Friday, May 2, 2014

Revolution, Season 2, Episode 19: S#!& Happens

Charlie is in the back of the wagon being driven by Monroe, Miles and Conner.  Charlie has flashbacks to Jason's death.  Miles tells Charlie that she had no choice and that bad things happen in life. Mile declares Austin a win and suggests that Charlie stop wringing her hands. Bass sees this as a signal that Miles's head is in the game and suggests that they need to figure out their next move. Miles believes they need to kill Neville and Bass tells Charlie that Tom is going to kill her when he finds out what happened. The conversation stops when they realise that they have Rangers on the their trail.  Monroe wants to kill everyone but Miles points out that they still need Texas on their side. They decide to split up and Charlie is told to return to her mother. Miles drives the wagon hard but it over turns when he hits stones. Miles finds himself surrounded and says that he just wants to talk.  The ranger points out that Carver is pissed because he believes that Miles tried to kill him and Miles calls back that he was trying to save Carver.  The ranger tells Miles to come out and that he wants to hear his side.  Miles reveals his position and is shot at. The Texas rangers are the worst shots in history and Miles manages to shoot himself out of trouble  Miles ends up in a sword duel with the last ranger and is slashed for his trouble. So the rangers can fight with swords but for some reason they cannot shoot.  Of course, Miles gets the upper hand and kills the ranger.

In Willoughby, Aaron brings a cassette to nano Priscilla, so that she can hear music. Poor thing, the first song Aaron plays is We Built This City on Rock and Roll by Starship. Aaron however does call it the worst song ever written.  Aaron tells nano Priscilla that she has had the being human tour and asks the nano to release Priscilla.  Nano Priscilla is not content and asks to have a slice of pizza.

Bass and Charlie make their way back to camp and meet up with Aaron.  Charlie is relieved to see Aaron but is upset that she thought he was dead.  Rachel asks where Miles is and Charlie is shocked to learn that he has not made it back by now. Charlie tells Rachel to get her stuff. Conner tells Bass that Charlie and Rachel are freaking out over nothing because Miles can take care of himself. Miles orders Conner to remain in camp and heads off to join Charlie and Rachel. Conner snarks that Miles is Bass's boyfriend. Really? There has not been a single gay character on the show but the writers are going to through fodder to the Milo slashers. Thanks, but no.

Miles is making his way on foot but having difficulty due to the wound in his side. At an abandoned camp, Miles sees a first aid kit but when he heads towards it, he falls through the flooring. Fortunately for Miles, the first aid kit falls with him but of course, when he opens it, it's empty. A wall crashes and covers the opening to where Miles has fallen.

Rachel tries to talk to Charlie about Jason but Charlie is not interested in conversation.  When they come to a road, they decide to split up and continue to search.

Nano Priscilla is still listening to the song, when Aaron interrupts to inform her that Miles is missing. Aaron asks the nano to find Miles but the nano questions whether Miles is worth saving. The nano reveals that they probed Miles once and that he has dark notions. Aaron is shocked and the nano reveals that it has appeared to over 3000 people so far and are are curious about humans. Aaron may be the creator but it's clear that nano don't see him as a special snowflake.

Miles is now on his feet and he is looking for a way out.  He tries unsuccessfully to break a window. Miles is forced to stop moving when the bleeding in his side increases.  Miles then starts a fire, heats his sword and in the process gets flashbacks to his past. Miles cauterizes the wound in his side screaming.

Charlie walks along a river looking for traces of Miles. Charlie calls out to Miles but doesn't get an answer. It's Neville who catches up with Charlie.  Neville points a gun at Charlie and demands that she throw down her weapons.  Neville asks what happened to Jason and Charlie says that she doesn't know where he is.  Neville is not pacified and points out that Jason would not leave Charlie's side. Charlie bluffs and claims that Miles is going to be there any minute. Neville tells Charlie that they are going to head back to her camp because that is where Jason is.

Miles manages to find a little booze and has yet another flashback.  He starts to talk to a wooden duck.

Rachel comes across the dead rangers and the over turned cart.  Rachel meets up with Bass, who finds the empty holder for Miles's sword.  Bass tells Rachel that there is another Ranger out there and that they don't have time for her to search for Charlie.

Charlie marches in front of Neville.. Neville insults Jason and Charlie tells Neville that Jason deserves better than Tom. Neville tells Charlie that she is the worst thing that ever happened to Jason and warns Charlie to stay away from Jason in the future.

Bass and and Rachel continue their search for Miles and actually walk right past where he is buried.  They call out for him but Miles is unconscious again. Rachel snarks that Bass doesn't know Miles as well as he thinks and that Miles wouldn't be in this mess without him.  Bass calls Rachel a hypocrite and a girlfriend from hell. Rachel fires  back, calling Bass a devil on Mile's back.  The barb trading continues and Bass asks Rachel to explain the night in Philadelphia. Rachel says that she was Bass's prisoner. Bass grabs Rachel and forces a kiss on her.

Charlie leads Neville into an empty house and reaches for his gun.  Neville fights Charlie off and demands to be taken to Jason or else she is going to die.  Charlie makes a face, so Neville asks for Jason again. Charlie claims not to know, so Neville asks if Jason is hurt. Charlie lies and says no and so Neville asks if Jason is dead. Neville cocks his weapon and fires several times with tears in his eyes but misses Charlie. Neville tells Charlie that he is going to use her as bait and kill each one of them, until he figures out who killed Jason. Charlie admits that she killed Jason but Neville doesn't believe it at first.  Charlie explains that the patriots read Jason's number and that he was trying to kill her. Charlie admits to caring about Jason and tells Neville to just kill her.  Neville puts the gun to Charlie's head and pulls the trigger but his gun is empty. Neville drops the gun and falls to his knees crying.

Rachel and Bass find Mile's coat and it is covered in blood.  Bass declares it someone else's blood but Rachel points out that the blood is on the inside. Bass tells Rachel that Miles has taken worse than this and that he is too stubborn to die.

Two days later, Charlie is washing up and Conner asks if she is going out to look for Miles. Conner tells Charlie that Miles would have been back if he could have by now.  Charlie shows Conner a scar from Neville shoving a gun in her face and how she decided that she didn't want to die the moment he pulled the trigger.  Apparently, Charlie believes that she is getting a second chance.

Rachel fills a canteen and Bass grabs a gun.  The three head out of town as Aaron watches.  Aaron promises to try and make nano Priscilla some pizza if she finds Miles.  When nano Priscilla says no, Aaron argues that being human is about loyalty. Aaron points out that he made the nano but the nano says that if Aaron brings saving Miles again that it will have to kill Priscilla, or the rest of Aaron's friends.  The nano demands the pizza and walks away.

A desperate Miles writes the words, "I'm sorry," with chalk on the wall before pulling out a single bullet and loading his gun.  Miles has a flashback to him drinking at a bar and then watching someone enter a cabin. The nano's surrounded him and Miles opens the door the cabin.  The nano's appear to Miles as his brother Ben and taunt Miles about sleeping with Rachel. Ben calls Miles an animal and adds that people suffer when they are around him. Ben says that Charlie and Rachel are not even Mile's family and that Miles should abandon them like he did Monroe, before he really hurts Rachel and Charlie.  When Miles turns around, the nano has disappeared and he sets fire to the cabin. Miles notices a guitar pick on ground and gets a flashback to seeing Rachel while he played the guitar. Miles says that he is not leaving and works on a way to get out.  Miles sets the ceiling on fire and takes cover under a desk.  The ceiling collapses and Miles manages to crawl his way out with smoke being clearly visible.

Can someone please explain to me the point of this episode?  All I got from it is needless angst about Miles's feelings for Rachel.  The story didn't develop the main plot and felt like filler.  Given how badly Revolution is doing in the ratings, filler is the last thing this show needs.

Conner calling Bass, Mile's girlfriend  was just over the top nonsense.  It's been two seasons and there have been no gay characters yet, Revolution has been tossing meat to the Milo slashers in the hope of raising ratings. Both of these men are obviously straight so we can we please just stop the offensive slashbait.  This btw includes the bickering between Bass and Rachel about who knows Bass the best. I do however think that Bass very much had a point about what a hypocrite Rachel is.

The only scene worth watching in this episode was Tom discovering that Jason is dead.  Once again, I found myself wondering what an actor of Giancarlo Esposito's obvious talent is doing on this one note show?  He is a constant scene stealer and I found myself more interested in how he felt than Charlie's self absorbed hand wringing.

Nano Priscilla is clearly there to add some sort of comic element to Revolution.  Case in point, declaring We Built This City on Rock & Roll being declared the best song ever.  We are also meant to find nano Priscilla kind of creepy but I find the whole thing to be one huge annoyance. I just want the nano gone already. I don't think it adds anything to the show whatsoever.