Sunday, April 27, 2014

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 19: Nobody Knows the Truble I've Seen

“Nobody knows the trouble
I’ve seen,
Nobody knows my sorrow.”

Renard is drinking and all angsty in a bar, having given his daughter to Kelly to take to parts unknown (can I drink and be all angsty that they’ve shuffled Kelly away again?) He’s followed by the bar by FBI agent Steward (and Royal spy) who wants some vengeance after Renard beat him up last week. The man has a gun, but he loses Renard because of a bus. This man is not exactly skilled at following people

At casa de Grimm, Juliette and Nick discuss creepy baby and Adalind knocks on the door. She’s desperate and panicked and begs for Nick’s help getting her baby back from the Royals (since she’s not in on the big secret). She promises to help get Kelly out of gaol – but Nick reveals she’s already out and that she’s gone. Adalind continues to rant and panic, even wogeing in stress (and scaring Juliette) before leaving, determined to find and save her baby.

To the case of the week, a woman (with a chess-piece knight jewellery which the camera focuses on) is walking down a nighttime road when 2 guys get out of a truck and attack her. They drag her into the woods by the road and she loses her backpack and necklace – one man woges into Lausenschlange (snakey-wesen) and the other into something furry – before we get blood splatter and presumed death

Adalind goes to confront Renard – an emotional, raging moment that has them both woge (Renard’s nifty Zubenbiest voice). He says he doesn’t know how to help her and she responds with the awesome line of the week “figure it out, because one day I’ll stop crying.”

And to the crime scene with Hank, Wu and Nick – where both of the men are dead, stabbed and slashed repeatedly with a biiig knife. They notice the 3 sets of footprints and 1 drag mark and Hank finds the Knight chess piece. Wu runs their prints and discovers both dead men had long records, including for rape.

They go to interview the brother of one of the men woges into a Lauenschlange in grief and anger – which means he sees Nick is a Grimm and they have to calm him down since he assumes Nick is the killer. He doesn’t know much except his brother’s truck is missing and the other dead man was a Klaustrike – and that he doubts anyone could have taken both men except maybe a Grimm.

Cut to the woman they attack, her going through the wallets of the dead man and washing off blood; she has some big claw scars. She also seems almost surprised by the blood on her hands.

Next stop, Rosalie and Monroe who are extremely cute with their recycling game – and they have a visit from Adalind. Apart from her panic over her baby, she also has nothing – no money, no car, nothing. Nick asks Monroe to keep her there until they can figure out an answer. Rosalie isn’t a big fan of this plan since an angry Hexenbiest is a dangerous creature.

Nick, Hank and Wu find the truck where it’s abandoned and find in it, among other things, a chip. Through some pretty reasonable logic (I was shocked too) they realise it’s fresh and probably from the killer who dumped the truck. Apparently each fast food restaurant produces unique chips so Wu gets to go check them all

Back in Austria, Viktor isn’t especially happy with Marcus (the new Verrat head) but they decide the key to getting the baby is to find Kelly. Of course all of that gets shelved because we have a new character – King Frederick, head of the family. Viktor’s uncle, Renard’s father who is quite disapproving of Viktor’s failings in recovering his granddaughter.

Nick has a brief check in with Renard so they can update each other on Adalind, Steward and general badnesses before Wu comes up with CCTV from the fast food drive throughs of the killer. And yes, everyone is shocked at how young and small and female she is. Naturally they assume she’s a wesen and it’s time to consult Monroe, wesenopedia.

Back to the killer who smoothly shoplifts from a clothing store and is noticed by another woman who follows her. The killer tries to lose her admirer – but the other woman is determined to steal what the killer stole. And she woges to do it. They fight, but the killer (in sunglasses I might add – to hide certain Grimmy eyes) is a better fighter and slices and dices the unlucky wesen, before running. All witnessed by a jogger

Nick and Hank consult Monroe, driving away from the house and the sleeping Adalind – and Monroe brainstorms possible hard hitting Wesen but most of them are much messier than this. Which is when they get a call of the next attack complete with still living victim. Yes they take Monroe, but he stays in the car.

The victim is receiving CPR (from a medical team who seems to expect that to revive the stabbed victim…) and manages to woge before she dies.

Over to Austria and Viktor is focusing on Nick as a way to get to Kelly (who is still a mystery woman to him) when Adalind wakes up from a nightmare and decides to call Viktor. Adalind apologises and begs for her baby; anything to be with her baby. Viktor pretends they have the baby. Maybe as part of plotting, maybe just because deviousness comes naturally. And Adalind is done crying… time to be scary.

Their next phone call, Viktor agrees to help her see her daughter – but first she has to help him deal with Nick. Apparently her having Nick’s blood in her makes Nick vulnerable.

Back to Portland and the killer cleans up again – but also sits on the floor of the shower, crying, clearly upset by what happened. At the crime scene Monroe can only smell the Skalengeck victim, not the killer and Wu brings them a tip of the killer’s location.

Off they go and surround her. She tries to run and surprises Monroe – who woges. And she reacts by pulling a big knife. Nick and Hank restrain her while Monroe confirms what is becoming obvious – she’s a Grimm. And she’s quite excitable. Though she’s heard people say Grimm she doesn’t know what it means – only that it’s something people say before trying to kill her. They put her in the back with Nick, she tries to headbutt him and gets a fist to the head instead as he tries to assure her he won’t kill her and he won’t hurt her.

Hank does ask exactly what they do with her, the answer for which is “drive”. Nick tries to connect with her, find out what she knows about the wesen world – it seems very little. Her refusal to co-operate means they take her in and arrest her. She’s Theresa Rubel from New York. She not only has a long chequered history of moving and crime – but she’s also been in psychiatric facilities; being a Grimm but not knowing she’s a Grimm. She also has a book full of sketches of Wesen and her own determination “I will not be broken.”

Nick and Hank take her to the Grimm trailer. She refuses adamantly to go into a strange caravan with them (Hank points out he wouldn’t either). Nick brings her one of the Grimm books – a book just like the one she’s written, created by one of his many ancestors doing exactly the same thing. When he says there’s more in the trailer, she runs inside. She’s finally willing to listen when he tells her he sees what she sees and she’s ready to hear what it means to be a Grimm

Back to the police station and Adalind visits Renard. She lurks closer to him saying how she is beginning to see why he did what he did and at least their baby is alive (Renard, you should be backing up now, no way this is sincere). Adalind has an evil little smile while accepting a comforting hug from Renard.

Nick takes Theresa home with him, of course, which is quite a surprise to spring on Juliette. Theresa endears herself by saying everyone calls her trouble (or Truble given the title? - Her name is Theresa Ruble - Truble)

I’m actually quite happy that the fallout over the baby hasn’t disappeared. Obviously the royals aren’t going to give up and Adalind, even if it is a retcon of her character, certainly isn’t going to give up. Nor would Steward just forget what happened. I think TV shows often have a habit of making things end extremely neatly  - but this is much more realistic. There’s always fallout and it’s usually messy. Also, of course, any fallout from Adalind is entirely their fault for keeping her out of the loop and making plans without her.

I think Hank is underused and this episode showed that – Hank brings a level of practical reality to the team that Nick and Monroe just don’t have; I think they could make a lot more out of that than they do.

I quite like Theresa’s story – if Nick hadn’t had Aunt Marie’s Trailer or Monroe willing to be a guide, what state would he be in? Grimms, by definition, must have a high casualty rate and a decent level of abandoned or lost children (just look at Nick) – which means there’s a high potential for people like Theresa; and how would they deal? Especially since the average wesen will react with fear and anger against them? But I’m wondering where it’s going to go with so little left of the season.