Friday, May 2, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode Twenty: A Closer Walk with Thee

Kiernan is laid out in his vestments in his coffin.  A choir sings, as the residents of New Orleans make their way past his coffin. Klaus pauses to kiss Camille's cheek before paying his respects to Kiernan.  When Klaus lifts the lid of the coffin, he sees a child staring back at him.  When he tries to pick the child up, a dagger is thrust through his heart from behind.  When he turns, it's his father. Klaus awakes from his nightmare alone

Genevieve leads the harvest girls on a tour through the city. We learn that when supernaturals die, they are forced to watch the world go on around them. Genevieve says that she has to make an appearance at Kiernan's wake and orders the harvest girls to return to the cauldron. Monique, of course, questions why they should care about Kiernan and Genevieve says that it's tradition to pay respect. Monique questions if this is really about getting closer to Klaus and Genevieve points out that she needs the Mikaelson's to trust her and orders Monique to go home.

The wake is being held at a bar and Klaus is joined by Camille, who tries to thank him. Klaus brushes Camille off and she asks about why his mood is so bad. Klaus admits to dreaming about Mikael because he is worried about becoming a father. Camille expresses shock that Klaus is admitting aloud that he is about to become a father. Camille leaves Klaus and in the crowd, Klaus notices Marcel.

We get a flashback to Klaus demanding Marcel's freedom. The slave owner consents and says that Marcel isn't worth a damn to him.  As they leave the plantation, Klaus questions if the slave owner is Marcel's father and when Marcel nods in assent, Klaus reveals that his father hated him too. Klaus tells Marcel that family can be more than just those we share blood with.

Back in the present, Klaus looks at Marcel. Marcel calls for the crowds attention to give a speech about Kiernan.  Everyone raises their glasses in tribute and Camille makes her way to the back area crying. When Francesca runs into Camille, she takes the opportunity to ask about the key which Kiernan always wore. Francesca says that she is invested in protecting humans and to do that she needs the key. Camille says that the key must have fallen off and storms out.

Elijah and Klaus sit together drinking and are joined by Hayley.  Hayley brings up Oliver's bid to start a revolution and Klaus says that today is a day a peace.  Klaus tells Hayley that she needs to move in with them and that he will find and punish whoever launched the attack on the bayou. When Klaus brings up being haunted by Mikael, Elijah reveals that he has been dreaming about him as well.  Elijah spots Genevieve in the crowd and suggests that this might be her work.  Klaus suggests killing Genevieve

Genevieve is back in the cauldron and in her shop, when Klaus and Elijah make their appearance. Elijah asks about the visions of Mikael and Genevieve is quick to deny that this is her doing.  Genevieve suggests that she can try and get them answers, so Klaus tells her to go.  When Elijah objects, Klaus agrees that it's not right to trust Genevieve but adds that he needs a witch to make the moon rings for the wolves.

Monica, Davina and Abigail gather to perform a seance.  Davina has Tim's violin and says that there is no point in being witches, if they cannot use their magic for stuff like this.  Davina and Abigail join hands and start the spell. The candles suddenly go out and we can hear violin music.  A hand touches Davina and when she turn around, it's Mikael, not Tim.

Back at the bar, Camille is shocked that Marcel is using his 24 hour pass in the Quarter to coffin sit with her, rather than hatching plots. Marcel smiles, saying that even bad guys can take the night off. Camille tells Marcel about Francesca asking her about the key.  Marcel shows Camille the key and admits that he had Josh take it. Marcel tells Camille that she doesn't want any part of this. Marcel adds that he is trying to protect Camille and offers to tell her about the key but Camille says that she doesn't want to know any of it.

Genevieve reports back to Elijah that the purgatory where supernatural creatures are trapped is disintegrating. Klaus enters the room and confirms  that Genevieve is telling the truth because he consulted Bonnie.  Elijah snarks about Mikael choosing to spend his last few sentient moments tormenting his sons. When Elijah confirms that Genevieve is in the clear, Genevieve asks about spending a few minutes in private with Klaus after the funeral.  Klaus tells her that it's a possibility as she leaves. Elijah tells Klaus that he hopes his strategy involves more than hard to get.

When Francesca returns home, she finds Hayley waiting for her.  Hayley informs Francesca about the bomb and adds that he owed 100 grand to the Palace Grande casino. Francesca says that she absolved his family of the debt when he died out of the goodness of her heart.  Francesca  then threatens Hayley saying that she is lucky to be alive, considering the wolves are whispering about her like she is royalty. Francesca say that if she wanted to get the wolves, she would kill Hayley and that she never misses.  Hayley makes her way from the house and behind her, Monique whispers a spell and pushes a pin into a doll.

The next day, the people arrive at St. Anne's for the funeral. Camille asks Marcel about the key and he reveals that the key leads to something that can be used against the supernaturals if they get too far out of line. Marcel admits that he doesn't know what the key opens and questions if Camille has any ideas. Camille doesn't.

The casket is now being driven down the street and followed by a New Orleans jazz band.  Hayley starts to cough and upfront, Francesca pretends to cry.  Hayley questions if she was the target of the assassan and Klaus affirms that she was because killing her would be the first thing he would do, if he were out to start a war with the wolves. Klaus then threatens to throw Hayley over his shoulder and return her to the compound for the sake of his child.  Hayley sanrks about him wanting to be a responsible daddy and Klaus says that it is not his intention to become Mikael. Hayley reminds Klaus that the baby belongs to the both of them.

Hayley catches up with Camille to express her condolences. Camille asks Hayley what she wants and Hayley takes the opportunity to ask about Francesca. Camille promises to let Hayley know if she hears anything.  Hayley starts to cough again and starts to cough up blood.  Geneieve calls for Klaus's attention, as Hayley falls to the ground.The Mikaelson's rush Hayley back to the compound and Elijah says that he can hear the baby's heart beat but not Hayley's. Genevieve gets ready to go to work on Hayley.  In a dream state, Mikael introduces himself to Hayley as family.

At the tomb site, Kiernan is being interred.  Camille walks away and Marcel follows her. Camille says that Sean didn't have a funeral and now she wonders if Sean's tomb was used to hide something Kiernan didn't want anyone to have.

Klaus bites his wrist and feeds Hayley blood but she is still not breathing.  Mikael puts Hayley in a choke-hold saying that he has been stuck watching the hideous creature his children call brother.  Hayley screams about the baby and Mikael tells Hayley that her blood line is cursed enough and now she has further polluted it with Klaus's. Hayley starts to fight back realising that she is not dead because Mikael is trying to kill her.

Elijah starts to pick Hayley up saying that he is taking her to see a real doctor but Genevieve points out that by the time Elijah gets there, Hayley will be dead. Klaus asks if the baby will survive if delivered know and Klaus threatens to rip the child out himself. Elijah pushes Klaus away saying that he is not willing to lose either. Genevieve says she knows what to do.

Hayley tells Mikael that he has already lost because Klaus has already killed him. Mikael tells Hayley that she is better off dying now along with the baby.  Hayley stakes Mikael and tells him that her daughter will never ever know him and that makes her better off than Klaus.

Hayley sits up and says that Mikael tried to kill her.   Later, Klaus tells Hayley that she has proven to be a fighter. Hayley tells Klaus that she is moving back in but won't accept being ordered around. Klaus says that all he asks is that his daughter is kept safe, causing Hayley to wonder what happens after her daughter is born.  Klaus asks Hayley to follow him and he shows her the room he has prepared for the baby.  Klaus tells Hayley that he would like her to be here because their child should be raised by her parents under one roof. Klaus says that Mikael has done damage only a father can do and asks Hayley what he said. Hayley tells Klaus that Mikael didn't say anything true. On the wall of the nursery, is the painting Klaus did of New Orleans burning when Mikael paid a visit.

Elijah watches the party going on and is joined by Genevieve, who says that Hayley and the baby are in the clear. Elijah thanks Genevieve for her help but adds he cannot forgive her for what happened with Rebekah. Elijah does suggest that he could be more kind, if she would agree to help him with an issue. Elijah says that he wants a ring to control the wolf curse, so that Hayley will not be forced to change.

Marcel opens an empty box at the crypt and tosses it aside.  Camille pics it up again and sees a code carved into it. Camille refuses to tell Marcel what the code means because this is now her responsibility.

Genevieve grabs Monique and demands to know what she did to Hayley. Monique says that she was trying to do what the ancestors wanted and Genevieve points out that since the baby is part witch, the ancestors want her consecrated to the earth, so the magic can fuel the community.  Genevieve orders Monique to leave, adding the baby has to be born before she can die.  Genevieve begins to work on a spell and begs the ancestors not to make her kill the baby.  When Genevieve cries, they are tears of blood. Genevieve finds herself thrown across the room bleeding from her eyes and nose. Genevieve calls out that she is sorry and will do whatever the ancestors want.

Klaus informs Elijah of Hayley's decision to move home.  Klaus asks if he will find peace when Mikael is truly gone. Elijah points out that Klaus is haunted by more than Elijah and suggests that Klaus make peace with the living.

In a flashback Marcel questions his father about why slaves have not been freed.  An overseer starts to whip a slave and when Marcel rushes in to help, his father shoots him in the chest. Klaus offers blood to Marcel to heal him and Marcel says no, asking what he is to Klaus.  Marcel reminds Klaus of his promise to turn him and Klaus cries that he does not know what he is asking for. Klaus says that becoming like him would rob Marcel of his goodness and Marcel pleads to be turned. Klaus bites his arm, feeds Marcel his blood and breaks Marcel's neck.

Marcel is making his way through the quarter and Klaus tells him that his furlough ends at midnight. Marcel promises to be far away by then but promises to stay in the game. Marcel points out that a full moon is coming and questions what Klaus has planned for the wolves.  Marcel asks if the vampires are supposed to pledge allegiance again and says that it is not going to happen.  Klaus brings up Marcel bringing Mikael back to town and asks him how he failed him.  Marcel tells Klaus that he didn't fail him and raised him to be strong. Marcel declares that he will fight until he is dead. Klaus replies that he would expect nothing less before leaving.

Elijah goes to see Hayley and says he doesn't remember ever feeling so frightened before turning his back. Hayley approaches Elijah and the two kiss. Elijah returns the kiss briefly before leaving.

Davina examines the wound on her hand and calls out for Tim. It's Mikael who make an appearance, promising to rid her of Klaus forever. Mikael asks Davina to bring him back to life.

Though the daddy issues can be somewhat tiresome, I am excited at the possibility of Mikael coming back to life.  The scenes between Sebastian Roché and Joseph Morgan are always amazingly acted and so powerful to watch.  They also amount to the only time that I can ever rally root for Klaus in anything.  I think the return of Mikael is so very necessary because despite the animosity between Marcel and Klaus, due to the difference in power between them, Marcel can never be the antagonist which Mikael can.  A proper antagonist is what The Originals has been missing all season hence the switch between the witches and Marcel.

Though Klaus created a room for the baby and asked Hayley to live with them permanently, the fact that he was willing to rip the child out of her womb makes it clear that Hayley is still very much a walking womb.  I am not pleased that she decided to move back to the compound but relieved that at least she set down ground rules for what she will and will not tolerate.

I kind of still need Davina to go away.  Yes, she has very good reason to be angry with Klaus.  He is after all responsible for the death of Tim but there is something about her which just rubs be the wrong way.

If The Originals is going to have Francesca throwing her weight around, they need to give us reason to believe she actually has weight to throw around.  The first time we saw Francesca, she threatened Elijah.  Eliljah. An Original vampire. Now they have Francesca threatening Hayley - a werewolf.  I don't believe it for one moment.

As for Genevieve, I actually feel sorry for her. She was an innocent when Rebekah had her bring Mikael to New Orleans and she was killed for her trouble.  Genevieve wanting revenge against Rebekah and Marcel makes perfect sense to me.  Now she is in an unthinkable position - forced to kill a newborn child.  It's clear why she wouldn't want to do this.  If anything, all of Genevieve's life has been negotiating forces stronger than her.  She has been nothing more than a tool for others.