Sunday, May 11, 2014

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 21: Inheritance

“’No,’ said the king. ‘I had rather die
Than place you in such great danger
As you must meet with in your journey.”

It’s dinner time chez Grimm and everyone is in full wedding planning mode (Juliette is a wedding machine and no-one gets Nick’s sense of humour). Truble is fitting in, though not use to eating at table or people waiting for her to join them (Nick also acknowledges to Monroe that Juliette is a saint and most women would have left him).  She’s adapting a little slowly but Rosalie compliments her on how well she’s done – and Truble reveals she never expected to live this long

Which is the cue for an ominous shadowy figure to stare at the house while Truble all but licks her plate. We also get some info from Rosalie and Monroe about growing up Wesen – since you don’t know as a child, apparently, but rely on family to guide you. Truble gives them her revelation story which is pretty harsh.

The shadowy figure outside calls, but doesn’t leave any information, he seems to be just confirming Nick’s identity. The camera focuses on his Pennsylvania number plate so I assume it’s relevant. He goes to a hotel where he is clearly being watched. In his hotel room he joins his elderly father who tells him (apparently for the umpteenth time) how vitally important it is he meets Nick. Son doesn’t seem quite so enamoured of the idea. When there’s a knock at the door the old man doesn’t want him to open it but the son is not taking him seriously – so is jumped by the Wesen.

The old man’s pretty handy with a sword, though, and stabs the Wesen (a Hundjaeger) through the chest. The old man tries to tell all this (and the Verrat tattoo) to his son who doesn’t understand and thinks his dad has lost his mind. The old man does manage to convince his son they have to run. They get out before the other Verrat arrive. They break and enter an abandoned building to stay the night. Poor son is very very confused. After a rough night, the old man tears a page from his own Grimm manual and tells his son to show it to Nick.

He gets Truble – who recognises the sketch

Juliette tries to bond with Truble, we get more little incidents from Truble’s past and showing the knight chess piece she carries. She’s afraid to get used to the life with Nick and Juliette

And poor Juliette is having a mini-wedding meltdown with everything to juggle. She has terrible stress and an awful sense of foreboding, despite Monroe’s reassurances.

Adalind and Renard are all tense and agitated, she’s not happy in the hotel room and keeps trying to push him for information – and she has a cut on her hand. A very neat one (for spell casting or potions?) They go to bed and when Renard wakes up, Adalind is fiddling with spell components and asking when Juliette gets into work with her clinic. Renard is suspicious and has Wu watch her.

At the police station Hank and Nick are reassured that Truble is off the hook for any involvement in the killings last week. And they consult with Renard about the latest murder of the Hundjager in the hotel room – but his Verrat tattoo is different; he’s special forces Verrat tasked for minding magical woo-woo. They have the hotel registered to a Rolek and Josh Porter – and CCTV of them moving a big trunk – and he’s been followed by Weston Stewart, the rogue FBI agent.

Truble can’t get Nick on the phone because he’s in a meeting with Renard – so decides to go with the clueless Josh. Truble and Rolek make their introductions (after Truble threatens Josh with violence in case he’s a Wesen). Rolek has his family’s legacy of Grimm weapons and artefacts in the trunk, he wants to pass it to Nick because his son isn’t a Grimm and will destroy it all. Rolek then collapses so they take him – and the trunk – to the hospital, Rolek continuing to tell Truble she must get the trunk to Nick and to tell Nick he has a key. One of the super-special-Grimmy keys.

Agent Stewart calls Josh – and Josh tells him and his truck load of goons where they are. Truble manages to make her own call to Nick and fill him in on what’s happening. Nick and Hank arrive, Hank staying with the car while Truble leads Nick to Rolek and Josh. Rolek tells him he has to pass on the trunk but more importantly the key since Josh isn’t a Grimm. But before he can show Nick where the key is (he wants his cane – I’ll lay odds it’s hidden inside) the old man collapses and the medical people swarm. As they do Nick tells Josh not to let the fake detective in and runs to move the car and gives Truble a very quick history of the keys.

When Hank calls Nick to warn him Verrat are watching the car Nick tells Truble to stay inside so they don’t know what she is. Yes, she’s going to listen to that, honest. Hank holds 3 of them at gunpoint, but another tries to hit him with a car. Nick and Truble arrive and the fight is on and they tear through the Wesen – Truble taking down 2. They send Truble home with the trunk, Hank stays to clear up the policey bit and Nick returns to the hospital.

To find that Rolek has died. Nick invites Josh to visit when he’s ready so they can explain everything to him. He arrives and they find no key – though Rolek’s books contain some wesen they’ve never seen before. They give Josh a quick introduction into the Grimmy world. They find his key hidden in his cane (told you). With it they can now expand the map Nick has started with his own key.

Adalind magics her way into Nick and Juliette’s house where she steals clothes and hair – and Renard intercepts her. When he won’t back down she uses telekinesis to throw a pot at his head. Renard, you fail at Zauberbiest.

Renard goes to Adalind’s hotel room, gun ready but she’s already left – he calls Wu to track her down.

Adalind does her spell – and transforms into Juliette.

I’ve actually come to really like Truble. She’s sensible and business like – like her taking the info of the keys. She learns quickly, absorbs, learns when it’s not a good time to ask questions – she’s actually really professional and competent. While at the same time socially inept and clearly very insecure and hurting. I’m not sure if she’d do well continuing as Nick’s sidekick or, given the already rather full nature of the cast, as a spin off series.

What's awesome about Truble is she kind of steps in and yells "you have trouble?" at everyone else without really saying anything. While Nick and Rosalie and Monroe are all worried about magic babies and weddings and whatever else, Truble comes in with a casual "I first found out about Wesen when one tried to rape me" and blows everything out of the water - Truble is how bad things could have been. Which makes Nick (and Julietta and Hank to a lesser extent) really protective of her - both while sometimes missing that Truble has been honed and sharpened by a far keener grinding stone than any of them.

Cynical me does kind of think she may end up dying tragically in the not too distant future

Do I have to point out that Adalind wouldn’t be a problem if people had bothered to keep her in the loop?

I’m not entirely sure if putting together the map is actually a good idea. After all, the Grimms didn’t lock this treasure away to be found again per se, they locked it away because it was too dangerous for the Royals to have.