white guy feel better and be his reserve love interest. Uh-huh

One last episode. One last episode... cling to that